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In Greenpath, you will meet several new creatures, some of which will explode after you kill them. The manufacturer’s map is on the lower level, where you enter from the Forgotten junction on the east side. There’s also a boss, Hornet, who you’ll see over and over again during the game.

From the crossroads of the forgotten paths, turn left through the cornices until you can jump and rest on the first bench. Go down, go left, and you’ll see Hornet for the first time.

Go down to the bottom of the cave, carefully avoid the poisoned water and then go to the right. If you kill or avoid annoying mosquitoes, you’ll come across a Conifer that will sell you a map of the area.

Turn left and go down to the next cave. Take the exit to the right just below your entrance and follow the pine path to Hunter. There’s nothing to be afraid of. Listen to him, and he’ll give you Hunter’s Logo, Hunter’s Logo, which contains all the creatures you’ve encountered along the way.

Turn right and go down to the bottom of that cave. You have to break the vines that hold the rocks. On the right, you will find the first Grub in this area.

Turn left, jump over the rocks, and watch out for squeaks (mosquitoes) along the road.

From there, after you’ve seen the Hornet again, you can fall and go to the right to find the next bank. You won’t explore this cave without the Stone Sanctuary Lamp or Dash Capability, so go back to where you saw the Hornet and follow it to the left.

Watch out for carnivorous plants that close when you come in.

Proceed to the left and kill or avoid the giant bryozoans. At some point, you’ll see the Hornet on the path. Follow her to the high cave—about half of the amount you can pay to go to another bank.

Go to the top of that cave. The path from the top to the right will eventually take you back to your starting point. You can study it if you want, or leave it alone for now. Jump into the next cave.

The owner is a bit to the left, but you can turn right and go around this area before taking the Hornet.

The new enemy on the right is a swordsman. He has a nail and a shield and attacks with a single or double shot. It also throws you balls of leaves if you stay too far away.

When you beat him, turn right and go to the next cave. Go to the left and jump to meet the giant creature that caught the knight.

He’s attacking you with rocket attacks. You have to jump over it. Sometimes he makes one or two squats. Try to kill them quickly so that you can concentrate on the great creature. If he is defeated by the knight, Zotes the mighty will rise again, but he will not be too grateful for his salvation. Now you can talk to him in Dartmouth.

Turn left and let yourself go. From here, go right, go down, and then right again. You must defeat another fencer before you can save the second Grub for Greenpath.

Once you’ve rescued him, go down the stairs and follow the signs to the bachelor station, where you can unlock the fast movement in and out of this area. At the top of this cave, you can pierce the stone wall on the left side, just before you reach the exit.

Inside you will find the walker’s logbook. Careful, because it’s guarded by a carnivorous plant.

Now it’s time to find the Hornet. Lift your head and go left. The Hornet is faster than some other leaders and has multiple attacks.

Your first attack is to accuse you of your fingernail. The second attack is a jump from the top. The third attack is a nail throw, where she throws a nail and pulls the rope. For the final episode, she will jump into the air and build a wire cloud around her. Most of these attacks are relatively easy to avoid. If it forms a cloud of wire, you have a chance to heal one day.

Once she’s defeated, she’ll withdraw. Take the moth with a rotating coat, which allows you to swing. Follow the road to the left, go down and turn left again until Lac d’Or. There is a house with a bench inside and a small creature called Quirrel.

There’s more to discover, but now that you have the Dash option, we’ll go back through Greenpath and Forgotten Crossroads to pick up items you couldn’t reach before.

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