Grey is an independent platform developed by Nomada Studio. It’s the story of a young girl whose world was destroyed. His voice is gone, and all the colors are gone from his world. It is executed in the style of minimalism with an elegant and beautiful score.

As Gris makes his way in the world, he discovers new skills, and little by little, the color comes back. Grey is a game that runs like a charm. One level passes into another, making it difficult to determine when one story ends, and the other begins. This makes the game very easy to play. You can relax and listen to the beautiful soundtrack as you follow the development of Gris’ story.

In Gris, there are five levels or zones. It will acquire new skills as you progress, and you will find new colors as you approach the beginning of a new area. Several optional tasks need to be carried out on the road. The primary passport contains the execution of these tasks, but you will also find specific pages dedicated to each mission below.

Grey passageway



Wind DesertWind Mill Caves


Forest friend
Black Bird


Underground tunnels
Light turtle

upside down

The light will point the way to
stars and birds

at the end of


Grey has to deal with the extra options that you can perform while you are working. If you follow the path described above, you will perform all tasks one by one. I will give you a list where you can find each specific job to access this section.

Five stages of grief – Complete the task in each of these areas: Prologue, wind caves, blackbird, underground tunnels, and completion.
Sandstorm – Avoid sweeping the sandstorm in a windy desert. Inuit Suit – Open all windmill caves
Apples – Lead the forest lover to all apples
Eel – Avoid eel bites in the light turtle area
Birds – After Grey has had a chance to sing, you sing to all the birds by the stars and the birds.
Childhood – Find the secret part of the temple before it is cut out. Souvenirs – Deposit all souvenirs along the way. You can find them on any level.
End of – End of the game.

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