God Of War 2018 – Guide to Dragon Tear locations

To PS4 games 05/05/2018

Sony developers and publishers have recently released their new game God Of War 2018. It’s an action-adventure game called the eighth installment of the God Of War series and a sequel to GOW 3.

In God Of War 2018, players can collect new armor and weapons and upgrade them to increase their protection and damage. One of the many items that players can use to boost their equipment is called Dragon Tears.

God of War 2018 – Guide to Tears of the Dragon

The Dragon Tear is one of the many resources that players can collect in the game. This source is used to update the talisman of the Broken Gauntlet of the Ages.

The only problem with this resource is that it is scarce, and you have to do different levels and other small tasks to get it. There are only five Dragon Tears, and here you will learn how to have everyone update the mascot completely.

Two of the five Dragon Tears can be obtained by playing in the storyline, while the rest can be obtained by completing sideways quests.

Beating the dragon of Grazlir – Main story

If you go through the story, you’ll see that Sundry was attacked by the dragon, his name is Hraezlyr. You must defeat him, and if you do, Sindry will ask you to take the dragon’s teeth. Once you have the dragon’s teeth, you get the dragon’s tooth.

Bald dragonBasic history

Later in the game, when you open the door of Jotunheim, Baldur will come to kidnap Atreus, he will try to escape on the dragon, but in the fast-paced action scene, you will end up killing the dragon.

Now you can get the dragon’s corpse Baldur. To get these, you must go to the Forgotten Caves, located northwest of the center of Lake Neuf.

Just go to the beach, enter a small cave, go to the cliff’s edge, follow the path, and climb another hill to reach the top. At the top, you’ll find the body and under his head the dragon’s tear.

The Dragon Quest on page

Here are the dragon side quests, which are optional, but if you want Dragon Rip, you have to complete them. It’s a good thing the other three dragons aren’t allowed to kill her, but you have to free her from her bonds.

Each dragon is chained to a chain of runes, and you must pierce three dragon sanctuaries to free them. Below is a list of all the dragons.

Dragon Regin – Located in the Kununungard area

Dragon Our – located in the Weiturgard area

Dragon Fafnir – located in Valkyrie.

You can follow the instructions below, which will show you the dragon’s exact location on the map and show you how to destroy the nine dragon temples.

Location of all dragons and how to release them

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