GKS — Stats, Attachment, & Skin

Consult all the information about GKS smg in COD Mobile and know that GKS is the best investment, the best profit, and the best statistic.

Audit of the GSC

To unlock GKS smg, you must reach level 12 of the Combat Pass in season 5 (free).

The GCS belongs to the smg COD Mobile class; the GCS has excellent damage and accuracy, low kickback, and a better range in close and medium combat, the only disadvantage of the GCS is that it has a slow burn rate of, which takes a long time to kill.

Status of SAG – damage, burning rate, accuracy, mobility, range

GCS Status and level
Damage: 70
Burn rate: 48
Accuracy: 60
Mobility: 65
Zone: 55
Level: Calculation

Best weapon ever. Season 4 Episode 4

GCSL weld – the best assembly for GCSEs

Equipped with 4 bits for the smg GKS, a lock for the optics, and three more according to your settings.

We offer recommendations for creating the best installation for the GKS smg.

Symbol Description
Red dot vision Accurate red dot vision.
Definition Reduce kickback.
Quickdraw Increase visual speed.
Transportation Increase the targeting speed.
  • Zone + 5 on the red dot.
  • Accuracy + 10 on the Foregrip.
  • Mobility +10 in stock.

Using this class of mount allows the smg GKS to improve visibility when shooting, the reduces the recoil of the aiming the scope is faster and the moves faster when shooting the.

Best bonuses for GKS SMG

Below you will find recommendations for the best compensation in the GKS class:

Symbol Description
Lightness The sprint speed has increased by 10%.
Ghost Enemy drones can’t reveal their position.
Dead Silence A silent movement

This class of advantages allows you to play more aggressively with GKS and drag your movement around the card.

GKS skin – bonuses, prizes, and how to get

Rifle skins give the weapon a more pleasant appearance and offer extra bonuses when using leather. Here you will find all GKS coats in Call of Duty Mobile.

GCS – Tactical Unicorn

Name: Tactical Unicorn
Price:1680 CP
Tank hull advantage:

  • A double murder immediately adds a few bullets to the clip.
  • The murders are transmitted with effect.
  • Killed enemies are shrouded in fireworks, and the weapon itself changes its appearance.

How to get a GKS Tactical Unicorn: Unlocking a GKS Tactical Unicorn for Rainbow Rainbow Rest Season 5

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