Gears 5 Lost Outsiders Secondary Misson Walkthrough & Location

In PC games 09.09.2019

Gears 5 is a third shooter developed by the Coalition. I don’t need to talk much about this legendary franchise, and when I get there, I’ll show you the passage and the places where you can do the Lost Outsiders mission. At the end of the task, you will be rewarded with the latest Seeker update for Jack’s ability to absorb shocks.

After you complete Act 2, Chapter 3, you will have no more hope. As soon as you come out, you’ll see two tents. Visit this camp and collect all collectibles. With these articles, you will find a note from Lena. This note indicates that they were attacked by a swarm; Lena and her friend are the only survivors heading for the north tower. Once the score is collected, the secondary mission of the Lost Survivors begins.

To complete this secondary mission, you must now find the northern station, but to do so, we recommend you visit the southern station, as the north of the station will be blocked. Below I give you pictures of the location of these two towers. You will find Lena’s code for the north tower in the south building, where you can get the latest information from Jack the Seeker.

Gears 5 External lost location

Use the image above to locate the first substation. But to get to the substation, you have to open another GOC door. After opening the COG door, visit the area on the photo and find Lena’s body. Next to the corpse, you will find a collector’s item to open the northern substation.

Pay attention: From the southern substation, walk further up to find the northern substation.

If you found the code in the southern substation, go to the northern substation. The picture above shows the location of the north substation. When you arrive at the Northern Substation, you’ll find a note from Anatorin Lena that she’s locked up her friend. Use the code to open the door to the northern substation, and inside, you will see that your friend has become the enemy. After killing him, open the safe, and you will find the latest Seekerupdate.

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