Fulmin 2020 Warframe Guide

The Film is a particular type of rifle that works mainly as a shotgun but can be set to semi-automatic mode.

It was initially made by Wisp and is known as his rifle using the 0.5 magnification mode.

Even though it is both a shotgun and a rifle, it uses the rifle position, which affects the shooting modes.

The first type of rifle is a self-propelled shotgun with a silencer, making it a fully automatic gun that shows electrical effects during firing.


The Film is a weapon that can go from shotgun to machine gun.

Fulmin has the following statistics:

Semi-finished products

In semi-automatic mode, Fulmine works like a shotgun and has a tremendous critical chance.

In Shotgun mode, the Fulmin is muted, allowing it to destroy enemies quickly and unnoticed.

In this mode, Fulmine causes a lot of electrical damage with a decent number of shots in a single image.

Each shot consumes ten rounds of up to 60 cartridges, which, unlike most ammunition, regenerate rather than reload.

Film cartridges are regenerated within seconds, i.e., the number of cartridges is unlimited, and it only takes time to regenerate the shots.

This makes it possible to cause significant damage to enemies and destroy them in one fell swoop, with the possibility of even destroying multiple enemies in one fell swoop.


When the fire mode is changed, the Fulmin becomes an automatic weapon that inflicts less damage per shot and fires faster and more accurately.

Each shot uses a fair amount of electricity and stings, and each image lasts a lap.

In this mode, Fulmine keeps his critical chance high, but only gets a 2% reduction and a higher critical multiplication factor.

The size of the tree trunk remains the same and is restored in seconds. It contains an unlimited amount of ammunition, which only has to be recovered after exhaustion.


  • has automatic and semi-automatic modes
  • High critical probability
  • Moderate chance of obtaining the status
  • an important opportunity
  • Sufficient fire risk
  • Has elementary damage
  • Huge newspaper format
  • Unlimited number of cartridges


  • Qualification requirements for grade 8
  • Charging/charging cannot be enforced
  • Frequent restarts may be necessary.
  • The range doesn’t go that far.

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Fulmin’s design can be purchased at the gaming market aboard a circulating ship for 20,000 pieces.

Proposed buildings

Since Fulmin has two different shooting modes, you can use both, which consist of a rifle or an automatic rifle.

You can quickly adapt this weapon to get critical damage thanks to the high critical probability, which guarantees you many critical hits, especially in Gun mode, because of the number of hits and the high critical chance.

Since this weapon already has innate elemental damage, you can use it and add an essential modifier to combine the two elements with another element.

Below you will find some examples:

Critical building

This building takes advantage of the direct electrical damage, and we add storm protection to increase it and another fundamental change to combine it with another element.

To further increase the weapon’s critical properties, we add hit point and life for extra critical probabilities and a higher critical damage multiplier.

We add the multiple-image to the assembly by adding the defensive weapons and the splitting chamber.

Current and Heavy Caliber have been added to increase the total damage to the weapon.

(critical damage to buildings)

Government buildings

With Status Build, we keep the large-caliber, double-caliber, cartel, and civilian watch weapons for their respective purposes.

In addition to the assembly, we add four damaged elements and condition changes that increase both the damage and the combination of two different parts with a more excellent condition before the crowd.

This design is designed to take advantage of elemental damage and create status effects that can weaken enemies or cause additional damage.

(damage to buildings)

Hybrid construction

This construction is a combination of critical building and a status construction that increases both the critical probability and the multiplier and the probability of a respected status.

In this way, the effects of the weapon’s condition can be used to cause damage and weaken enemies, but also to cause critical damage, resulting in multiple sources of damage.

This building works well, depending on the enemies you fight and the element you build.

(Damage to hybrid buildings)

Fire speed building

This assembly retains most of the previous mods and adds Speed Trigger and Shred to the community to increase the fire intensity of the body.

These mods not only increase the recording speed but with the Shredder, you can also drill more holes, although your attention is always focused on the recording speed.

This allows you to fire quickly and work well when you need to eliminate enemies at lower and middle levels.

(damage due to construction fire)

These are not the only models available for Fulmin, but they are instrumental in many situations.

There are many ways to customize these weapons, and all this can vary depending on the user and the choice of modes.


Only Fulmine proves it’s lethal and causes both decent electrical damage and gunfire.

In addition to the rifle’s position, it can be converted into a semi-automatic gun, allowing a powerful suppression fire to be carried out on the enemy.

Both types of shooting cause corresponding damage by the electric shock when pierced in rifle or carbine mode.

This makes the weapon perfect for fighting certain types of enemies. In addition to adding or combining their elementary mode in another combination, the Fulmin can become even more deadly.

Fulmin has an unlimited ammunition reserve and does not need to be reloaded until her ammunition runs out, which she will do automatically.

Because it has considerable damage, also electrical, you can easily adjust the Fulmin to make it resistant to radiation, corrosion, and magnetic damage.

Adding new items depends on your playing style.

Fulmin’s base damage is in itself destructive and, if appropriately modified, can cause a lot of damage.

This weapon’s use is ideal for immediate and silent death and the unstoppable suppression of fire, as the modes allow each player to dominate in any situation.

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