Frost Build 2020 Warframe Guide

Freeze is a cold element like Warframe, and all his skills are linked to this element because his skills usually slow down and freeze enemies.

He does excellent work in crowd control and protecting his allies on business trips.

How do I get the gel?


You can get Frost units from the extra mission on Ceres by killing Lieutenant Lech Krill and Captain Vor.

His drawing is for sale at the play market in the Orbital Room for 25.000 credits.

In addition to refining its components, Frost can be purchased on the Inheim market for the price of 375 platinum.

Freezing premium

Frost Prime is the most important variant of Frost and has a higher shield than the analog one.

Relics with Frost Prime:

  • Drawing: Consolidated: Meso F2, Meso F3, Neo F1 available No.
  • Neuropathy: Consolidated: Neo E1, Axi E1 Available No.
  • Chassis: Consolidated: Bed G2, Meso E1Available No.
  • Systems: Violent: Lith G2, Neo S5 Available No.


Frost has skills that slow down or even freeze enemies.

He can send a projectile to freeze a hostile solid, send waves of ice to hit his enemies, create protective ice barriers for himself and his allies, and freeze much of the solid.

His passive cryogen can freeze his attackers.


Frost sends a projectile that freezes or slows down the enemies for a while.

It is useful when you need to freeze a specific enemy to remove it later or kill it more easily.

(In the figure below, you can see the freeze with the freeze on the enemy)

Upgrade: With Frost Force, you can freeze allies, causing 100% cold damage to their attacks.

Icing wave

Freezing sends a wave of ice that causes damage to the enemies it comes into contact with.

The Ice Wave is useful for destroying groups of enemies and quickly eliminating weak enemies that stand in your way.

Upgrade: The ice waves’ impedance leaves a trail that slows down the enemies passing through it.


The freeze revolves around an area that absorbs damage and slows down enemies trying to enter.

This is useful to protect the site or protect you or your allies when the origin of the damage is about to attack the warring party.

Enemies near Frost are frozen and repelled according to their radius, and some of them can break if they hit the surface.

The health of the snow globe will improve if it is rebuilt in another snow globe.

Upgrade: Ice Globe can freeze enemies when they are in Snow Globe.


It freezes the enemies in a large radius and causes ice explosions that damage them and freeze them for a while.

Enemies under the influence of an avalanche will have less armor for a certain period.

This ability is beneficial for inflicting damage and crowd control in the area because it can stop enemies in their tracks and give you and your unit a chance to kill them before they thaw.

Upgrade: Gives the Allies about 60 avalanche damage for each enemy.

The structure also reads as follows: Banshee

Proposed buildings

Cooling ball, type

Due to this design, the cooling ball can be flooded several times with minimal energy consumption.

With this design, Frost can easily consolidate the snowball’s health and use low energy costs to repel enemies or protect areas several times.

Other capacities will also benefit from low energy costs and efficiently used for missions with such a building.

Building damaged by an avalanche

The purpose of this building is to be able to unleash an avalanche at a reasonable price and, at the same time, cause good damage over a large area.

This construction is useful to eliminate enemy groups and spread the damage over a large area.


Frost is an asset to Warframe, from damage to protecting allies, and more, he can help the team a lot.

Frost’s abilities can slow down or freeze enemies, making Frost a very good warframe for crowd control.

Depending on how it is adapted, Frost can be used for different missions and can have a strong influence on the battle outcome.

It should have a wireframe for those who can use it with different strategies and adapt their playing style to the characteristics of Frost.

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