Fortnite Patch Notes 2.57 – Updates 12.00 and Season 2.

As Epic Games – Fortnite Update 12 was announced live yesterday, and Season 2 has started! You can find the full patch version for this update of 20 below. February.

Fortnite 12 Update / Client Patch 2.57 can now be downloaded for all platforms. A total of 8.1 GB must be uploaded to PS4. The size of the load may vary depending on the forum.

NOTE: We are still collecting all the data, the download is already available, and there are already some patches!

Fortnite Patch notes 2.57 – update 12.00

The patches are currently under review; we will update this article as soon as possible!


What’s going on?

Yacht and Shark Galleries and Shark Island Join the Yacht Club, add a little luxury to your island, or create your secret hideout on the new Shark Island with yacht and shark galleries.

New hinge islands
Two new hinge islands to give you more opportunities to create the pivot of your dreams.


  • Three new islands added:
    • The shark is a sandy island with a secret base.
    • Flat-grid socket-outlet – flat-grid island used for the construction of socket outlets.
    • Floating Island Hub is a floating island used for the construction of hubs.

Error correction

  • Problem solved with a tree stuck on a horseshoe island halfway down the ground.
  • I corrected an erroneous display of lava on Calder Island.
  • Solved a problem where the player’s processing structures would increase the amount of memory used by these thermometer elements.
  • Solved a problem where the sun and moon did not consider the island mist settings on mobile devices.


  • Added support for team rotation for two games with slightly balanced teams.

Error correction

  • Resolved a problem that would occur if players blocked walking on islands built by a player.
  • Problem solved with shock wave grenades that destroy particles.
  • They fixed an issue where devices were not displayed correctly when players crossed them with Creative Replays.
  • They were fixed an issue where players would not return to the hub when the island owner left the server.


  • Addition of a caterpillar box, out of stock.
    • Consumables allow players to hide up to 5 boxes during the game.
    • I am loading over time.

Error correction

  • Correction of the inability to shoot players after the disguise of a small clot has been removed.
  • The Prevent disguise option in the Accessory Manager is locked so that the user cannot cancel an accessory’s disguise when it is turned on.
  • The weapon bracket has been repaired, so you can now disassemble the weapon while it is camouflaged and locked like a bracket.
  • Spatters don’t get stuck if you throw them in the water.


Error correction

  • The bug where objects that have been selected multiple times using the quick bar turns yellow for all these objects has been solved.


  • One new prefab added
    • Hunting
  • Nine new galleries added
    • Yacht gallery
    • Accessories gallery for yachts
    • Shark gallery
    • The floor and stairs of the Shark Gallery.
    • Large shark stump gallery
    • Shark rock gallery
    • Shark profile gallery
    • Shark Cliff Gallery
    • Grass and mud gallery C
  • Purple water was added to the gallery of Elemental, Cuba.
  • Bus seats, driveway, air conditioning, and doors added to the gallery in option A.
  • In the gallery of variants B, the RV trailer has been added.
  • Additional signs have been added to the A Street Gallery.

Error correction

  • A bug fixed that changed several purple accessories in the gallery to blue in the Art Deco style.
  • Observation of the collision of the balcony railing with the lighthouse gallery.
  • They are fixed an issue where some details in the Mega Mall Accessory Gallery and the NeoTilted Prop Gallery would stop shining during the day.
  • Solved a problem where the Art Deco Props gallery did not capture any source of the security cameras.
  • Solved a problem that occurred when an art deco post shoe and art deco post corner contained brick instead of metal.
  • Gold can no longer be extracted from Art Deco paintings.
  • We fixed a problem where dark, sloping chimneys were not visible from a distance.
  • Solved a problem where an indestructible gallery basketball ring could be destroyed.
  • An error was corrected when the volume of the village roof gallery’s preview and the B-gallery on the ground floor was not large enough.
  • An error was made when the icon Gallery of Military Lights, Gallery of Village Buildings A, and Gallery of Village Buildings B was not relevant.
  • Problem solved with the Art Deco style accessory gallery where some assets supplied the wrong material.
  • E.G.O. Hangar Prefab will not exceed the preview limit.
  • A bug repaired where the size of the Art Deco bar stopper has been adjusted incorrectly.
  • Solved a problem that arose when Falcon’s Art Deco sculpture was not installed simultaneously as the Art Deco columns of the can.
  • The back doors of Ghost Manor are now well structured.
  • An error in the description of the village building (color gallery A) has been corrected.
  • A problem was solved with the snow material placed on the rocks in the Natural Snow Gallery.
  • Decals from the decal gallery can now be reinstalled.


  • Adding the Creepin’ Card Device
    • The device allows players to place more than five boxes hidden in different places on the cards.

Error correction

  • Fixed trackers are not correctly filled in for players who share the progress of the quest with the person responsible for completing the final stage of the investigation.
  • Fixed a bug in which the elimination manager did not work with players who participated in the minigame.
  • The damage has been repaired to the motion modulation unit, not to the part of the building to which it is attached.
  • Problem solved where conveyors were sometimes placed too close to the ground to be activated at first use.
  • The problem was solved when the particles could not be adjusted.
  • They fixed a bug where no volume effects were applied when a player grew in the volume range at the beginning of the game.
  • We fixed an issue where mutation volume damping was not transmitted through a particular channel unless the volume had a different effect.
  • Fixed an issue where the When Control Change Propagation was enabled in the detection field parameter contained an incorrect prompt.
  • Pistol caviar now appears under the automatic filter in the device list.
  • Problem solved: watchmakers equipped with the LMG option or a pistol (flashlight) were instead made with an assault rifle and were invincible.
  • It was corrected an issue where the RNG device’s size was not set correctly when copying and pasting.
  • We fixed a bug where the RNG area’s preview size was not adjusted to the volume width.
  • A typo in the name and description of the Color Change Time option for configurable lights has been fixed.
  • We fixed a bug where the hologram’s color was not updated correctly when changing the estimation type.
  • The following issues regarding badge-like HUDD symbols on creative devices have been resolved.
    • When setting the style, Only if they are damaged will they now be displayed correctly.
    • If you place them at a distance, they’ll be well hidden now.
    • If you install an icon style, it will be displayed immediately (instead of changing the settings again or starting the minigame).
    • If the LOS request is enabled, they are now correctly hidden when they leave the line of sight.
    • Leading damage is now correctly displayed if the description text is not defined.
  • It fixed an issue with the HUD message device that limited the character limit to 80 characters. The HUD message device now correctly allows a limit of 150 characters.
  • The problem where the triggers and musical notes in the sequencer volume did not work correctly has been solved.
  • Corrected an error that would occur if a clock shot at friendly team players while they were within range.
  • Solved a problem where a tile with a trick would destroy the structures directly beneath it when activated.
  • The problem where the triggers were activated earlier than expected by the sequencing device has been solved.
  • Problem solved where the dinghies couldn’t jump.
  • Fixed an issue where the time settings could start, and each X-trigger’s transmission was not increased correctly when using the sequencing device.
  • It fixed a bug that prevented the Quad Painter from moving forwards or backward when the switch was turned on.
  • Solved a problem where the radio could still be heard by other players on the island after someone removed it.


  • The Damage caused and Damage suffered options added to the available dashboard statistics.
  • Improved messages for players who join or leave the islands, so players can better track where they are playing.
  • Creative has added a global health indicator displayed above the head of the player you are targeting. It can be configured via the control parameters and the inventory device.
  • New experimental function: When you create new islands, you can view all the devices and see which channels are being used.
  • Creators can now mark their islands with descriptors. For the time being, the descriptors will only be used to a limited extent, but they will play a more critical role in developing this function.

Error correction

  • The scoreboard is set up so that all teams in the 5th place or lower are in 1st place.
  • A printing error in the description of the Dark Tilted Prop Gallery has been corrected.
  • The UI scoreboard probably displayed information about the previous game when switching from free play to team play.

Source: Epic Games

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