Forager – Guide to the Solution of All Puzzles

In many RS 21/04/2019

Forager is finally being released on the PC. This is a new indie survival adventure game that immerses players in the world of 2D pixel graphics.

You will need to research, create, collect, and manage resources to expand your country, build new facilities, acquire new skills and competencies, etc.

A guide to solving all the forester’s riddles

Throughout the game, you will be able to receive many different puzzle items and prizes. Some are easy to find, and others are hard to find.

Here is a guide to solving all the puzzles and their respective rewards in Forager.

Organic grass

Rainbow pond

  • Solution – To solve this puzzle, you have to click on a mushroom in the order of the following rainbow colors. Red > Orange > Yellow > Green > Blue > Violet
  • Price – Large box

Four columns

  • Solution – First, look at the four columns, and you will find the numbers. Click on these numbers in order, and you will solve the puzzle.
  • Price – Large box

Desert biomass

Old Galaxy

  • Solution – To solve this problem, you will need to move the electrified units to turn on the batteries using a specific model. The model is located at the top of the windows. The empty spaces represent the batteries you need to turn on.
  • Price – Old Galaxy Seal

Battery island

  • Solution – To solve this puzzle, you need to pull a lightning rod through the battery.
  • Price – Large box

Eye Island

  • Solution – To solve this puzzle, you need a fiery arrow in the eye of the sphinx.
  • Price – Large box

Island of flowers

  • Solution – To solve this puzzle, you have to dig out the part of the island where no flowers are visible.
  • Price – Large box

Structure of the farm lunar sword

  • Solution – To solve it, use a sword and hit it at night.
  • Price – Large box

Organic cemetery

Skull and crossbones

  • Solution – To dissolve it, you can hit the entire skull with a pickaxe, an arch, or any firearm.
  • Price – Large box

Three black bubbles

  • Solution – To solve it, you have to knock on the bells from right to left.
  • Price – Large box

Colored base

  • Solution – all associated gemstones should be placed on a suitable surface.
  • Price – Large box

Peak Trap Island

  • Solution – To solve it, you have to think of a fairy in a jar, or you have to turn around with food.
  • Price – 4 skulls

Organic winter

Frozen towers Galaxy

  • Solution – to solve this, you need to set the computer to 5 3 4 2 4
  • Price – Seal of the galaxy frozen by an astronomer

Statue of Princess Stone

  • Solution – for the answer, you have to put a flower on the image that glows in the dark.
  • Price – Large box


  • Solution – You need a flaming sword, bow, or pickaxe to dissolve them.
  • Price – Large box

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