For those who are trying to farm the Hunter’s Long Coat or other rare outfits.

The hunters’ long coat: |

​Where did you get the materials? You need about 880 capsules, or more first; I’d say take 1k to be safe here!

​Hunter’s Long Coat is an outfit that is only sold by the Responder Vendor Bot that can be seen here: You can identify this unique robot by the company that holds it, two eyes and Brahmin. This collision transponder is one of 10 different types of random encounters outside Charleston station. To get into farming, you need to go quickly to Charleston Station and walk south via the nearest red bridge to the end of | As soon as you reach the other side, turn on the t and look for the cabin building, which should be right now! Behind this cabin is the place where the events take place.

If the bone seller does not spawn but gets something else, such as super mutants, mole rats, etc., the bone seller does not generate. You can then skip the server by going to your map, press c to call Social, and then click on your name to leave the world Once you’re back in the main menu, click Play to upload to another server and repeat the above process with the bridge until the bone seller reappears! Keep in mind that this can involve a lot of trial and error. I must also mention that if the other player or his C.A.M.P. is in this area, the event’s reproduction will be prevented. So if you see that the site is occupied by one of these two things, go ahead, and the server jumps again.

Now there’s another problem: The outfit you want as a long-haired hunter isn’t always on the inventory list. However, if you have friends online, you can ask them to see you and talk to the seller of the offer. There are different items for sale for each person, giving the chance to get the outfit you want.

If no one sees what he likes, you can tell one person to stay with the bot provider, so he doesn’t get desperate while the other person leaves the main menu and then reconnects to the server. As soon as he has done so, the seller’s robot will show him a completely different sale item. If that person comes back, another player who initially stayed with the robot may come back, while the person who comes backstays with the robot to make sure he doesn’t get desperate. You can go back and forth for a long time if you do it right.

Warning that the bone may die accidentally if it remains inactive for too long or if the same person stays with it for too long. So make sure he walks around once in a while and try to buy and sell him something.

I hope this helps.

Shout to Plutus413 that he helped me get my coat and that he confirmed this work.

Original reference

Item For those trying to hunt on long coat farms or other rare outfits. For wild Drop.

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