Five Top Beginner Tips for Auto Fishing in the Black Desert Online

The Massively Multiplayer Online Black Desert Online game from the Korean studio Pearl Abyss has been a great success for years. The game, now available on Xbox One, has reached a new audience. With this in mind, new players come to this great game every day. For all new players, we have a few tips. If you want to succeed in Black Desert Online, you want to go fishing.

Fishing is one of the best ways to make money online in the black desert. That’s why once the game is released, players sharpen everything for science. If you want to be a master of the seas, read the following tips.

Place your hands on the rod.

There are different levels of rods. The first one you get is called the old fishing rod. This is not very useful outside the base of fishing. If you’re serious about fishing, you’ll want to move on.

A high-quality rod that you want to hold in your hands, – Angler Angler Angler Angler Angler Angler Angler Angler Angler Angler Angler Angler Angler Angler Angler Angler Angler Angler, but they will be demanding. So you have to go through several rows of rods before you can get to one of them.

Getting a pet

If you want to increase your fishing premiums to the maximum, you must bring one of the three pets with you. Ground dogs, polar bears, and house penguins all get a bonus for good fishing. Depending on their level, they reduce your car’s pick-up time by about 10 to 20%. Polar bears and penguins are sometimes offered as prices for events, while marmots are provided as regular pets in bead shops.

Purchase of fish clothing

Silver embroidered fish clothing increases your fish stock, fishing experience, and speed. That’s why it’s essential to get a pair as soon as possible. You can make it in a costume factory.

There is also fishing gear that offers few advantages. Fishing equipment is not necessary, but it can significantly improve your swimming speed and endurance.

Finding a place for the fish

To maximize the efficiency of your fishery, you need to find the best place to fish. You can see a detailed map of the maritime regions and a game of fish tables on something The fishing map shows you the fish you can catch in this sea area.

Sometimes the once rich resources of the region can be over-exploited by other fishermen, so it is essential to jump in while fishing.

Ability to sell fish

The value of the fish you catch deteriorates over time. Within 24 hours, the fish will be useless. However, there is one problem.

You can sell bluefish and goldfish to the imperial fishmongers at 250% of the total price, provided the fish is fresh for at least 23 hours and 59 minutes. You can find these dealers in Velia, Glish, Epheria Port, Splashing Point, and Valencia City.

As soon as you have collected the necessary equipment and reached the famous fishing spot, you can start fishing. To automatically catch a fish, press the cast button (space bar on the computer) and watch how the fish are stacked. Active fishing is faster but also more strenuous. As a result, many players use their bonuses for pets, rods, and clothing to shorten their auto fishing time and let the game do the work for them.

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