Find out what’s past the edge of the map.

As you leave the crater of Subnautica, you will meet useful friends who will politely guide you on your way back. That’s all well and good, but what happens if you decide not to follow his advice? Stories of spoilers and strange setbacks downstairs, be careful.

At work, I made a joke. I drove the cyclops north of the map and kept going. At one point, I realized there were no more ghost leviathans around me, so I used F1 to check in which biome I thought the game was being played. Instead of the Void, the crater’s inner name, my current bio meet was just an empty spot. I wonder if you’ll go far enough and be safe.

But it’s getting weirder and weirder, weirder and weirder. I decided to recreate it in my finished survival game to see what happened. This time I jumped into my Cyclops and went west; a big difference, as it turned out. From the safe shallow water, I swam through the kelp forest, the grass plateau, and the mushroom forest before reaching the dunes.

Find different classes of Leviathan living in the area. Are you sure everything you do is worth it? Why, yes. I was too lazy to avoid the mowers, so I let them gnaw at my ship as I continued to the edge of the crater. I was a healthy third of the way across the border, and I realized that my Cyclops could never survive ghosts.

I threw it at forwarding flank speed and kept going, ignoring the flames and the ever-growing monsters just outside my window, until the angry dubstep finally convinced me to find my way out. I sailed west as fast as my Seaglide, stopped alone at the stasis rifle, chased ghosts, watched my F1 GUI, and prayed to get to that mysterious empty biology where I will be safe. Instead, I was in an accident zone.

Wait, the crash zone? It’s on the other side of the map! But of course, the water was muddy brown, there were no ghosts, and the most exciting thing was that I got a radio message as soon as I crossed the border. It wasn’t an accident area: There was no seabed, no dawn, no mower (fortunately). It was open water, like a vacuum, but Formula 1 called it the crash zone.

Strangely enough, I drove further west; eventually, the biomechanism changed into Mushroom Forest. Then the Grassijskoye plateau, the kelp forest, the safe schools, the kelp forest, the Grassijskoye plateau, the mushroom forest, and finally again the dunes. For some reason, the biomechanism repeats itself after a certain point if you go to the west (but not to the north) on the map. It was like starting at the eastern edge of the crater and going all the way down, but instead of the real game, there was only water and air as far as the eye could see.

And if that’s not weird enough…

I needed to know what the radio program was because I was pretty sure I’d seen them all before. I kept walking through the dunes until I reached the void, of course, and of course, the spirits called me. I gave them a bite, then went back to the escape pod and turned on the radio. And who am I listening to? Avery Quinn.

Yeah, it’s true. The good old Avery Quinn, whom I saw blown to death on my fateful rescue mission, apologized to me. He couldn’t land because of the debris, so he had to go home. In other words, the radio message you need to hear when you slow down the sun’s rays to cure the infection and deactivate the quarantine platform before it reaches you.

Like me, I immediately took my flight and left that monstrous planet.

tl;dr: heading west outside, I found a complete copy of the map, minus the map itself, and managed to bring a friendly captain of a merchant ship to life. 10/10, there will be interference again.

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