FFXIV: Shadowbringers Gil Farming Guide for 2020

The new Final Fantasy XIV expansion of Shadowbringer is in full swing and brings many new ideas. One thing, however, hasn’t changed at all.

Players need Gila now more than ever. It’s more like Eureka, for example, agriculture, treasure hunting, or trade, there are many different ways to make money. For this purpose, here is a transcription of the main ways to get foreign currency in FFXIV.


Eureka is an incredibly good example that is continually being used by dozens and dozens of FFXIV players. And they do it for a reason.

Forbidden Land, Eureka will be available after you complete the mission, and we call it Eureka from Ralgria Reach in Galiena.

You can’t reach this place through customs. Hurry up and talk to Rodney. From there, you’ll meet other players from the inside to shape your game. Complete the missions you encounter at the entrance to prepare for a trial robbery.

It’s about buying Anemos castles and broken bunches of grapes. These crates contain very profitable items that you can sell on the market.

Treasure cards

If you want to talk about Gil’s growth, you need to talk about treasure maps. It seems that the treasure maps can be used to guide you in Gil’s very lucrative agricultural treasure hunt.

If you have experience in the discipline of Earth, you’ll probably encounter many of your treasure maps on your travels. However, some of these can be obtained from the marketing board if desired.

Always join the card party if you want to the peasant. Such an exchange can be difficult, and joining an experienced party will significantly reduce the time needed for the whole company. In the end, you’ll all be sent on a treasure hunt, where you’ll have to fight a powerful monster to get a hidden supply of precious loot.

Electricity lift

The top way to make Gila in FFXIV is to get rid of the disciples of the hand and the disciples of the earth. First, let’s talk about how a student’s skill can turn you into an ace.

The most lucrative craft courses are those of blacksmith, goldsmith, alchemist, and cook. The advantage of each of these classes is that you can offer for sale equipment, furniture, consumables, and other materials that are in high demand. Most players don’t waste time filling their students’ meat with classrooms, making it a very lucrative seller for artisans ready to work.

Many players don’t want to bother making the essential items they need regularly. As a result, the market board often has a constant demand, even for ordinary craft products. If you need Gil fast, it can be easy to make a profit. But the higher your level of knowledge, the more gila you have to make.


The disciples of the earth go, well, hand in hand with the disciples of the hand. For every builder of the FFXIV, there is also a builder. It can cost a lot of money if you are willing to collect materials sold to enthusiastic artisans.

Many artisans don’t want to waste time collecting their materials. You can even sell raw materials to the Market Board for a few quick Gil’s. The higher your collection rate, the more Gil you can earn.

Pupils of the Botanica, Fisheries, and Mining classes can be used profitably. Even if you prefer to make your Gil out of a craft, it’s advisable to spend some time orienting your students on the earth, so you don’t have to pay for your craft materials.

If you want to focus your time and energy on making a profit, consider spending most of your time leveling up production. Elementary fragments, agglomerates, and crystals can be extracted for considerable gain.

Lines in lower case

If you don’t feel like doing things and collecting, roulette can make you many balls. Participation in a roulette cellar can yield between 5,000 and 9,000 Gil, while trial roulette can produce up to 10,000 Gil. The best way to get the best out of these events is always the emergency premium adventurer. The most common role a struggling adventurer must assume is that of a tank or healer. So it would help if you started focusing your body on one of these specialties.

To start playing these roulette games, you must first complete level 10 of the main action quests. This activates the search engine. You can then open the Duty Finder by returning to the main menu and scrolling down in the Duty tab.

After selecting the Duty Finder, click on the blue square with a question mark to display the unlocked wheel. Then you can choose the roulette wheel of your choice and start making lashes and rakes.


Whatever form of Gil breeding you choose to take advantage of the entrepreneurial spirit, it’s a great way to increase your profits along the way. You can transfer your costs for performing these small tasks, which gives you a severe reward with almost no time or energy consumption.

To unlock your adventures, you’ll need to get through level 17 of the essential quests offered by Seventh Dawn’s scientists. The class and equipment shall then be specified. While your employer does the work, he or she gains experience and improves skills. That’s why it’s a form of Gil farming that becomes more profitable when you grow it.

Then go to the nearest contact to call him/her back. You then have the opportunity to choose a company for your adventurer. However, sending your farmer to one of these farms is worth the risk. To earn this currency, you must complete tribal quests and canopies and trade with brand seals.

Once the deal is closed, you will receive your fee and valuable items from selling to the Market Board for Gil. It is important to note that you can send multiple premiums to multiple companies at the same time. Use this feature to maximize your profits.

Call log

If you have chosen the Gil breeding method and use the farms in your spare time, you may want to earn extra money here and there. There’s a call list for these times.

The task log is a weekly list of tasks you can perform for both Gil and experienced users. You earn about $1,000,000 to do a job. But you can make about 15,000 Gil’s if you fill out a magazine every week.

To unlock the call list, you must first pass level 15 of the climbing quest on the Limes Loomis’s upper deck. Then go back to the main menu and click on the Protocols tab. The call log is now available.

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