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57159 – ESO’s unofficial Twitch Drop FAQ.

Some information on how to link your accounts.


The Twitch drops are just throwing up boxes of Ouroboros. These boxes almost always contain consumables (drinks, poisons, books on horseback riding). The chance of getting a mountain animal or a pet of the Scarlet Senche breed is minimal. Uroboros boxes never contain seasonal crown units.


You have to look at the spasm flow, which contains droplets. The river will show you if you run out of drops. EDIT: This can only work for an office site. If you look at Twitch differently, check the ESO feed team page to make sure you are viewing a feed that has crashed.

  • The drops are not broadcast on any channel for most of the year.
  • The downgrades are activated in the ESO Stream team channels for specific events.
  • In rare cases, the droplets on all streaming OSE channels are switched on.

Anyone can put drops in their title. That doesn’t mean they have dropped.


  • You have to follow, chat, or use the team to get your drops.
  • You should monitor the process. You can leave the system on and go to bed, work, etc. while it is on.
  • Get the boxes now! The next day you will receive an e-mail message about your packages. The e-mail indicates that a code has been applied to your account. The boxes are available at Pacrooti upon receipt of an email. Check the spam or Pacrooti folder.
  • To trade or sell your boxes. Either you use objects, or you turn them into gems. You can save on rocks to buy things in the seasonal crown boxes.
  • You need the ESO+ to get the drops.


  • We need to keep the power on for 10 to 15 minutes. Some people say 10; I always make 15. If you log in for 30 seconds, you will not be registered as a viewer. If you cut the feed yourself, you will not be recorded as a viewer. You can disable the browser if you don’t want to listen. EDIT: Some people said they received the boxes when they turned off the video streaming player. However, I advise you to mute your browser or not to mute it at all to make sure that you are logged in as a viewer.
  • You should see it when you log in to an account linked to your ESO account.
  • You can receive drops when you watch with your mobile phone.
  • You must be lucky. You can follow the flow for 2 hours and receive two boxes. Or you can get a zero. These two cases have been reported to me in recent months.

I think it covers all the FAQs! Let me know if I miss anything.

The source: Initial reference

Unofficial ESO Twitch Drops FAQ Message on Senior Reel.

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