Fallout 76 – How to Win and Remove the Wanted / Bounty Status

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Fall 76

Fallout 76 takes place in 2102 in an alternative story twenty-five years after the atomic war and will serve as a forerunner of the Fallout series.

You play in the online multiplayer world in West Virginia. His character will be a resident of Crypte 76, which is part of the plan to explore and repopulate the wasteland.

How to obtain and cancel Wanted / Affordable status in case of a fall 76

You can participate in various primary and secondary tasks, challenges, and other activities throughout the game.

Wanted Bounty status is the latest expansion of the game that allows players to achieve a Wanted level similar to Red Dead Redemption 2, but Fallout 76’s mechanics work a little differently.

Below are instructions for obtaining and revoking Wanted/Protected Person status.

How do you get the status/ affordability you are looking for?

To get the Wanted status on yourself, you first need to find human players on your server. Once you’ve seen them, shoot them and do some damage.

If the other player shoots you in the back, it means he has accepted the fight. So you can fight to the death because the other player doesn’t leave the server.

But if you shoot the other players and don’t shoot back, and you kill them anyway, you’ll be marked on the map as a wanted character.

Now, in most cases, you will certainly not be able to kill another person in the player because the plant variety protection system is somehow broken. Players can leave the server with any punishment and not die.

So if you want to increase the reward, you have to try to steal other people’s stuff, especially food, plants, water, and so on. You can even destroy their base, and you get several coveted/earned points.

All you have to do is kill the other players, steal the items, and destroy the base. All you have to do is injure other players, and you will increase your reward.

To remove the flash

Once you have obtained the status you are looking for; you will not be able to delete it before you die. There is no system in the game where you can pay the reward or go to certain instances to have the bonus removed. Even a change of server will not delete them.

So you have to let your character die for the Bounty Hunters, who are other human players. As soon as you are killed by a hunter, you will be rewarded, and your desired status will be removed.

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