Exotic mountains

Last week we talked about the mountains of war. These animals were different from ordinary mountain animals because they were prepared for battle, but still animals that had to buy the character. Let’s talk today about a completely unusual mountain… Monsters that can lead your party to victory!

We rule out smart mountains like dragons, unicorns and the like. These samples can be used as mountains and have often been the subject of discussion. The monsters we are going to talk about generally have to be created by some kind of magic or be the subject of similarities between them and the character. Each type of sample will look for its own location, because each type has its own needs. These contracts between the rider and the monster are fragile at best, so it is best that the character fulfills his part of the contract. Even if you do, you’ll still want to take care of her.

The monstrous mountains are unique among their brethren. They have small differences in their abilities compared to an ordinary monster of this type, which gives them the ability to be a mountain. They still have most, if not all, of the normal characteristics of this type of creature, but they may be slightly less intelligent or excluded from their normal society. Whatever the reason, these creatures will do what they have to do to survive, and if that means carrying you on their backs, then so be it.

Let’s make a few comments. These monsters aren’t satellites, they’re mountains. Since they all have an intelligence level of four (4) or less, they may not carry out an independent attack, unless this is specifically mentioned in the description of the creature.

Let’s take a look at some monster mountains over there.

For those who don’t care why:
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Country Golem Berg

These golems sand down the material level in search of a new employer. Some of them may not have received the order before the death of their owner, or they may have lost the treasure they were supposed to protect. Some will attack on impact, and these golems can’t be mountains. Others stand still and wait for someone to make themselves useful. If a character can find the amulet that connects the golem to him, he will now serve his master. Earth Target executes all commands as specified in PHB, pg. 167.

An Earth Golem takes on a similar shape to other Golemas, but it walks heavily bent with hands that barely scratch the ground. Because of his design, he cannot stand upright and he cannot use his weapon to attack. But it can lead to a nasty headbutt. Have you ever been punched in the face with a brick, I hope not? For no reason, only the head of a golem is harder than a brick.


To begin with, I would like to say that now, thanks to God, the owl seems to be scared and does not have to laugh out of pity. But seriously, at some point in his life, what character wouldn’t want to ride an owl… …perhaps those who appreciate their existence… These owl mountains were formed in the vast wilderness and try to serve those who feed and shelter them. In return you can ride the owl chick you always wanted.

Barely pinned down, these owls lose the ability to attack repeatedly, as they run the risk of being ejected in a second attack by their rider. However, they learned to produce a deafening squeak that frightened the lives of everyone in the neighborhood. As if an owl falling on you isn’t so scary, he’s yelling at you now. You’ll probably be happy when your vital nest has failed, because you want to get out as soon as possible.

Ogre conductor

These ogres have been driven out of their society and roam the earth alone. Every time they try to find shelter, the other ogres and giants facing them attack them and usually confiscate their property and steal their homes and possessions. That’s why ogres on horseback rarely stay in one place for long periods of time.

When a man encounters an ogre on horseback, he can recognise it by the rough sledge attached to his shoulders. The supreme ogres, with all their stupidity, understand that they must have a rider to survive, and that this rider cannot fall constantly. Belts are usually made of a simple leather and rope construction, with straps going under the shoulders and armpits of the ogres, and a small seat attached to the straps. The character slides into the seat with his legs suspended by two holes in the bottom of the seat. Because of the way the seat is designed and the way it rests on the ogre’s shoulders, only a creature of small size or less can ride on an ogre chair.

These cannibals have never learned how to swing a stick or throw a spear effectively, so these weapons are not available to them. But they can hit people, creatures and more. If your targets don’t want to get too close so they won’t be beaten to death by fists with meaty ham, they can be beaten to death by stones.

Finally, if an ogre driver incurs damage equal to or greater than 50% of his total health points, he will turn around. The monster will fly into a frenzy so that it can move twice as fast and strike twice behind the circle with the fleshy hands we were talking about earlier. The ogre goes three laps in anger, after which he is exhausted and cannot move or attack during the lap. It takes time to recover from the race and to beat everything.

Straddle loader

Without understanding the concept of free will like their wiser brothers, these warriors try to serve their Lord as they did on Eberron. Designed for the battlefield, this war forged loader is no stranger to the battlefield. Their creators developed them with the ability to maintain their balance with an unnatural grace not associated with people at war. And although their main goal was to serve strictly as a mountain, they were equipped with some basic attack skills to keep the mountain alive for as long as possible.

A polished loader, which runs like an ox on the ground, can hit a creature with its horns sticking out of the top of its head. If it’s able to catch a target, the magazine can move forward and trample it. It’s like driving a car, but instead of tires he has arms and legs.

Here it is, our list of monsters. Do you agree? Don’t you agree? May the monster you believe be a great mountain. Leave us a comment and let us know!

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