ESO Launcher / Patcher Freezing & Crashing, Whitelist Fix

TLDR – Correction is at my location.

I would post it on the forums, but apparently, I have to send a support card to get the invitation code to write… If you have an account, you can copy it to the support feed linked below. People seem a little desperate, so if someone could do it, or connect that wire, that would be great.

I’m pretty salty, the company doesn’t need to be launched this way, and it’s clear that the development team has a big gap with those who establish or develop their launchers.

It is terrible that Zeni has stopped this version since September; it is a problem with their patcher code and them

  • A: There aren’t enough skilled engineers to understand it.
  • B: Too lazy to fix it. They are trying to link the problem to an ISP (spoiler, that’s precisely what their launcher update will solve); of course, the last four months have not yielded any results by contacting the ISP’s to find a solution, as they claim in their topic:


Anyone who has a problem with the hostname will not be found in the white list with your trigger (check your host.developer.log after the trigger crashes, it’s usually HUGE, another sign of sloppy development, look at all the nonsense with his lmao log – everything:

20119-01-25 23:31:51 WebGet error : () ( (3:956)

25.01.20119 23:31:51 Not found in the white list (

Don’t be afraid! We can do something about it! You can download the safe files manually from the server, restart the patch, and you’re ready to go. Please note that I have a non-standard installation location; you probably have something like C: Program Files (x86) The Elder Scrolls Online …or something like that.

For information, the files below’ names and locations are accurate as of 26 December 2009 at noon EST; they are subject to change… check your host.developer.log to make sure they don’t work.

  1. Go to your installation directory and delete all partially downloaded 1to268.z* files and the .zip file located where you installed ESO on your hard drive, in my case G: ESOThe Elder Scrolls Onlinedepotpatchdata.depot.
  2. Also delete the *.patchmanifest files in G:ESOLauncherProgramDataHost.02a55c76a1e4fbeaffd5c5888fdb67a863a41bdb.
  3. Install MobaXterm (or you can copy everything manually in your web browser if you like – see below).
  4. Open a local terminal.
  5. Change the folder for the ESO-Patch data folder; in my case, the command is cd G: ESOThe Elder Scrolls Onlinedepotpatchdata.depot.
  6. Run the following commands (they start wget to download the archive files from the same place where you try to start the installation, surprise me if it works…)
    1. for((i=1;i<=9;i++)); do wget; done
    2. for((i=10;i<=30;i++)); do wget; done
    3. . zipper
  7. Wait until the file download is complete (55gb ish) and restart the first installation.
  8. Now he’s suspended again, that’s normal. He’s trying to download other things… somewhere else—the production file vo_en.
  9. Change the directory again: cd G:ESOThe Elder Scrolls Onlinevo_enpatchdata.vo_en
  10. Execute the following commands:
  11. for((i=1;i<=5;i++)); do wget; done
  12. Letterbox
  13. Wait until the file download is complete (8gb ish) and restart the first installation.
  14. He has to check and apply the last plaster. Have fun with your work game!​

If you do not want to follow the Moba terminal route, you can click on all these links and download them manually. Instead of using the browser of your choice, I recommend that you only try to download a few times at a time. You have to read the above to know what to do:

Location 1: (G: ESOThe Elder Scrolls Onlinedepotpatchdata.depot)

Location 2: (G:ESOThe Elder Scrolls Onlinevo_enpatchdata.vo_en)(G:ESOThe Elder Scrolls Onlinevo_enpatchdata.vo_en)

It’ll probably be broken for a while. For each patch, make sure you could not download and restore it manually.

It would be cool if the ZOS answered and said they’re still working on it, a pretty stupid TBH bug.

Original reference

ESO Launcher/Patcher message gets stuck and collapses, white list corrected for Senior Scroll.

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