Escape from the Tarkov Shoreline Key Guide

Shoreline has been added as the fourth map to escape Tarkov, a popular first-person shooter at Battlestate Games. This map is located near the port, on the outskirts of Tarkov, and includes a long beach, an abandoned village, a petrol station, and a health resort on the French Riviera.

The coast, which is one of the most extensive maps of the Tarkov flight, has many essential spawning grounds, which we will examine below.

Tarkov key Escape

Cabin Key (Rear Entry) – This key is generated on blue drums adjacent to the locked property and opens the closed property.

Cottage Locker Key – This locker key is located on the white bus at the reservoir in the city.

SMW Car Key – This key opens a closed man’s car that may contain caviar weapons and some other random robberies. It was reproduced during the construction of the colony, near the blue dustbin on a cardboard box.

Sanatorium Key – The key to the sanatorium is located in a bunker in front of the rocking chair.

Spa Key – Opens the unmarked spa doors and is located in a critical cabinet inside the spa.

Safe key – this key opens the safe in the theatre room outside the sanatorium. You will find it in the scavengers’ pockets and bags.

Sanitary Storage – This key opens the safe on the first floor of the administration and office building. You can find him at Scavs.

Spa (West) Code

West Wing (Suite 104) – Key is located near the power plant in the shed cabinet. It usually contains the medication.

West Wing (Suite 112) – The key is located in a bus in the middle of the bus station. With this key, you can obtain two things that contain a certain amount of loot.

West wing 205 – The key to room 205 in the west wing of the sanatorium can be kept in the reception building on a boat on the ground or carts.

West Wing 207 – The key is in the sanitation worker’s pockets, the room is open.

West Wing 216 – The chamber contains two boxes containing weapons, crates, grenades, gunpowder, and rare artifacts. The key is on the table on the second floor.

West Wing 218 – This key reproduces in a poolside locker and infects a weapons locker, two lockers with weapons, drugs, sticks, boxes, ammunition, and looting.

West Wing 219 – Key is located on a broken headlight or an off-road vehicle in the harbor.

West Wing 220 – The key is generated at the back of an unlocked property in a critical cabinet; there are two rifle boxes in the room and a potentially rare object with some random theft.

West Wing 301 – The key is on a bus next to the destroyed tunnel.

West Wing 303 – Letter case while swimming under a pergola at the station (northwest).

West Wing 306 – In the factory dressing room, you will find this one-piece key with two dead scavengers, medicine, and possibly a weapon on the hood side.

Resort 321 Safe Deposit Box Key – The safe deposit box key is located in a safe at the weather station and is also on the carts and in the coats.

Sanatorium (East)

East wing (Office 107) – The key is in the classroom chair In the classroom, there are medicines, objects, money, and other loot.

East Wing (206) – The key to room 206 is located at the rear of the SUV on the road near the harbor.

East wing (205) – Key to spawn on a box on a platform west of the station.

East wing (222) – The key for room 222 is generated in the left chamber of the central unit.

East wing (226) – The key to room 226 is on the table on Aasscholvereiland.

East Wing (306) – This key can be found in the office of the Director of Tarcone on the customs card or the waste containers.

East wing (310) – You will find the key on the bus at the customs building.

East Wing (313) – This key is in garbage cans, contains a gun box, medical bag, LEDX, and lose loot.

East wing (314) – The key is located at Woods on the east side of the card on a stool in the living room.

East wing (316) – In the forest, there is a broken-down minibus with an open trunk on the west side of the lake.

East Wing (322) – It can be found at the looters, but there is nothing in the room.

East Wing (328) – On Scav Island, on a table near the airplane.

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