Escape from Tarkov Reserve Map Guide for 2020

If you’re new to the Tarkovsky Nature Reserve, this guide will help you understand the extractions, looting, and areas to look out for, as well as general tips to help you navigate the map and carry out your raids.

Escape from the Tarkovsky reserve

The map above shows a 3D map of the reserve, which you can use as a guide to know where you are and to view all the different sites. Each main square is marked with a chess piece; you can see the icons of a pawn, elephant, knight, rook, king, and queen, which characterize different points of view.


Technically, there are five passages for this map. The first is Cliff DescentRock, which is located north of the plan behind the back wall of the building. It would help if you had a rebellious red ice spot and a parachute, and you can’t have armor for that extraction point. No stuff gets eaten, and you can just put the vest in your backpack if you have space.

The second fragment is Scav Lands, which is south of the map. You will have to deal with the garbage during your stay, so you will have to work with friendly garbage collectors to get to this extraction point. At this stage, we do not yet know precisely how to proceed.

The third element is the maintenance hole cover, a widely used feature. It’s very open, so you have to be careful when disassembling it here. You can’t carry a backpack right now. You can come here anytime you want.

The fourth part is an armored train, which is on the east side of the map. When the train arrives, you’ll hear a horn. You’ll listen to another horn when the train leaves in a minute and another two horns when the train is about to leave. They have to be on the train to get him out.

The last extract is a sealed bunker door, which is located southeast of the map. It would help if you pulled the lever and set off an alarm that can get you out of here. Sometimes looters spawn when the lever is operated.

Year points

An excellent starting point for a view of the map is the dome, located north of the plan with a queen’s symbol. It is one of the best viewpoints in the game because you can see almost everything from here. You can sit there with a sniper and cause an explosion.

Video instruction

The Pestily video guide below gives a good overview of the map that new players can set up:

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