Escape from Tarkov 2020 Shoreline Maps Guide

The coastline is the main map of this Escape from the Tarkov 2020 guide. It is a large card with 8 to 13 players, located along the coast. There is a small town, a gas station, a village, a marina, a billiard room, a radio station, and a sizeable three-story resort.

Tarkov 2020 Coastal map Escape

The coastline is a very dense map, which we will look at briefly below. On the west side of the coast, there are several small towns and in the middle, a massive spa with an east and west wing, and an administrative area at the back.

The map is quite large, and the center offers more space for a varied fight. The station in the middle is very dense and can perform a lot of point-blank combat.

The spawning sites are located mainly on the map’s outer edge and are at great distances from each other. Some of the attractions: Water and beach (barge and lighthouse), a swamp in the upper northwestern part, radio tower, and radio tower in the southeast, sanatorium in the middle. Use the map above and determine your location based on how you approach the various attractions.

There are also electricity cables that run all over the map and lead to the power plant in the middle of the plan.

You can assume that most of the players on this card will rush to the center of the card and head for the station—three floors in the east and west wing and the basement. The administration building has two floors and a basement. There are many closed rooms in the branches where the looting is guarded by high-ranking military personnel. Looting is certainly not missing from the station.

The chokeptons on this map will be almost everywhere in the middle. In the north, there is a bustling bridge. The station is a significant stumbling block. The river to the south of the station can also be a choking point. All the way south, you can cross the river by road or at the power station.

The extraction of points is almost on the opposite side from the side where you spawn. In the southeast corner of the map, you will see a guaranteed exit called Road to Customs. If you generate to the east of the plan, the road/tunnel is your secured mining site south of the map. There are different extractions and other ways to get out, but you are in good condition once you have determined the permanent extractions. The most crucial extract is probably the passage of the stone.

Caching and loading of ribs

The map above shows the coastline cache and the looting route that can be used to create this map. The 37 cache locations are shown on the map above, and the black line indicates the way you can take.

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