Division 2: RFID Key Card Location – Headquarters of the Bank

Secret key card – Bank headquarters – Save the President

In the primary mission Division 2, the bank’s center, you have to go to the vault and rescue the president. This is one of the most challenging missions, at least if you’re on level 16. In this mission, you will find a secret RFIDkey card that gives you access to the safe and, thus, to further looting.

But you have to take your RFID key card as soon as you go through the safe; there’s no turning back!

RFID key card reader

At the beginning of the mission, after climbing the escalators and in front of the elevator, you will go to the Director of the World Bank office. In front of the office, you see a sizeable general inscription on the wall. Go inside and keep to the left; there are several tables and boxes and a cupboard with a white sliding door. You can open this sliding door and take an RFID key card with you.

When entering the safe, you will see on the left-hand side, immediately after entering, a locked room in which there is a terminal for the key card.

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