Division 2: Maintenance, 24 April server, Patch Change Log

Division 2 Xbox One and the PC are now on PS4; unplanned maintenance is possible. TU9’s most controversial nerd is about to have a debate. The servers are also disabled.

Why the operation of the set of 2. League?

After a significant update of the title, nine appeared last Tuesday; there was a lot of air in section 2. In general, many changes were not entirely received with cries of approval, but first, the secret 40% of popular M1A weapons brought the mood of many agents to a boil.

In the meantime, Massive commented on all this and announced that this controversial nerd would be recalled until the weapons have adequately been overhauled. The return was planned for this week and is now one reason for today’s unscheduled maintenance, which is accompanied by downtime. So you won’t be able to play in Division 2 for a while today.

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All you need to know about service maintenance 2. 24 April.

Maintenance plan today:

  • Unplanned maintenance work is scheduled to commence today at 11.30 am German time. This is also the beginning of the failure; the servers in department 2 are currently offline.
  • According to Massive, shutting down the servers should take about an hour and a half. During this period, you must refrain from using service2.
  • If there are no problems, the servers in Ward 2 should be back around 1:00. It’s German time. This will put an end to the current repair work.

Section 2

Section 2 Server support 24. April

Section 2 is not currently performing scheduled server maintenance. According to Ubisoft’s support department’s official statement on Twitter, the game servers will be available 24 hours on Friday. April at 11:30 CET / 05:30 EDT / 02:30 PT shut down for maintenance. Also, the servers will be maintained for 90 minutes, during which time the game will be unavailable.

Official Twitter –


Friday the 24th. April, at 11:30 CET / 05:30 EST / 02:30 EST, the servers will be closed for unplanned maintenance.

The estimated downtime is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

What changes today? Second Division Badge:

The following changes shall be made during maintenance:

  • Modification M1A Classic / Baker dozen. Update 9 of the title Nerf will be deleted – at least in part. In PVE, the damage is reduced by 40%. This weapon will be as powerful as before TU9. The damage will now be reduced by 20% instead of 40% as with the TU9.
  • It fixed a problem that prevented players from attacking the generators, which could block the progress of the mission.
  • It fixed a bug that caused all the marksmanship options not to work after a role when the Cool Skills statement was active.

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