Division 2 – List of Armor Talents and How They Work

Chapter 2 will bring a lot of new content, new missions, and a whole new story. It brings with it old, unique, and improved features.

Armour skills will be one of the old features that have been slightly modified by a slightly lower setting. For more information, see below.

List of all armored talents and how they work in section 2.

How to unlock requirements – There were three player states in the previous game: Firearms, endurance, and electronics. All these states have been replaced by new forms with attack, protection, and capabilities.

Each armored vehicle has specific features added to other transmission systems to enhance the three new features.

When these statistics are filled with booking requests, you will receive a new talent. You can find the booking conditions by going to the inventory, selecting it, and checking the tab for the correct talent conditions.

List of all armored talents

Berserker – gives a fee of +10% for every 10% of your reservation that is missing.

Capacity – +20% Duration of qualification

Centered – Killing an enemy with the main shot gives you immunity to all negative images within 10 seconds.

Camouflage – If your armor is removed, your enemy’s skills will not be able to follow you.

Crawling Death -Negative status is given to nearby enemies within 10 meters. The effect is activated once for 15 seconds.

Critical – results in +8% critical impact damage.

Destroyer – gives +20% explosion damage.

Destroy – results in +5% weapon damage.

Authorized representative – gives +10% capacity

Trench – Main shots to dealers when 5% of the armor is used undercover.

Gunslinger – Switching to a second weapon within 3 seconds after the enemy’s death adds extra Weapons Damage to the shop and offers +20% additional Weapons Damage to the whole shop.

Hit Hardened – Causes +! 5% Elite damage and +10% Armor damage.

Hit And Run – Killed in close combat, you get a speed gain of 2 seconds.

Insulated – provides +10% hazard protection.

Mad Bomber – increases the range of shells by 150%. If the grenades kill the target, he’ll update himself.

Engagement – deals +25% critical damage within 5 seconds of destroying enemy armor.

On Strings – gives +25 weapons when all skills have been upgraded or their payloads exhausted.

Patience – updates 5% of your reservation every 1 second if you work at least 3 seconds undercover.

Accurate – results in +15% gunshot damage to the head.

Fast – gives a +10% reduction in cooling capacity.

Recovery – Killing an enemy gives +10% health points.

Protection – Gives you a 150% bonus if you repair and heal an enemy within 20 seconds of his death.

Auto-tuning – gives +20% tank regeneration.

Stable nerves – Provides 50% weapons stability or weakness within 4 seconds. Requires a fully automatic weapon.

hits – deals +15% Elite damage.

Span – gives a +8% chance of a critical hit.

Clamp – Causes +35% skill damage within 15 seconds when enemy armor is destroyed.

Command – allows the player to prepare grenades by holding down the shipyard button, making them explode faster.

Continuous – Extend shield by 25% when the shield is depleted. Shielding sets used within 5 seconds are not consumed.

Unstoppable Power – Gives +2% weapon damage per 10,000 armor points when killing an enemy. This effect is added up to 20 times.

Vital – gives +20% health points.

See the guidelines in subsection two below for further details.

  • A list of all the talents of the guns and how they work.
  • How to unlock and use the boat system
  • How a clan works, how to form a line, how to join a family, and much more.
  • How do you invite friends to your group party?
  • Where and how you can receive bonuses before you order.

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