Division 2 – How to Get All Plans for Crafting

Section 2 has undergone several changes that enable new weapons, equipment, and many other items.

But to make new items, you need plans. However, these are not hard to get. In some cases, you will find that you want to get more.

How to obtain all manufacturing drawings in 2

That’s why you’ll find a guide below that allows you to unlock all shots of the game quickly.

Closure of missions, relocation projects, and additional missions

The easiest way to integrate the drawings into the game is to complete the primary missions, secondary missions, and tasks of the settlement project.

This way, you can win the shots of the first levels, but this method doesn’t give you all the photos. So let’s look at the following form.

Purchase of drawings from suppliers and resetting of items

Throughout the game, you can find different suppliers in the sales and accounting database. These sellers sell different types of plans.

However, there may be a malfunction or error that allows you to reset the seller’s drawings.

So all you have to do is go to a salesperson and buy all the drawings. Then you go back to the next seller and buy all the pictures.

There are three vendors, one in a white house, one in Theatre Village, and one in Campus Village.

When you have done this with all the suppliers, go to the first supplier you bought the drawings. You will probably notice that the goods have been replaced by new designs. With this method, you can obtain many illustrations.

Be careful; you might have to reach level 30 for that. If you haven’t reached this level yet, you can quickly get XP by following the manual below.

Full control points level 3

To use this type of drawing, you have to keep moving through the game until Black Tusk conquers the card.

When this happens, all checkpoints on the map are taken by new enemies.

You should go through the checkpoints now, but before doing so, you should be aware that these checkpoints are related to other activities in the open world, such as public executions, territorial checks, and so on.

Move the mouse pointer over the control points, and you will see a number next to the control points that indicate which control points can be raised to level four.

To keep them up to date, you need to complete events globally, such as public executions, territorial control, etc. Move the mouse pointer over it to see a + number that indicates how much you will increase the reference level.

As soon as the control point reaches level 3, you are guaranteed to receive drawings when completing the form.

See the guidelines in subsection two below for further details.

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