Division 2 High-End Gear Talent – Title Update 8

https://cloudrunnerstudios.com/wp-content/uploads/word-image-30.pngBelow is a complete list of all talent contests that can be held on expensive backpacks and suitcases. You can also see them in the recalibration library.

Department 2 High-End Backpack Talents

Combination Weapons – When firing at an opponent, the skill’s total damage is increased by 25% in 3 seconds.

Power Up – The use of an armor kit gives a +1 capacity level for 15 seconds. If you’re already at qualification level 6, you’re setting too high a price. Charge 60 seconds.

Technical Assistance – Skills increase overall skill injury by 25% in 20 seconds.

Calculates – Murder cases reduce refrigerators by 10 percent.

Shock and Thrill – Applying the Status effect on the enemy increases the total damage caused by skills and repairs by 20% in 20 seconds.

Warranty – with full shielding, increases total repairability by 100%.

Overlock – Allies within 7m of your deployed skills receive a 25% charge rate and reduce their active coolers by 0.2 seconds per second.

Bloodsucker – Killing the enemy adds a +10% bonus armor stack and increases it by 10 sec. The maximum battery of 10.

Leadership – When you give cover along the way, you and all your allies receive 12% of your armor as bonus equipment for ten years. It doubles if you’re within 10 yards of the enemy—ten seconds to restart.

Protector – if your shield is damaged, you get +5% bonus armor, and all other allies get 15% of your 3s bonus armor. Three seconds reload.

Vigilance – Increases total weapon damage by 25%. In case of damage, this buffer is deactivated for 4 seconds.

Universal – Increases the total damage caused by weapons when replacing primary and secondary weapons by 10 seconds for different 5s for each weapon type.

  • 35% of the enemies within a radius of 15 m for shotguns and SMGs.
  • 25% for enemies over 25m for Marxman rifles and carbines
  • 10% on opponents at a distance of 15-25 m for LMGs and assault rifles.

– Enemies you hit with Shotguns and Marker Guns increase their damage to all sources by 10% in 5 seconds. Requires a sniper rifle or a painted shotgun.

Continuous Force -Killing an enemy increases total weapon damage by 5% in 15 seconds. They folded up to five times.

Pets – As long as you are within 5m of an ally or skill, your total weapon damage will be increased by 15%.

Composition – In the bunker, the total weapon damage increases by 15%.

Concentration – Headshots increase total weapon damage by 10% for the 1.5s, 5s with shotguns. Headshots increase the real damage to the weapon by 15% in 10 seconds.

Crawling Death – When you apply the status effect, it also applies to all enemies within 5m of your target. 20 seconds of hypothermia.

Evil Using status effects increases total weapon damage by 18% in 20 seconds.

Galvanizing – By applying blind, bait, confusing, or propelling armor to an enemy, you give allies within 20 yards of that enemy 40% of your armor as extra armor for 10 seconds.

Clutch – If you have less than 15% armor, 2.5% critical hits will not repair the armor. By killing, you can repair up to 100% of your armor in 4 to 10 seconds, depending on your essential offensive attributes.

Division 2 High-quality breast talent

Command Marker – Marks the last enemy you damaged with a skill. When inflicting Weapons Damage to the enemy, he gets a marker that reduces the active refrigerators by 4s.

Kinetic Momentum – In battle, each skill creates a battery when it is active or not when it is being charged. Storms increase total damage by 1% and total skill repair by 2%. Up to 15 batteries per skill. I was lost in the cold.

Skills – Dead skills have a 25% chance of resetting blank skills

Observer – Increases the total damage to weapons and skills by pulsating enemies by 15%.

Blast Drop – Every time you drop a skill, it creates an explosion 1.5 seconds after landing, dealing with damage to enemies within 5 meters. Damage scale with a skill level that causes 25-100% damage when a grenade strikes. Maximum once per skill.

Empathic Solution Allied Restoration increases total weapon and skill damage by 3-15% in 10 seconds. 1-7% when he is himself. Efficiency increases at your skill level.

Spectators – after 10 seconds of concealment. Increases the total weapon and skill damage by 12 seconds during hiding or going from hiding to hiding.

Fear – Increases total weapon damage by 35% for enemies up to 10 meters with bonus armor.

Running – If your reservation is sold out, repair 95% of your reservation.
Vanguard – When you deploy the shield, it is invulnerable for 5 seconds and gives all other allies 45% of your armor as a bonus for 20 seconds. Hypothermia 60 seconds.

Protected Reload – Gives a 20% bonus armor when reloaded Gives 0-18% of your armor available to all other allies as bonus armor when filled, depending on your main defense attribute. Hypothermia 25 seconds.

Glass gun – All damages are increased by 25%. The total damage will be increased by 50%.

Sniper – Replacing a weapon increases total damage to the gun by 20% in 5 seconds. This buffer is lost for five seconds if you change weapons while it’s active.

Centre of gravity – Increases total weapon damage by 5% per second when struck eight or more times, up to 50%. Requires a view at 8x magnification and higher.

Strut – Hiding has increased the controllability of the weapon by +45%.

Deals with damage to an opponent with skill increase total weapon damage by 15% in 15 seconds.

Obligation – Critical hits increase the total damage to the weapon by 1% for 5. They folded up to 15 times.

Injury – Applies blindly to a blow to the head of an opponent—hypothermia 30 seconds. There’s bleeding on the enemy’s chest—hypothermia 30 seconds.

Bombers – Bomb radius is increased by 50%. The grenades that kill the enemy come back. Grenades can now be fired by holding down the fire button, causing them to explode earlier. Get a 15% armor bonus when aiming grenades.

Redistribution – Kill the Enemy adds one particular random round of ammunition to the opposing army.

Burglary resistance – Enemies approaching your hive, tower, or wrist up to 3 meters away are stunned. Hand time: Five seconds. Hypothermia of 20 seconds

Practical – There is a 50% chance that the shielding sealant will not be consumed when a shielding sealant is used. Premiums for specialized tank equipment have been increased by 100%—restart – 10 seconds per skill.

Antenna – If you are under 30% armor, cover the headshots to repair 20% armor—hypothermia for three seconds.

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