Deep Dive-The Nothic

So the last deep dive on the spectator almost broke us. It was a huge task, and frankly, we didn’t understand what we were getting into. We would therefore like to thank everyone who voted for our Patreon and who decided to make our choice for Deep Dive, The Nothic, easier. These cheerful and undervalued creatures are only available from 3.5, but they’re worth a look… even if they’re a little awful for the interaction.

3rd/3.5e – Not significant

Mean deviation
Cube hit: 5d8+20 (42)
Initiative: +5
Speed: 30 feet
Shielding class: 15 (+1 dex, +4 of course), sensory 11, flat foot 14
Basic attack/detection: +3/+7
Attack: Claw +7 Scrum (1d4+4)
Full attack: 2 Claws +7 Scrum (1d4+4)
Room/train: 5 Feet / 5 Feet
Special attacks: Carnivorous appearance
Details: Darkvision 120 ft, see invisibility
Saving: Strong +5, Ref +2, Will +7
Skills: 18, Dex 12, Con 19, Int 9, Delete 13, Cha 8
Skills: Spot +13
Power: Advanced Initiative, Iron Will
Environment: Cellar
Organisation: Single
Call evaluation: 3
Treasury: Standard
Guidance: Mould (if any)
Transportation: 6-8 HD (medium; 9-15 HD (large))
Level control: +3

So we start with very little information about Nothic, which is presented in the miniature manual(2003). This hardcover is a reference book that we haven’t explored yet, and it contains creatures like The Appearance, The Mad Massacre and The Walking Wall. Haven’t you ever heard of strange monsters hiding in the shadows? This is due to the fact that of the twenty or so monsters that appear in this book, only Notch and Crutik survived to become the 5th monster. Don’t wear a hunchback, a one-eyed caveman.

Our nigger friend, described as pompous and deformed, has some really strange characteristics. A large eye occupies most of the face and the mouth is filled with sharp shaving teeth. They are bent forward as if they cannot stretch their backs when standing, and their arms and legs are thin but hairy, giving them an amazing strength that you can’t even think about. Hands extend along the body and pull on the ground. Don’t sleep on these ridiculously long appendages, because they end in weak but very fast claws. Our poor nothing works, but moves by a sad little leap.

As mentioned above, claws, which are their only method of melee combat, do not do much damage, while the Giant Eye is probably the reason why these creatures have been pushed into dark caves and underground areas where everything else has to live. The eye has two capacities, the first of which is the dense rotten eye. That’s because an attack with such a cool name is disappointing in the sense that it only does 1d6 of the necrotic damage and has a limited range of 30 feet. It feels like you have such a name, it would be a bit like the constitution, except that the failure results in a disease that eventually causes the skin to fall off with every injury. Unfortunately, we can only dream of such terrifying abilities and save them for a rainy day. Another ability that brings the giant eyeball to the table is the ability to see all invisible and ethereal beings. Not bad, but I’m not sure a character feels the need to be invisible to sneak behind these sad little monsters. At the same time, with their 42 hit points, they are quite cumbersome because they are not suitable for a group of four adventurers out of 3. should be a worthy challenge, while the other monsters usually only have 20-30 hit points.

4th – Nothing

Nothing clucking Humanoid aberrant medium / XP 1200 Initiative +11 / Feelings Feeling +9; Dark vision, plausibility 10 HP 116 ; Blood 58 AC 27 ; Resistance 28, Reflex29, Willpower 25 Speed 6 Claw (standard ; becomes) 1st9 +21 against. AC; 1d6 +5 Damage
Mouth Mind (standard; optional)✦ Proverbs, Psychic
Range 10; +20 against your will; 2d6 +3 Psychic Damage, and nothing moves the target 6 hexes. The target then makes a big melee attack on the critter, and point nothing at the critter.
Rotten Gauze (standard; optional) ✦ Necrotic
Range 10; directed at one, two or three enemies; +18 against coercive force; 2d6+5 Necrotic damage, and the target is given a -2 penalty for total defense (excluding extremities).
Crazy Gogol (standard; reloaded) ✦ Fear, mental
Close Splash 2; target enemies; +18 vas. Will; 2d8+6 mental wounds, and nothing pushes the target into 2 squares. At the beginning of the next turn, the potter moves the target 2 squares.
Distorted Makeup
If a small runner moves at least 4 squares during his turn, he receives a +2 bonus to AC and a reflex bonus until the end of his next turn.
Alignment Alignment / Languages Profound speaking
Skills Stealth +16
Str 19(+11) | Dex 19(+11) | Delete 14(+9) | Con 20 (+12) | Int 9 (+6) | Cha 10 (+7)

Luckily for Nothic, he’s widening the 4. Release with the release ofMonster Manual 2 (2009), these guys are just making progress. Not just any book, but the official guide to the animals! There are three kinds of Nothic, and even a humble Cackler is a much scarier creature than all three. The other two, the Innocent Thinker and the Innocent Eye of the Middle Ages, are not the beings that one would want to meet alone, and not just because every creature that bears the name of the Middle Ages cannot be good there.

Nothing is peculiar about the planes from which they were organized, it is not known, but many believe that they arrived here after travelling over the parts of the Far Kingdom and hovering aimlessly until they found their way to the planes and the material world. A vague but interesting background that we would like to expand, but unfortunately this is the only information we get about the origin of these twisted creatures.

Physically there is nothing left of a wretched creature with long hanging arms and a huge ball of eye that occupies most of the head. They’re not jumping now, they’re running with a strange uneven walk. We don’t know if it’s better or worse, but it certainly contributes to the general fear of the creature. Mentally, nothing has a free grip on reality and borders on madness, because swimming in agricultural areas would probably drive everyone crazy, but it is assumed that Negroes were crazy even before that moment.

Although these are not the qualities that most people want to see in their pets, it is well known that people with great strength have nothing around them, and certainly not for their own entertainment. The fact that nothing is betrayed by guilt is even more attractive to their owners. When their master is attacked, they begin to attack the enemy with an anger only related to his madness. One of the most important aspects of madness is that you never know what you’re going to do, and that’s twice as much. Whether you’re laughing in space as a manicurist or running into a brick wall at full speed, Nothic’s unpredictable actions turn into a spinning form of entertainment. It’s a strange choice for a court jester, but the cruel and bad people find it funny.

As for the fight against the Gothic, the 4th, the scenario is much more interesting. New skills and stronger attacks make it a creature that can no longer be ignored as a small obstacle. Although their physical attacks cannot be stronger than those of their 3rd generation colleagues, they are still capable of attacking the enemy. They acquire new skills that make their subordination much more difficult. Cackler Nothic has four new skills, three of which come from his enormous middle eye. Lazy and crazy giggles are attacks that can repel enemies, or a charm effect that causes the target to attack a creature of the Negro’s choice. The rotten gauze gives us the boost we wanted for the meat that rots and causes necrotic damage in the third place in Gaza while the target is weakened, so they have to pay a fine for their entire defense. The last capacity is the deformed face, a small capacity that increases the alternating current.

Nothic Mindblight is considered the laziest of the Nothics, but that doesn’t make it twisted at all. Instead, it uses its eye to hunt distant prey and only approaches if the target is weak enough to eat it without fighting too much. He gets three of his own special skills: The eye of madness, the eye of necrosis and hypnotic makeup. Psychic damage is still the name of the game for Nothic, but his abilities now include charm and fear effects. Each of these possibilities is stronger than its counterpart, the poop manufacturer. If you add a higher AC and more impact points, don’t underestimate this despair and laziness.

By the name of Eye of Vekna, you know this creature won’t be a quitter. Although these creatures still pride themselves on being wildly loyal buffoons, they do so for those who worship the centuries. They are linked to time because a crippled god has endowed them with skills superior to Harry’s and reason. Vekna, in turn, can see through the eyes of each of these notes what makes her invaluable to the God of secrets. The possibilities of his eyes are limited to one thing – lazy eyes, which, if nothing comes into the creature with him, nothing becomes invisible to the target. It refers directly to the invisible ability to make a profit. When The Void is invisible to a being and it touches, it allows the ally to touch the same being that feels a little mean. Despite the new powers granted to them over the centuries, they are still the same fools as the other notes, and they often speak with the other notes and with people in inconsistent languages.

5th – Zero

Medium aberration, poor neutral
Armour class 15
Impact points 45 (6d8+18)
Velocity 30 ft.
Str 14 (+2) | Dex 16 (+3) | Con 16 (+3) | Int 13 (+1) | Delete 10 (+0) | Cha 8 (-1)
Skills Arcana +3, Insight +4, Observation +2, Camouflage +5
Feelings Truth 120 ft, Passive perception 12
Languages Unusual
Call to 2 (450 XP)
Clear image. Nothing benefits from wisdom (perception) tests based on sight.
Multiple attack. Nothing makes two claw attacks.
claw. Attack with the close combat weapon: +4 to hit, 1.5 m, one target. Impact: 6 (1d6+3) reductions.
Rotten gases. Nothing is aimed at a living creature he can see within 30 feet. The target must store one roll of protection under the DC12 structure against this magic or suffer 10 (3d6) necrotic damage.
Strange notion. Lowlife target is a tattoo of a being that he can see within 30 meters of him, the target must combine his charisma (illusion) test Lowlife (wisdom). If nothing wins, he will magically find out the fact or the secret of the goal. The target automatically wins if he’s immune to the spell.

Nothing belongs to the highest class, and someone has to love it, as it says in Beestjeshandboek(2014). Because of their achievements in the past it seems strange for them to come here, but nothing shows a little more love based on their legends and reputation. Unfortunately they have again become a pathetic creature that hides in the shadows and would rather watch than fight. They still have a big eye and sharp claws, but their capacities are pale compared to the 4th generation.

The description states that nothing is an old wizard whose attempts to become The Litch have failed. There is nothing like spending your entire life searching for knowledge to achieve immortality, only to transform yourself into a terribly deformed being. It is said that the transformation is the result of a curse uttered by none other than Vecna. We believe that the God of mysteries did not want anyone else to become a god and that he took the right measures to ensure that this did not happen. Nothing remembers what they were like before their transformation, even though they are still attracted to magic for reasons they cannot understand. Many adventurers have found nothing in a magical library or a forgotten dungeon, while others are known for breaking into magical schools within the city walls and searching for secrets and answers to questions they don’t know how to ask.

Although they are cursed to always look for magic and answers, nothing is endowed with the unique ability to look into the human mind and gain knowledge, many of us would rather not know. They extract this information with their eyes, and a strange magic allows them to see the truth or the secrets that another creature keeps. We don’t know what Nothing will do with this secret, but a lot of Nothing will exchange the secrets they have learned about magical objects or other secrets.

Nothing shows a bit of love in this issue, because it is included in the start series of the adventuresThe Lost Phandelver Mine (2014)and later they appear inFrom the Abyss (2015)andTomb of Destruction (2017)Adventures. Although they only play a minor role in these adventures, at least they still exist, unlike many other creatures in.

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