Deep Dive-The Kuo-Toa

Ah, Kuo-Toah. Monstrous humanoid fish that live underwater and worship the mad god… Blibbulb poolpu. And no, I didn’t invent this, although in some editions they change their cult from a crab-head goddess to Dagon, a cthulhu-like monster that will bring about the end of the world.

These strange creatures are known to be a bit crazy and worship new gods, although they weren’t always like that. Originally, it was only ordinary people who sacrificed fish… like everything else in the oceans, if you look at the Sauagins! They were driven out of their oceans at the time and now live in deep, dark caves under the earth, where huge cities are being built, such as Slupdilmonopolp, which is run by the priest-king Dagagagaorg.

You really have this way with names…

AD&D – Kuo Toa

Frequency: Very rare Appearance no. 2-24 (40-400)
Reservation class: 4
Proposal: 9//18
Success dice: 2 or more
% in the cave: See
Type of treasure:. Persons L, M, N; in the cave, Z
Attack number: 1 or 2
Damage/offensive: By weapon type and/or 2-5
Special attacks: See
Special protective equipment as follows: See
Magical resistance:. See
Courier service: Height and upward orientation
: Poorly neutral (with chaotic tendencies)
Size: M (upper levels L)
Psionic power: Zero
Level/X.P value: II and up/down

Folio du fiend, 1981 TSR Inc.

The Kuo Taua was first introduced in module D2 of the Kuo Taua Temple (1978) , written by Gary Gigax, before being introduced in folio Fiend Folio (1981). They were presented as merchants with Drow, but they did not really care for dark elves and often had skirmishes. If players respect the Kuo Tau people and do good to these naturally evil creatures, they can help them … …or the fishermen will attack. But how deadly can people be? (Remarkable – this module also introduced the still existing subraces of the Deep Dwarfs).

If you look at their statistics, there’s nothing concrete, and there’s a reason for that. These Quo Towns are everywhere when it comes to what they can do. There are Assassins, Clerics, Hunters, Assassins/Fighters, Clerics/Assassins and a Special Class Instructor who uses his whole body to fight. Monitors are special celibate monks selected at birth with special characteristics: They have a double move, armor class 1 and have 4 attacks in one turn.

Folio du fiend, 1981 TSR Inc.

Speaking of the special Kuo Toan, let’s take a look at their preachers and what distinguishes the male fish from the male fish. A Quoo-Toan priest has a 50% chance of wearing special pliers to catch prey. This stick has two claws that hold firmly together to grab their prey and prevent them from moving or toppling over their weapons. If you knock, you have a 10% chance to grab both hands in the claws, 40% chance that only one hand is stuck, of that stuck hand there is 75% chance that it is your left hand and 25% chance that it is your right hand, and if you’re stuck… You can’t move them, so you lose your shield or weapon bonuses depending on how you hold the weapon. Then his buddies come and start hitting you while you’re standing in their place, helpless and defenseless.

They have spells too! And if you thought there was nothing more these priests could do for them, you will be shocked to learn that they can produce lightning when two or more priests work together. There is a cumulative 10% chance per priest per shot that the priests will shoot the lightning in a 2′ wide orbit, and there is no maximum length I could find. That means they’ll attack you from the other side of the room, safely behind their meat shields.

But let’s distance ourselves from their expertise and talk about the history of Quo-Toa.

D2 Quo Toa Temple, 1978 TSR Inc.

The ancient Quo Tau people once inhabited the coasts and islands, but because of their tendency to human sacrifice they were slowly pushed into distant sea caves and groundwater, while what remained on the surface was driven to extinction by mankind and its powerful allies. Those who hid in the caves grew and changed to better adapt to their environment and began to thrive… before being destroyed by the creatures that live in deep water. The Kuo Tau then went underground, where they further adapted to the new environment. At that moment mankind had almost forgotten the Kuo Toa, but the Kuo Toans had never forgotten or forgiven it.

D2 Quo Toa Temple, 1978 TSR Inc.

Because they’ve lived underground for so long, they’ve developed amazing abilities that make it almost impossible to sneak up on these guys, even if you’re invisible, in the astral or on the planet Ether. Your eyes have independent monocular vision, a very wide field of vision (180°) and you can see all movements. The only way not to be discovered is to stay put. Moreover, they can see in the infrared and ultraviolet spectrum and can feel all vibrations within a radius of 10 centimeters. Furthermore it is explained that Kuo-Toa can only be surprised with 1 when DM rolls through d6 to see if they are surprised… and Kuo-Toa’s observers receive d10 to see if they are surprised or not. Moreover, all the magic of illusion is useless against them. Fortunately, bright light is a curse and they are punished if they are in it.

Kuo-Toa were no jokes in AD&D, which can be seen, especially since the module in which they were introduced was designed for symbols between levels 9 and 14. Let’s go to the second one and see how they did it!

2nd – Kuo-Toa

Climate/Train: 1. Groundwater
Frequency: Very rare
Organisation: Stem
Duty cycle: Night
Regime: Carnivores
Intellectual: High and strong (13+)
Treasury: L, M, N; Z in blog
Alignment: Poorly neutral (with chaotic tendencies)
Number: 2-24
Shield class: 4
Motion: 9, Sw 18
Success dice: 2 or more
THAC0: 19
Number of attacks: 1 or 2
Hurrice/attack: 2-5 and/or weapon type
Special attack: See
Special protective equipmentbelow: See
Magic resistance: See
Size: M (upper levels L)
Moral: Elite (13)
Value XP
Normal: 175 / Captain: 3000 / Lieutenant: 1,400 / Whisk: 420 / Monitor: 975

Kuo-Toa was published in the second part of sample book (1989) and then reprinted in the guide of sample book (1993), which gives it a rather important place in the second part as other famous monsters such as Aboleth, Mimic and Tarrasque were published in the same part of 2 books. The information on Kuo-Toa is usually copied from line 1 and deleted according to line 2, but there is some additional information.

A Monstrous Direction, 1993 TSR Inc.

Before we talk about these changes, let’s see what these fish people look like. They are described as predominantly male, although brown, with a fish head. Their arms and legs are stretched out in a cobweb to help them swim, and their eyes are usually turned in different directions. Normally they are light grey, but in males they are light yellow or brown. They do not wear clothing, except leather straps to carry objects.

A little more information in 2nd is that they have three ways to compete with the Drow and Mindflayers throughout their lives, although many scientists suspect that the reason that none of these races have tried to conquer the surface of the world is due to their wars. They’ll have to deal with Drow from time to time, even if they hate him… … …even if the Mind Flayers never get a chance and are attacked immediately. Moreover, the difference between 2nd and 1st is small, and they all keep the same possibilities as the claws, the lightning of the two priests and the evil harpoon used by the strongest Kuo-Toa to stun and catch prey.

Another weapon they used, which was also present in the 1st, was the sticky tar they put on their shields. If the creature tackles Quao-Toan from the front, there is a 25% chance that his weapons are attached to a specially treated leather shield. Once your weapon is jammed, you have the same chance to remove it as if you were opening a sealed door, which simply means that you barbarian can remove it. A character with 15 or less strong units can only remove weapons on reels of 1-2 d6, after which he can’t try. Even a character with 18 powers can only remove weapons 1-5 of d6, so there’s always the possibility that your favorite sword will just be hung with the shield until you get universal solvent *.

* I don’t know if Universal Solvent works with it, but I think it does. I don’t know if this is the only way to remove them either, but if you’re particularly angry, maybe so!

3rd/3.5e – Kuo-Toa

Medium Humanoid Sample (water)
Shock Die: 2d8+2 (11 HP)
Initiative: +0
Velocity: 20 ft. (4 square), floating at 50 feet.
Shielding class: 16 (+6 natural) or 18 (+6 natural, +2 heavy wood shield), contact 10, flat base 16 or 18
Basic attack / grapple: +2/+3
Attack: Shortspeare +3 scrum (1d6+1) or bite +3 scrum (1d4+1)
Full attack:. Shortspeare +3 scrum (1d6+1) and dick -2 scrum (1d4)
Room/Survival: 5 ft/5 ft
Special attacks: Zipper, tongs personnel
Special grade: Adhesive, amphibious, immune to toxins and paralysis, acute vision, mild blindness, 10, smooth
Savings: Strong +3, Ref +3, Will +5
Skills: Str. 13, Dex 10, Con 13, Int 13, Delete 14, Cha 8
Skills: Craft or knowledge (one) +4, artistic escape +8, listening +7, silent movement +3, searching +8, blurring +11, swimming +9
Functions: Alertness, high altitude
Environment: Moderate water
Patrol (2-4 plus 1 whip level 3)
Troop (6-11 plus 1 or 2 whips level 3, 1 or 2 monitors level 4 and 1 hunter level 8)
Troop (20-50 plus 100% non-combatants plus 2 whips level 3, 2 level 8 fighters and 1 level 10 fighter)
strain (40-400 plus 1 level 3 whip for 20 adults, 1 level 4 instructor, 4 level 8 fighters, 1 level 10 whip and 2 level 10 fighters)
challenge ranking : 2
Treasury: Standard
Guidance: Not often neutral
Transportation: Character class
Level: +3

Sample manual, 2000 WotC

Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! Kuo Tau appears in the first Sample Guide (2000 / 2003) for 3rd/3.5th. The Kuo-Towas remained largely the same, with religious, fighter planes, vagrants and, to a lesser extent, monks in the centre. The main difference is that now you look like a deflated frog, not a chubby fisherman… …which doesn’t look very good.

Another difference is that now many fighters and all high level whips (clerics) carry large and annoying claws of the stick, and this can affect both small and large creatures. It is very different from creatures the size of an elf tuberla and has 1d10 bat damage. You can then try to grasp the handle and if the work is successful, personnel will cause 1d10 damage by blocking the handle while it is being kept in working condition. It’s a little better than losing all your attacking skills, but the battle has its own problems that will affect your character’s actions.

Because it is not enough to use one’s own body oils (and other undefined materials) to make glue, these same body oils now make it almost impossible for Kuo-Toa to make glue. This smooth power prevents Kuo-Tua from being caught by ordinary or magic nets, with little or no effect on these types of catches. Take Sauagin and your stupid nets!

At the moment, the information provided for Kuo-Toa is not an exact copy and a 2nd insertion, but most of the information remains the same. There is no mention of their eternal hatred of mankind, but there is much information that characterizes them as an ancient race with evil tendencies. They always smell like rotten fish, their shelters have swimming pools to relax in… …which are also used for breeding.

As usual, they hate drowsiness above all else, but there is no reason. The crowd is always a trading partner, but there are often small skirmishes on both sides and prisoners are taken.

And finally we get some more information about Bliebdulpool. The old editions just say they worship the Mother of the Sea, but never go into detail. In the 9th grade we only learn a little more that all Kuo-Toa’s will worship the mother of the sea using whips and that all colonies will have temples for her. The largest temples in Blibdulpupp are meeting places for the different Kuo Tau communities, and they don’t fight in these places because the Kuo Tau hate other Kuo Tau communities.

4th – Kuo-Toa

Marauder Quao Toa – Level 12 SkirmisherNatural Humanoid Medium (water), XP 700 Initiative +11 / Emotions +11; Dark Vision HP 119; Blood 59 AC 25; Capacity 22, Reflex 23, Will 21 (25 with blood) Speed 6, Swim 6> Lying position (Standard; at will) – Weapon +17 against. AC (+19 during bloodshed); + 4 damages and 5 damages in progress (endless).
Adhesive label: (Immediate reaction in the absence of melee attack; attack on) The Quao Toa marauder attacks the attacker: +15 against the reflex; the weapon holding the target falls into target space
Quick hit: (Minor, only used in a bloody state; before that) The Kuo Toa marauder moves a square.
Tablecloth treatment: (Train; to be) Kuo Toa next to the enemy moves to another square next to that enemy.
Alignment Mal / Languages Depth of Speech
Str 15 (+8) | Dex 16 (+9) | Channel 11 (+6) | Con 15 (+8) | Int 11 (+6) | Cha 13 (+7)
Equipment Leather Armor, slime shield, spear

Even in the first sample manual… …and they look even scarier! Plus those weird swamp frogs, they look like they were built for war. But under the bite, it’s pretty funny. And also… Their eyes don’t see invisible creatures anymore, they only have black eyes! Now it’ll be easy to sneak in between these guys.

The Sample Manual, WotC 2008

There are not many legends that need to be developed in the 4th grade, but we get new things to add fish to our favorite people. Instead of worshipping the mother of the sea, they now worship dark and even gods. They are working on sinister plans to destroy all other humanoids, because they are clearly the ultimate humanoid. We enjoy working with wounds, in communities in the depths of darkness and in places where slaves are found.

Then there’s the madness that’s ruining the whole race. This madness spreads like a disease and causes the collapse of the Kuo Toa communities. This madness should be observed by observers and whips who have such strong mental discipline that they normally do not feel the effects. I can’t imagine what it’s like to travel in the dark and trip over the madness of the Kuo-Toa community, but I’m sure I don’t want to be there.

The Kuo-Toa statistics are very different from those of the previous release and are closer to the state of affairs at the beginning of D&D, where they were configured for 10+ meetings. We’ve got one:

Kuo-Toi Guards (Level 16 Minions) / As long as they are in the presence of their leader, they are characterized by fanatic cruelty. Once their leader is killed, they run away in fear.
Kuo-Toa Marauder (Skirmish Level 12) / They are usually plagued by madness and are always looking for more slaves. They move very well around their opponents and wear sticky shields to bring down the opponent’s weapon and not to plant it.
Kuo Toa Harpooner (Level 14 Soldiers) / They have harpoons they use to get into the mines with gooey strings. If the animal comes close, it will be pierced in every bend, causing damage to the car.
Kuo-Toa Monitor (Level 16 Skirmisher) / These monks like Kuo-Toa use their whole body to treat damage and have a special attack, Fist of Lightning to treat damage from an explosion against a target.
Kuo-Toa Whip (Level 16 Controller) / Highest Kuo-Toa Level, they can cause a mucus vortex that prevents the creatures from moving, then they roll Lightning Strike on the creature and they can use their Tick Wands to bring them closer to the other Kuo-Toa. It is interesting to note that they don’t need another Kuo-Toa whip to produce flash .

5th – Kuo-Toa

Kuo-Toa / Medium Humanoid (Kuo-Toa), poorly neutral
Armour Class 13 (natural armour, shield) / Damage points 18 (4d8)
Speed 30 ft, Fleet 30 feet
STR 13 (+1) | DEX 10 (+0) | CON 11 (+0) | INT 11 (+0) | WIS 10 (+0) | CHA 8 (-1)
Skills Observation +4
Feelings Dark Vision 120 feet. Passive perception 14 / Languages Total
Call 1/4 (50 XP)
Amphibians. Kuo-toa can breathe air and water.
External perception. Kuo-toa can feel the presence of any living creature within a radius of 30 feet around him that is invisible or in the ethereal plane. It may indicate a moving creature.
Slippery. Kuotaa has the advantage of testing skills and storing moulds made to prevent gripping.
Sensitivity to sunlight. In the sunlight Kuo Ta’a has no attack and no test of wisdom (observation) based on sight.
Bite. Attack with the close combat weapon: +3 to hit, 1.5 m, one target. Impact: 3 (1d4 + 1) stab wounds.
Lance. Near or remote attack: +3 t0 hits, up to 5 feet or 20f60 feet, one target. Attack: 4 (1d6 + 1) damage points or 5 ( + 1) damage points when used with both hands to attack in melee.
Clear. Long range weapons attack: +3 hits, range of Sf15 feet. Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Target acquired. A creature can use its action to test the power of the DC 10 to free itself or another creature from the network and thus end its influence on success. If the grid (AC 10) is cut 5 times, the target is released without damaging it and destroys the grid.
Sticky shield. When a creature misses a Quaotaa attack with a melee weapon, the Quaotaa uses its sticky shield to capture the weapon. The attacker must succeed in launching the DC 11, otherwise the weapon will stick to the shield of the Kuotaa. If the owner of the weapon is unable or unwilling to release it, he or she is caught with a jammed weapon. As long as it’s stuck, the gun can’t be fired. A creature can draw a weapon by performing an action to test the power of the DC 11 and succeed.

The Sample Manual, WotC 2014

Fifth came back with some interesting revelations about the history of Quo-Toa… …and perhaps the friendliest fish I’ve ever seen. You seem so excited to be Quo-Toi… which is too bad, because they’re incredibly crazy. Their madness is so great that they can give birth to gods, and that’s madness!

But let’s take a step back and talk about their history, they are immediately labeled as degenerates, and from the first sentence it only gets worse. Men and their silt drove them to the ground, where they were subdued by the spirit. Unfortunately Quo Tau is too easy for people, and their minds are broken by the psychic powers of reason. When the wise paymaster left Kuo Toa, Drow found Kuo Toa and started killing her immediately.

Clearly the Quao-Tow can’t take a break, because since Drow met them, they are Drow’s mortal enemies and attack each other in front of their eyes. All this is not bad for our beloved fishermen, because through their broken conscience they have developed a religious zeal and created gods to protect them. You’d think the gods they invented wouldn’t do much good, but the energy of their collective subconscious can manifest them… which sounds like a great epic quest if I’ve ever heard of it!

They especially worship the mother of the sea, Blibdoolpoolp, which is described as a female human body with a crab’s head and claws and a shell hinged on the shoulders. It’s not a pretty sight, but it’s better than the deities they’re going to worship as gods. If you look funny enough, maybe they’ll worship you like a god! (Chris’ note is the Sea Mother of Bilbao…) Whatever happened, it was the driving force behind this low-level flight. Stephen thought the name was so funny he remembered it. It almost drove me crazy.)

Because of their strong devotion to every fictional god they show, the most ardent believers can believe in the magical powers of themselves and their followers. Although one of the greatest capacities they derive from lightning has almost disappeared from their statistical block. Now, the archpriest is just a little damaging to his scepter with the lightning, but I can’t imagine that they use it so often when they have to throw so many other spells and so many other quo-toas at the upcoming party.

Let’s go to the Kuo Toa monitor. In the fifth grade we don’t get real statistics, but rather a variant of the Kuo Toa whip, whose whips are subordinate to the archbishops. They lose spells, get a small bonus for their air conditioning and can make three attacks per turn: 1 Bite and 2 Unarmed shots. The most interesting thing about the monitors is that they emit lightning with Unarmed Lightning.

The Sample Manual, WotC 2014

The HQ Tweezers is now assigned to all Quo-Toans and has the ability to catch creatures, although it is fairly easy to get away with and works for medium and smaller sized creatures. The Sticky Shield regains its full power and allows the weapon to stick to itself, unlike the 4th where the weapon just falls to the ground. What’s more, his crazy vision of invisible and ethereal beings has returned! It’s a little cool and it makes it really hard to surprise you. It’s a good change from the 4th, although I can’t help that they are a little weak compared to their former glory.

Looking back on the history of Quo Toa, it was quite difficult for her. All storytellers may agree that people and their needles drove them from the world above ground, but the storytellers disagree about what will happen next. Some say that Kuo-Toa has been conquered by the Reasoners, who made her crazy, while others say that Kuo-Toa has been crazy underground for so long. In any case, such agreements can be pointless, and any agreement reached with them should not last long. As we approach the end, we leave you with these thoughts of Quao Taw. One: Isn’t it right to force the proud and evil race to go from the idea of the death of all humanoids to total bat madness? Secondly, who thought it was a good idea to give aquatic mankind a chance to use lightning? Sure, it’s better than a fireball, but now that they’re crazy, I wouldn’t flood that power. And finally: Do they look like lobster claws to others (top right)?

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