Deep Dive-The Hulk of the Umber

Umber Hulk. That creature is so stupid and ugly, it makes Korsna beautiful. I know we laugh a lot about art in old books, but the first pictures are more than just words. Even if someone has to love him while he’s holding up his ugly face, it doesn’t matter what song you’re looking at.

The Umber Hulk was not only the mainstay of all the textbooks of the Beast, but also flourished. Each song seems to have its own vision of Umber Hulk, giving her new skills and knowledge. …although it still feels like a failed scientific experiment between an ant and a monkey.

D&D Original – Umber Hulk

Amber shell
Number of appearance: 1-4
Reservation class: 2
Motion in inches: 6
Dice: 8
Number of attacks: 2 claws/1 bite
Damage/point of attack: 2-12/ claw, 2-8/bite
in cave: 50%
Type or amount of treasure: E

Humber Hulk was introduced to the world of D&D in appendix Greyhawk (1975). It is amazing that Umber Hulk is one of the original D&D samples and still exists, although many samples from that application are still considered Beholders, Carrion Crawlers and even Dragons.

OD&D does not have an image for most monsters, and the addition is not very useful in their description of our terrifying beast… an insect? A monster?

They are described as humanoid, and when they are dark, they can be mistaken for something less deadly. We have no idea what can be confused with a basket-shaped head 8 feet high and 5 feet wide, a gaping grandmother with huge lower jaw and iron claws, but we certainly wouldn’t want to know.

An interesting ability of our sympathetic and not at all deadly Hulks Umber is that if you look directly into their four eyes, they cause confusion … Oh, and we almost forgot to mention one small detail: They appreciate human flesh.

Basic D&D – Hulker

Tank lesson: 2
Dice: 10
Proposal: 60′ (20′)
Attack: 2 claws/1 bite
Damage: 2-12/2-12/2-16 No later than 1-4 (0)
Except as: The fighter: 10
Moral: 10
Type of treasure: G
Reconnaissance: 6
Alignment: Chaotic
XP Value: 1000

Production schedule, 1986 TSR Inc.

When rule Dungeons and Dragons was revised in 1977 for a simpler set of rules called Dungeons and Dragons, basic rule setwas also revised for these sets of rules. Unfortunately it has lost its unique character a bit and it took almost 10 years for him to realize it!

In 1986 the catalogue of creatures was finally published, and our best friend Umber Hulk was no longer Umber Hulk. Instead, Umber Hulk was renamed Hulker and became a member of the Hook Horror family. He’s smarter, bigger and looks much better than Hook Horror, who looks like a turkey. If Hook Horror’s beak causes more damage than Hulker’s, Hulker has much better visibility and can see in the infrared range. Although it is interesting to note that there is no confusion if you look at more than 4 eyes.

1st – Amber shell

Frequency: Rare
No Appears: 1-4
Reservation class: 2
Proposal: 6 (1 -6)
Pass dice: 8+8
% in the Protocol: 30%
Type of treasure: G
Attack number: 3
Damage/attack: 3-12, 3-12, 2-10
Special attacks: Mixture
Special protective equipment: Zero
Magical resistance: Standard
Intellect: Average alignment
: Chaotic Evil
Size: L (8 ft high, 5 ft wide)
Psionic capacity: Zero
Offensive/defensive mode. Zero / Zero

Sample guide, 1977 TSR Inc.

In contrast to the basic edition, our Umber Hulk appeared in the Guide to the Beasts (1977) from the very beginning. The first picture of Umber Hulk was published in this issue, and it’s really terrible.

He has a strangely muscular body, which is completely black, except for his chest, which is yellowish grey, and his head is grey with ivory jaws. She has devilishly sharp claws and uses her lower jaw to bite and break her prey. Speaking of prey, she loves to feed on young purple worms, ahegas and similar monsters. But is it a favorite food? Human flesh.

To get back on your feet: Umber Hulk’s head is what puts the creature on his head. He has four eyes on his gray head, two on the front and one on either side of his head, and if you look at it rashly as before, you must save yourself from magic or be confused for 3 to 12 rounds. Confusion is a level 7 druid spell, so it has a powerful effect. You can do anything, from walking to attacking your friends.

The underground Umber Hulk digs its way through the ground with its powerful claws and can even dig into hard rock at a speed of one inch per turn. This ability enables them to appear out of nowhere and fall on the side of the unsuspected.

2nd – Amber shell

Climate/training: Metro
Frequency: Rare organization
: Single activity cycle
: Each
Diet: Carnivores
Reconnaissance: Medium (8-10)
Treasury: G
Alignment: Chaotic disorder
No Appears: 1-4
Reservation class: 2
Proposal: 6, Br 1-6
Cube button: 8+8
THAC0 : 11
Attack number: 9\3
Damage/attack: 3-12/3-12/1-10
Special attacks: See
Special protective equipment:below zero
Magical resistance: Zero
Size: L (8 feet high, 5 feet wide)
Moral: Elite (13)
XP value: 4,000

Monstrous Compendium, Volume I, 1989 TSR Inc.

Umber Hulk wasted no time in 2nd and was published in Monstrous Compendium Volume One (1989) free page, the same year was published 2nd. It was then reprinted in book The Monstrous Guide (1993) and 2e, which contains some new details.

Their description provides a detailed strategy on how Umber Hulk can surprise his prey. If he buries himself next to the dungeon’s main corridor or finds a dead end in the dungeon, he looks through the crack and jumps on his unsuspecting prey as it passes by. There’s nothing better than that awful insect-like creature that jumps up and terrifies you, than before you have time to react, grabs its claw and bites you.

The Umber Hulks still have that irritating ability to cause confusion when you look them straight in the eye. In addition to his ability to confuse, Umber Hulk can also see in infrared, so you can’t hide from this beast. But what happens if you defeat the Umber Hulk? Umber Hulks doesn’t want to fight to the death, but he buries himself in the ground or leads him to a cave. There is a 25% chance that if Umber Hulk tries to cause a landslide, you will end up in a landslide. Of course, it’s not that important to Umber Hulk, because he can bury his way… Unfortunately for you, people, elves, dwarves and many other humanoid races are not very good at burying.

Sample guide, 1993 TSR Inc.

We finally saw the Umber Hulk. They are lonely creatures, but they will mate and go their own way. The females have 1-3 young and when they are 2 years old the mother takes them with her to learn to hunt. It’s one of the few ways a party can meet more than one Umber Hulk. I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel like fighting with mother Umber Hulk and her 3 children, who all love the taste of human flesh.

The second one. The edition also presented numerous variants of the Umbra hull. Water is presented in the first part of the monstrous collection (1989). The makers thought Umber Hulk needed an underwater cousin, hence the name Watercraft. These creatures live in fresh water and lose the ability to confuse their prey because they only have two eyes instead of the usual four. However, they can provoke up to 20 electric eels a day, so at least they have something to hunt, they also hunt, shake the bottom of the boats and drown them, and then a party where hopefully people will swim to shore.

In December 1989 the Dragon No. 152 was published, together with an article entitled Ecology of the AmberShip Hull. This article shows that Umber Hulks breathe through the gills on the side of their almost non-existent necks, allowing them to breathe and eat at the same time. Umber Hulks, who constantly feeds on young purple worms, occasionally lets them eat purple worms themselves for the pleasure of digging tunnels and killing the worm. It is also known that they stop attacking adventurers as long as they receive huge piles of gold and platinum, but this rarely happens. Nobody knows exactly what they do with this wealth, but there is a hypothesis that far below the surface lies the enormous city of Umber Hulk.

Dragon No. 184, TSR Inc.

Finally, the latest version of Umber Hulk is accompanied by the introduction of the Spelljammer in Dragon #184. The Umber Hulkies of the Spellers universe are now slaves of the neo-Gerrian breed. Building your own Humber Hulk is a rite of passage for the neogeorological race, which resembles a cross between a spider and an eel. To make the undead shell you need many different amber shells, like every part of the amber shell, like the head, the right hand, the right foot, etc. …but how far do you go with that? You have to find four different Umber Hulks for four eyes? What about the jaws and the lower claws?

In any case, these indiscriminate atrocities attack without fear or planning and use brute force to defeat their enemies. They lose their ability to confuse, but we’ve seen their ability to grab and pinch their victims after two successful claw attacks that don’t hurt… until it starts crushing you in its path and makes your eyes pop like a squeaky toy.

3rd/3.5e – Amber shell

High Aberration
Shot Dice:8d8+35 (71 HP)
Speed:20 ft. (4 squares), earth cave 20 feet
Armor Class:18 (size -1, +1 dex, +8 of course), sensory 10, flat foot 17
Basic Attack/Inquiry:+6/+16
Attack: Claws +11 Scrum (2d4+6)
Full attack: 2 Claws +11 in Scrum (2d4+6) and Bite +9 in Scrum (2d8+3)
Space/Range: 10 ft/10 ft
Special attack: Confused gas
Particulars: Dark vision at 60 feet, tremor at 60 feet.
Savings: Strong +8, Ref +3, Will +6
Skills: ul. 23, Dex 13, Con 19, Int 11, Delete 11, Cha 13
Skills:Elevator +12, Jump +5, Listen +11
Movements:High Mental Strength, Multiple Assault, Tenacity
Environment: Dungeon
Organisation: Single or group (2-4)
Call: 7Schatz: Standard alignment : Usually, chaotic progress of evil: 9-12 Level adjustment of the (large) HD: –

Sample Manual, 2000 WotC

Umber Hulk is listed in the Sample Manual (2000) for 3rd place. It was published in the 4th edition, then in the update of the Monster Manual (2003) for 3.5 with a new addition, the truly horrible Umber Hulk.

And here we are back with a new artwork for the Humber Hulk that proves that mothers can really love anything. It is now described as a cross between a large monkey and a beetle, it is golden brown in colour, its jaws are twice as big as in previous incarnations and its claws are massive. Four eyes are now focused on the front of the head, but this does not improve the appearance much.

Umber Hulk is going to ward three. Give a few amateurs, a little more views, air conditioning and damage. It’s not meant to surprise anyone, but it is said that Umber Hulk will use his tunneling skills to create traps and snares to take out an unsuspecting adventurer. Confusion is also preserved by the special skill of attack, and Umber Hulk uses this skill as if he were a level 8 wizard. The most important skill he acquires is trembling, which allows him to feel the vibrations of the ground and accurately identify any being that comes into contact with the ground.

Eventually more amber hull will be born and we will get to know the true and terrible amber hull, which is a powerful beast, and what happens if you keep the amber hull alive for a long time. The really horrible Umber Hulk is released in version 3.5 and has the same features as the Umber Hulk, but with 200 more health points, higher stats and more ways to kill your game.

The Dark Amber Hulk of the Magic Tide Expedition (2006) and the Psi Hulk of the Podgornaya Mountain Expedition (2007) follow the truly terrible. For Umbersky, the Hulk of Darkness receives a pattern of darkness that takes him out of the plane of the shadows, while the Psi-Hulk receives a great psionic power.

4th – Amber shell

Umber Hulk – Lvl 12 Elite Soldier
Large Natural Magic Monster, XP 1400
Initiative +11 / Feelings Feelings +13; Dark Vision, Beat +5
HP 248; Bloody 124
AC 30; capacity 33, reflex 28, It goes 27
speed 5, ditch 2 (tunnel)
roller lock +2; action points 1
> claws (standard, optional). Range 2; +18 against AC; 2d6 +8 damage
> Double Attack Capture (standard, optional) – Umber Hulk makes two claw attacks If both claw attacks hit the same target, the target is captured (before it can escape). The captured target suffers the current 10 damage to the lower jaw of the Umber Hulk until it escapes. The Umber Hulk can do no more attacks by catching the creature.
Confused Look: (small 1/round; on the wall) Look, Clairvoyant – Close Combat 5; Target – Enemies; +16 against will; target slips through 5 squares and is stunned (end of rescue).
Str 26 (+14) | Con 20 (+11) | Dex 16 (+9) | Int 5 (+3) | Delete 14 (+8) | Cha 11 (+6)
Aligned Non Aligned / Languages – Non Aligned.

Sample guide, WotC 2010

Introduced in the Sample Manual (2010) Umber Hulk has changed its appearance again. His back looks like a turtle shell, and the antenna is now sticking out of his head. There are still four scary eyes and the enormous lower jaw. Now it has an earthy brown tint and has strange monkey hands that end in evil claws.

The fourth. This second edition offers even less information about Umber Hulk than previous editions. While the lack of tactics and legends does not mention Umber Hulk’s miracle cure because he tries and surprises with his prey, the new and dark Umber Hulk mentions that his victim is new and dark. We’ve met Shadow Hulk, the strongest and most progressive Umber Hulk who knows how to attack in an ambush. One can only imagine a scenario in which the Shadow Hulk has created a small hollow cave to wait for adventurers, pierce the wall in phases, capturing human flesh and returning to his hole in phases or tunnels to eat his favorite food.

The confusing aspect remains, but the effect no longer allows the target to attack members of his party unless the Shadow Hulk is watching. The character, under the influence of a normal Umber Hulk look, moves 5 squares and is knocked out. The biggest change in the Umber Hulk is the addition of a special attack, a double grapple. Now Umber Hulk can conquer the target if both his claw attacks hit the same target. The captured target wins 10 damage points per turn if it is under the control of the Umber Hulk until it escapes. Umber Hulk can no longer attack by catching a creature that somehow sucks. He can still use his confused look, so you can imagine him turning around and wanting the characters to look him in the eye with love, the character who still bites as he grabs.

5th – Amber shell

Umber Hulk / Great Beast, chaotic
Armour Class 18 (Natural Armour) / Impact points 93 (11d10+33)
Speed 30 ft20 ft
Str 20 (+5) | Dex 13 (+1) | Con 16 (+3) | Int 9 (-))1) | Delete 10 (+0) | Cha 10 (+0)
Sinne darkvision 120 ft…., shudders at 60 ft.., passive perception 14 Languages Total
Call 5 (1800 XP)
Piercing look. If a creature begins to move within 30 feet of Amber Hulk and can see Amber Hulk’s eyes, Amber Hulk can magically make it perform a rescue DC-15 Charm Roll unless Amber Hulk is disabled. If a rescue roller fails, the creature cannot react until the beginning of the next turn, and rolls d8 to see what it does that turn. On 1-4, the creature does nothing. At the age of 5 or 6, the creature does not take any action, but uses all its movements to move in any direction. At 7 or 8, a creature attacks any creature up close, or nothing if no creature is within range. If you’re not surprised, the creature can distract your eyes to avoid a rescue throw at the beginning of the turn. If a creature does this, it won’t be able to see the Hulk’s Umbert until the next round, where it can distract its eyes again. If the creature is looking at the amber hull right now, it should save it immediately.
Tunnel. The Umbra Hulk can break through hard rock at half speed and at the exit of a tunnel 1.5 m wide and 1.5 m high.
Multiple attack. Umbra Hulk makes three attacks: two with claws and one with the lower jaw.
claw. Melee Attack: +8 to hit, 1.5m, one target. Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! 9 ( +5 ) Damage limitation.
Jaws. Melee Attack: +8 to hit, 1.5m, one target. Results: 14 (2d8+5) denominations.

Sample guide, 2014 WotC

The fifth. The song is finally out, and Umber Hulk looks like a cross between the 3rd and 4th edition. Version of this strange creature with insects. Umber Hulk is included in the Monster Creation Guide (2014) and contains some legends about sudden attacks, senseless destruction and lonely survivors that recall the terrible stories of Umber Hulk.

Apart from the fascinating legends about Umber Hulk’s abilities, not much has changed. He really talks in detail about how Umber Hulk is waiting, then he walks through the dungeon wall and falls on the characters. This surprise round is the best way for Umber Hulk to use her confused look and succeed. Otherwise, most characters will probably just be distracted, which means that even if they don’t have attack throws, they will have a fairly muscular AC of 18, which can cause a few characters to throw that saving charisma and watch Umber Hulk.

The last legend really tries to pass on this creature as a mysterious force of destruction, and claims that Umbert Hulks takes on a supernatural status in these terrible stories… and that by the time you see him, you will already be dead. It is a very expressive legend, unfortunately Umber Hulkie is only CR 5… that lacks a little of that threatening presence, at least for us. Also in grade 5. In the 5th edition, several of their most emblematic monsters will be challenged again.

There he is, Umber Hulk. Probably one of the 5 ugliest creatures in the game, she has gone from strange human-like creatures with buckets for heads to insect eagles and strange beetle monsters. It survived version of Dungeons and Dragons quite organic and despite its appearance it slowly creeps into our hearts.

* Correction– The Umber Hulk has been published for the first time in 1. Edition of the Sample Manual II (1983).

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Main art loan: WotC – Sample guide, 2014

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