Deep Dive-The Hobgoblin

We had a request for a deep dive on the Hobgoblin and Stephen was very much in favour of it. Chris is not aware that the goblin is a creature that Stephen really loves, and he thought it would be great to dive deep into a creature. So they agreed, and the search for the next in our series of deep dives has begun… …and almost immediately ready.

Hobgoblin exists since White BoxDungeons and Dragons (1974), which makes it one of the original monsters. It then appears in each issue, always in the animal guide, and always in the first issue. Then why didn’t that deep dive fail? You’d think it would be easy to find a lot of information about this creature, and it was. The problem is that all the information has remained virtually unchanged.

If you look at our previous deep dives, you will see that most of the creatures we discuss change over time. Some change radically from one edition to another, others change like a slow burn, so that in the 5th edition they are no longer the same. only the shell of the creature they once were. Hobgoblin finally remains a Hobgoblin. Of course we learn more details about their changing appearance, the functioning of their social and political systems and the evolution of their favorite weapons… But there are no major changes in basic statistics or capabilities. They have even less than a dozen success points, their air conditioning is good but not great, and they are still a legitimate evil. After what we’ve seen, there’s nothing more to say than the new legend you’ll find in every song.

A deep dive should force us to drill a little further than the others and find those little pieces of information that people have never known. Otherwise, we would be next in a long list of articles simply copying and pasting a description from the manual of each beast and passing it on as a thorough examination of the beast in question. We owe a lot not only to the reader, but also to Hobgoblin himself. It is a creature with a rich and varied history outside D&D, and this history is completely ignored, making the goblin a twisted and unrecognizable creature compared to its counterparts in folklore and literature.

Hobgoblin was never the oldest of the goblin’s evil cousins. In fact, although the goblin has been described as an ugly, evil and malevolent creature, the goblin was not meant to be evil, but to be cursed. Goblins were jokers who were more interested in what could happen to evil than in being a direct instrument of evil. The Nature of Shakespeare’s DreamA Summer Night Dreamis an example of a goblin, which is most common in our research.

You see, the word goblin is a combination of goblin and the word hearth, which means elf or goblin. They are no more orcs, crueller than goblins, and they live in tribes that spread chaos and death on earth. They tie their shoelaces while eating or whisper in your ear that your beloved one has eyes for someone else. The vagrants laugh and giggle at the evil they do, and are like their cousins, like pies.

So how did we get toDungeons and DragonsHobgoblin? Let’s start over and see if we can do it.

Foreign research and development – Hobgoblin

No Appears: 2-200
Reservation class: 5
Proposal: 9
Success dice: 1+1
% in protocol: 30%
Type of treasure: D
Attack number: 1
Damage/attack: 1d6
Backup: F2
Alignment: Chaos

Hobgoblin is presented in the white box of Dungeon and Dragon (1974) as a large and fearless goblin with a morale of +1. Morale is important in OD&D because it is the mechanics by which DM determines whether a creature will continue to fight or walk in the hills. Currently DM makes this call, but the OD&D rule was as follows:

Characters and non-players should check morale (using the above reaction table or chain mail) when an extremely dangerous or nervous situation occurs. The low morale of the people involved will mean that they will not work as planned.
People and Magic, p… 13

Goblin and goblin are directly related in OD&D because the descriptions overlap. The Goblin King is in his hideout and can carry up to 200 goblins. The king and his bodyguards, number 2-4, fight like ogres. It only means that they cause extra damage when they strike, and unfortunately it means that they don’t have 100-600 gold coins with them… which is strange when ogres run away from home. You should probably take a little walk with the money, but it seems a lot if you just walk with the money.

Hobgoblins also walk on water with Koalint, a kind of Hobgoblin that breathes water and lives in water. In addition, Annex Blackmoor (1975)does not contain any other information on koalynes.

Basic D&D – Hobgoblin

Booking class: 6
Proposal: 90′ (30′)
D: 1+1
Attack number: 1 Weapon
Damage/attack: Weapon number
Appears: 1-6 (4-24)
Except as: Hunter level 1
Moral: 8-10 (see below)
Treasure type: (Q) D
Orientation: Chaotic
X.P. Price: 15

Small changes for goblins in this issue, but they are re-released in the Dungeons and Dragons(1977)kit and confirm that they are related to goblins, but bigger and meaner. They live underground, and King Hobgoblin and his 1-4 bodyguards fight as ogres. Everyone is stronger than a goblin, and as long as the goblin king lives, the morale of the goblins is higher.

This edition is the first to propose a playable goblin variety and is part of the nomenclatureLes Orques de Thar (1989). It allows players to create humorous characters based on goblins, elves, ogres, and you guessed it was a goblin. Oddly enough, the idea of playing the common monstrous races seems to be taken as a joke, and even goes so far as to tell you that it’s not the same as betting on your human charisma, because you’re a monster.

In fact, your charisma will always be terrible in relation to the human charisma, and to determine your human charisma, you must divide your charisma by 3, round it off and then subtract this number of 9. So if you have 15 charisma’s like a goblin, you have 4 charisma’s like a human. That says a lot about the old editions, even if they are goblins, and how that will change as the game develops.

AD&D – Hobgoblin

Frequency: Unusual number
Appears: 2-200
Reservation class: 5
Proposal: 9
Success dice: 1+1
% in protocol: 25%
Treasury: Persons J,M,D,Q (x5) in cave
Attack number: 1
Damage/attack: 1-8 or weapon type
Special attacks: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Special protective equipment: Zero
Magical resistance: Standard
Intellect: Average alignment
: Straight outlet
Size: M (6 1/2′ high)
Version capacity: Zero

Sample guide, 1977 TSR Inc.

Hobgoblins return to AD&D with the Monster Guide (1977), which provides much more information about their abilities and civilization. Although they are still cousins of goblins, orcs and other creatures, they are very different from each other and are often used in goblin or orc armies to keep them in line and lead them into battle. Goblins are known for their fighting strength and their culture is focused on being a fighting force.

They are described as humanoids with hairy skin ranging from reddish brown to grey, a bright orange-red face and a long red-blue nose. Their eyes are yellowish to dark brown, with yellowish teeth, and it is as if they are dressed in light, bloody colours or with black skin. They always keep their weapons very polished and always related to the battle.

Goblins are very indigenous and very proud of the tribe they come from. When two rival groups meet, they often begin to mock and sometimes attack each other, unless their commanders exercise strict control over them. They are extremely loyal to their commanders and chiefs, and many tribes have frightening names like carnivores, mergeters, rippers and slow killers.

Sample guide, 1977 TSR Inc.

Most Hobgoblin tribes live in underground shelters, but there are also people who build their shelters in the village with a ditch, a rampart and a palisade of stones, earth and logs. Wherever they live, their houses are always well fortified and, if possible, guarded by catapults, ballistic missiles and even carnivorous monkeys. Because goblins have excellent infrared vision, they are at home and fight in total darkness or on a field of glory.

Sample guide, 1977 TSR Inc.

Returning to the carnivorous monkeys, goblins have the ability to speak goblin, kill whales and even the rudimentary language of carnivorous monkeys. It’s a bit strange, but carnivorous monkeys are actually quite intelligent with an average IQ of 70+. These horrible little monkeys are thirsty for human flesh and have the ability to transform creatures with their cruel speed and power.

Another strange thing about these goblins is that they are very good at building and mining and are so good that they can see when the walls are moving or when the corridors are sloping. I mean, uh… I mean, uh… Of course, they’re like little dwarves. That’s a perfect comparison, because they only hate elves with extreme prejudice, not dwarves! In fact, they treat dwarves with a certain respect, because dwarves are fierce warriors and – above all – a legitimate society.

The last of the manual of samples that Koalint is back, and it is briefly described that they are only goblins, but in the water, with green faces and membrane arms and legs. The Koalints are usually Hobgoblins, and Hobgoblins are usually Koalints. Although no mention is made of the way they perceive each other, it is said that the way two tribes of goblins meet is very similar.

Dragon No. 63 (1982) covers the different races of goblins such as goblins, orcs and goblins and reveals their culture. Hobgoblins strive to respect the law and maintain their society. They rarely show emotions, except for contempt and hatred for other goblins or other creatures. When they express their feelings, it only happens if they are alone or if they think they are not being persecuted. Imps have wizards who practice healing magic, but they prefer spells that also cause pain when they heal. These priests are also the protectors of their tribes and ensure that everyone obeys the law and respects the tribes.

2nd – Hobgoblin

Climate/training: Any non-Arctic region
Frequency: Unusual organisation
: Stem
Duty cycle: Each
Diet: Omnivore
Treasury: J,M,D, (Qx5)
Courier service: Average (8-10)
Orientation: Legal no.
Appears: 2-20 (2d10)
Reservation class: 5 (10)
Proposal: 9
Dice: 1+1
THAC0 : 19
Attack number: 1
Damage/attack: Special weapons attack: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Special protective equipment: Zero
Magical resistance: Zero
Size: M 6’1/2′ High
Moral: Stable (11-12)
XP value: Hobgoblin’s 35, the chief’s 65, the chief’s 120.

Sample Collection, First Part, 1989 TSR Inc.

Hobgoblin and the Coalition are represented in part(1989), the first part of the monstrous collection, and were later reprinted in(1993), the guide to the monstrous collection. They have made few changes in this edition and more or less reinforce all the innovations they introduced in the 1st edition. That doesn’t mean we won’t learn something new in this matter. In fact, we get their color image in all their glory!

We now know that the mockery of the old edition is as clichéd as Kobold’s curse on his newborn dragon, but we have to face it. In earlier work for the Hobgobblins they wore Chinese armor with metal plates, and we assume that the horns are on their helmets. Careful, the horns on the helmets are a terrible idea. You don’t want anything on the helmet that can catch the enemy knife, the helmet is designed to slip the weapon off the head, not to catch it.

Sample guide, 1993 TSR Inc.

Trauma 2. In the 9th edition, the Hobgoblins removed part of the hidden armor and wear what we think is Mongolian-inspired armor. At least they don’t have stupid horns sticking out of their helmets, even though now they only hide armour with metal shoulder pads? Sigh like nothing else helped them, the strange racist eyes of the 1. even though our Hobgoblins now look more like monkeys… which makes sense, because monkeys are used as protectors… although we still don’t know where the link between Hobgoblins and monkeys comes from…

Not only have we received several updates, but we have also taken the next important step for hobbotins. They become races of game characters withComplete Humanoid Book (1993)and then withPlayer Option:. Skills and strengths (1995). Previously it was possible to play them in the basic set, but this marks a new emergence of Hobgoblins in Advanced Dungeons and Dragons,, and as a bonus none of the books says the Hobgoblin will never be charismatic. On the other hand, he mentions that the monstrous characteristic of goblins is their appearance, such as… …small victories?

Moreover, the players declare that for goblins war is a form of life, and that anyone who rejects it or rejects his own kind is a traitor and a goblin in a weak position. Many goblins who leave their clan are called cowards because they come into contact with inferior beings, and even if they come to do good deeds for the locals, they are often attacked because they are monsters.

In fact, Dwarves get a bonus on their attack roles against Hobgoblins, which is really interesting when you see how Hobgoblins show a certain respect for Dwarves. If a race got a bonus for killing a Hobgoblin, you’d think they were Elves, because Hobgoblins are usually against them, especially against other creatures, and they will do anything in their power to kill the Elf.

3rd/3.5e – Hobgoblin

Hobgoblin, Warrior One. Level Average level of the humanoid (goblinoid) typical cube : Initiative +2 (6 SP) : +1 1
Velocity: 30 ft. (6 boxes)
Weapon class: 15 (+1 dex, +3 stud leather, +1 shield), stop 11, flat foot 14 Basic attack/handle: +1/+2
Attack: Long word +2 melody ( +1/19-20) or spear +2 at the staff (1d6+1) Full attack : Long word +2 scrum ( +1/19-20) or +2 arrow in space/range (1d6+1): 5 feet/5 feet. Special attacks: No.
Special quality: Darkvision 60 feet.
Savings: Strong +4, Ref +1, Will -1
Skills: Str 13, Dex 13, Con 14, Int 10, Delete 9 Cha 8
Skills: Fade in +3, Listen +2, Silent motion +3, Follow +2
Movements: Vigilance
Environment: Hot Hills
: Gang (4-9), Troop (10-100 plus 50 non-combatants plus 1 non-combatant 3rd level for 20 adults and 1 chef 4-6th level), Troop (10-24) or Tribe (30-300 plus 50 non-combatants plus 1 non-combatant 3rd level for 20 adults, 1 or 2 lieutenants 4th or 5th level, 1 chef 6-8th level, 2-4 desperate wolves and 1-4 ogres or 1-2 trolls): 1/2
Treasury: Standard
Guidance: Ordinary legal proceedings
Transport: Character class
Level: +1

Sample guide, WotC 2003

Hobgoblin’s back to 3. Edition of the manual of the sample (2000/2003)back and unfortunately he misses his water brothers, Koalinta. Your performance in the third song… Well, not much has changed. Hobgoblin believes in the tradition of what it once was and maintains it in alleditions of Dungeons and Dragons, which is more than I can say for some monsters… like the Kraken or the Goblin.

We have a brief look at the Hobgoblin society, because the biggest and strongest Hobgoblins are usually the chiefs, and it is often the chiefs of the Goblin and Orc tribes who mock them and treat them as inferior beings. Hobgoblins are the best fighters, and all the others are unworthy of them.

One of the parts of the Hobgoblins we have missed in previous issues is their dedication and worship of the Maghlibite, the protective divinity of the goblins. Maglubiyette was a sophomore. He is one of the first gods created especially forDungeons and Dragons. The Maglobite is also known as the Lord of Battles and is famous for its great fighting and strategic abilities. He is also the enemy of all eleven gods, so it is clear that the goblins love him so much.

Dragon Magazine #309, WotC 2003

Dragon Magazine #309 (2003) published an article about Hobgoblin ecology, and thus much more information about the Hobgoblin culture and way of life. In addition to the usual information about goblins focusing on war, it describes how goblins are trained from an early age to know their personal environment. This personal perimeter is what distinguishes goblins from other warriors, because it is the idea that a humanoid should always know what he can protect himself and how he can protect a larger perimeter only with others. It’s not enough to protect the tribe. It takes an army of Hobgoblins, and if a Hobgoblin is missing, it will be reduced in size.

Hobgoblins are guided and trained from birth by Hobgoblins spiritual mentors, and even their parents, who are not incredibly active in their development, have to listen to the priest and his wisdom. Priests are an important part of the Hobgoblin community and have the possibility to veto the chief. They are considered the leaders of the tribe and have the highest position in the tribe because they help to turn future goblins into fierce fighters and bring great victories to the tribe.

More goblins come to fill the ranks in the 3. As for the Sunburn goblins in Dragon Magic (2006), and the Sunset Blade, Spells and Soul of War goblins in Monster Guide V (2007).

4th – Soldier of Hobgoblin

Soldier Hobgoblin – Soldier Level 3
Medium Natural Humanoid XP 150
Initiative +7 / Emotions Sense +3; Low light vision
HP 47 ; Blood 23
AC 20 (22 with phalanx soldier); Capacitance 18, Reflex 16, Becomes 16, Speed 5
Flail (standard; at will) ✦ Gun +7 against AC ; 1d10 + 4 damage, the target is marked and delayed until the end of the next movement
Shock formation (standard; optional) ✦ Weapon required +7 flail against AC ; 1d10 + 4 damage, and the hobgoblin is moved into space, provided it is in space next to another hobgoblin
Hobgoblin Stability (immediate reaction when a Hobgoblin Soldier has an effect that can lead to rescue; collision) A Hobgoblin Soldier makes an emergency roll against the effect.
Phalanx Soldier Hobgoblin Soldier receives a +2 bonus on Ac while at least one Hobgoblin ally in addition to
Line Up Smart / Languages Total, Goblin
Skills Athletic +10, History +8
Str 19 (+5) | Dex 14 (+3) | Erase 14 (+3) | Con 15 (+3) | Int 11 (+1) | Cha 11 (+1)
Hardware armored ladder, heavy shield, hammer.

The goblin is included in the Animal Manual(2008), but this time under the name goblin, which includes beetles, goblins and goblins. This edition introduces us to a wide variety of Hobgoblins to wage war with, and includes Green Hobgoblins, Warriors, Sagittarius, Soldiers, Warriors and the Hand of the Banes.

Sample guide, WotC 2008

It is interesting to note that the legend has also been changed to turn goblins into original goblins. In ancient times they had a huge empire before it collapsed. In the course of their empire, they began to experiment and create new goblins that were perfect for certain tasks. Goblins were created to be scouts and infiltrators, while beetles were created as elite warriors. They created these new goblins partly through their cruel use of magical experiences and the blessings of Maglubite.

As for Maglubiyet, he is no longer a goblin god, but a goblin exarch of Bane, whom they consider to be the most powerful goblin archbishop. Those who want to be like Bane, like the hand of Hobgoblin, will plunge into the fiercest battles and challenge everyone and everything around them. Hobgoblin soldiers do their best to concentrate on the battle and the battle itself, and even their magical users focus only on spells that cause damage or further increase the power of the hobgoblins on the battlefield.

5th – Hobgoblin

Medium humanoid (Goblin), right pain
Armor class 18 (mail, shield)
Impact points 11 (2d8+2)
Velocity 30 ft.
Str 13 (+1) | Dex 12 (+1) | Con 12 (+1) | Int 10 (+0) | Delete 10 (+0) | Cha 9 (-1)
Sinne darkvision 60ft…., passive perception 10
Languages General, Goblin
Call 1/2 (100 XP)
Military advantage. Once per turn, an Imp 7 (2d6) can cause additional damage to a creature that it attacks with a weapon if that creature is within 1.5 meters of an ally of the Imp that is not disabled.
word long. Attack with Close Combat Weapon: +3 to hit, 1.5m, a target. Impact: 5 (1 d8 + 1) cuts or 6 (1d10 + 1) cuts if used with both hands.
Longbow. Long-range weapon attack: +3 hits, range 150/600 feet, one target. Impact: 5 ( + 1 ) stab wounds.

Sample guide, 2014 WotC

The final form of the Hobgoblin is included in Monster Guide(2014)and extensively developed in Monster Guideof Volo (2016). Although the information provided is based on a variety of information from previous editions, we will learn more about Hobgoblin.

Maglubiyette came back as a true god, and the goblin tribes followed the god with fanatical devotion, but Maglubiyette was not a goblin creator. Before Maglubiyette, each goblin race had its own pantheon of gods until it was completely destroyed by Maglubiyette. Today not all gods have been destroyed, some have been allowed to live as long as they become superior to Maglubiyet. Those who tried to resist the conquest of Maglubiyet were destroyed, and their names were lost over time.

Hobgoblins worship Maglubiyet, but they have a special respect for Nomog Gay, a stoical, cold and tyrannical leader, and Bargival, god of duty, unity and discipline. Maglubiyet allows goblins to continue to worship Nomog Gay and Bargival because the views of these gods are similar to his, and the goblins continue this tradition by allowing other gods to worship those they conquer.

Volo Sample guide, 2016 WotC

When the Legion of Hobgoblin conquers an area, it understands that tradition is important to those it has conquered and allows them to maintain their temples while these gods are harmless. When temples are dedicated to the god of war or conquest, Hobgoblins set an ultimatum, worship Maglubiyet or die. Those who refuse to worship Maglubiyet must fight and prove the power of their god. Unfortunately, those who fight have to deal with a certain number of enemies, and they end up being killed, because there is no limit to the number of enemies they have to deal with. Hobgoblins are fearless in battle, not because they don’t fear death, but because they know that their souls will go to Acheron and join the forces of Maglubiyet, where they will always fight against the forces of Grumsh and his Orc tribes.

While the legions of Hobgoblins do not love each other and always prove who is the strongest, the Great Nugget sometimes receives sacred quests from Maglubiyet. You have to train a lot of goblins, beetles and goblins and then lead this army in a big campaign that has covered the whole country. Goblins put aside their differences when they join their master, and do everything in their power to continue their master’s victories, but if they commit a transgression, they will register it when the master inevitably gives them up, and will sacrifice those transgressions. The Master sometimes has enough power to conquer vast lands and become a kingdom himself, although he rarely survives for long, unless he has many enemies to occupy his armies and enjoys regular victories.

Salt marsh spirits, 2019 WotC

Coalinf also dives in the 5th. It is part of the adventure bookGhosts of Saltmarsh (2019)and contains very little information. They’re water goblins, they hate elves and focus on improving the war. It’s not mentioned if they follow the Maglubiyet, but you can probably expect them to, and if they die, become a fleet of Maglubiyet troops on Acheron.

And that’s Hobgoblin’s story. It is one of the few creatures that go from one publication to another with small changes, even though their religious doctrine changes a lot. They are a powerful race with conquest intentions and can be a large starting army against which you can build your party.

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