Deep Dive-The Aboleth

These terrifying creatures hide in underground caves and ancient ruins of the material world. They frighten monsters, especially adventurers they’ve never met. You can turn your flawless skin into a strange transparent membrane that must always be kept moist, otherwise it will begin to dry out and you will die. Or maybe you got too close and wanted to cuddle those strange fish monsters in your arms to get some of their drool in your mouth, and now all you can do is breathe water.

The fans are terrible and very smart. They remember that they were once considered gods by all the peoples who enslaved them, they remember how the gods came and mutilated their kingdom, and they remember nothing of it. Their ultimate goal is to recapture the old empires, but for now they are content to enslave all mortals who are stupid enough to fall on their cities.

AD&D – Decision to withdraw

Frequency: Very rare
Number: 1-4
Reservation class: 4
Proposal: 3//18
Impact cubes: 8
% in the cave: 20%
Type of treasure: F
Attack number: 4
Damage/attack: 1-6(x4)
Special attacks: See description
Special protective equipment: Mucilage
Magical resistance: Standard
Intellect: High Alignment
: Straight outlet
Size: L
Version capacity: 250
Offensive/defensive: C,D,E / G,I,J
Level/value X.P.: VII/1275 + 10/hour

Aboleth was first presented inDungeons and DragonsinInhabitants of the Forbidden City (1981)as a random monster that was meant to be a trap rather than a big part of the adventure. They were then reprinted inMonster Handbook 2 (1983)and really took off in 1988 whenDragon Magazine #131 wrote an article about the ecology ofAboleth.

Inhabitants of the Forbidden City, 1981 TSR Inc.

The abutlet is an amphibious creature that lives in underground lakes and caves with many enslaved creatures. In AdventureInhabitants of the Forbidden CityAbolot guards the city’s main entrance and uses deceptive traps to mislead and trouble adventurers. Then Abolot enslaves all the adventurers and takes them to an underground city. One of the factions in the Forbidden City worships Abolot as a god and offers him slaves, treasures and magical objects.

Sample guide 2, 1983 TSR Inc.

After the first impression it’s a good start for Aboleth, even though the fact that it was only a one-sided monster trap was a bit disappointing. These creatures are incredibly intelligent, dangerous and have a whole range of damn skills. If you get too close to them in the water, you can’t breathe air and you have to breathe water. If you let them touch you with their 3 meter long tentacles, your skin will start to change and you have to be soaked in water constantly, otherwise your skin will dry out and you will cause damage every time you are out of the water. Or maybe you’ve decided to run away from him, well, I hope you leave soon, or he can enslave you, and now you want to leave and become his slave. Besides… … …he still has the illusion that he can harm your mind if everything else fails.

Fighting Abolet is a lesson against things that don’t play fair, but don’t despair if your DM has a big smile and a mini-Abolet bet, there are many things that can help you survive against them. First of all they are great swimmers, but on land they are incredibly slow. Then you will save money to prevent your skin from becoming sticky, and if your best friend, a cleric, is able to throwCure Sicknessat you for 2 to 5 laps after your change, you no longer have to worry about dry skin, althoughCure Serious Woundswill remove mucus from your skin. And finally, if you have his mucus in your mouth, it only takes one to three hours before you can breathe air again? At the same time, you need to have fun in the paddling pool before you can breathe in the sweet and tasty air.

Dragon warehouse no. 131, 1988 TSR Inc.

We talked about what she might do to you, but what exactly does she do? It is amphibious, most have four tentacles, the body is covered with mucus with a single tail so that it can be quickly pushed through the water. The most common aboleths are 20 feet long, have three eyes on the face and a fishy tail at the end. They feed on microscopic organisms in the water because they have no teeth in their mouths, although they can still bite and swallow medium-sized whole creatures like the average adventurer, but that is not what they are actively trying to do. They are strange, they have three eyes in the lower part of the face and the mouth at the bottom of the head, always facing down. They weigh several tons, the largest of which can reach ten tons.

Well, Abolat’s adventure and his mention in the Monster Guide2give few details about Abolat’s civilization, in fact they only mention that there are rumors of a secret city under the surface in massive underground lakes and caves where other Abolat and his slaves live. Over the years, the ecology of subscriptions has revealed more secrets, as have many other types of subscriptions.

Dragon warehouse no. 131, 1988 TSR Inc.

The most common are those that are all on the surface, and no one believes that there are more primers than these. Unfortunately, there are secret cities for everyone, and they are full of Ablets and their slaves. Those on the surface are simply the weakest, sent to bring back more slaves and continue to gather information for the other subscribers. Above the general rescue camera is the large rescue camera, which records the slaves collected by ordinary people. She is responsible for the large masses of slaves in the city, observes them and raises them for the qualities that the rescue camera needs. After the Great Abyss, it is the Noble Abyss that works as scientists, developing new technologies for the Abyss and harnessing the power of science. The Aboleths despise magic, and while they can pronounce certain spells of an innate nature, they mainly focus on their psionistic skills and technology, targeting magical users when it comes to fighting. What distinguishes the noble disease from others is its large head, and although it has four tentacles, two of which end in three fingers, it can be used for fine manipulation and motor control.

Dragon warehouse no. 131, 1988 TSR Inc.

While the rulers of Abolete watch over the city of Abolete, these creatures are responsible for the cities of Abolete and rarely leave them, except to mate with other rulers of Abolete from other cities of Abolete. Yeah, there’s more than one City Abolot, which means there’s a lot of Abolot under the surface. Try not to think about it too much when you’re spying in that old abandoned mine.

Speaking of mating, the Abolets are mating, and even though they look terrible now, we don’t want to show their mating. Each Aboleth has a set of male and female organs, and when they mate every 500 years or so, each participant receives an egg which he or she then lays in a safe place so that it can be fertilized for a week. The egg is covered with a thick mucus that protects and nourishes it. In five years, it grows from the size of a human head to just over a metre long. Then Boleon will hatch, and after a year of mutation it will take the form of his parent, 10 years later, and it is already mature and ready to catch several slaves, or to rule, or in the city, or … God forbid he should mate with Boleon and do more of his kind.

Dragon warehouse no. 131, 1988 TSR Inc.

Last Abolot, oh yes, the Abolot of the rule is not enough, but there is an Abolot above, known as the Great Abolot. These enormous creatures are 70 feet long and can telepathically communicate with any subscriber within a radius of 10,000 miles, allowing them to know all their subscribers. The big fan observes different fan cities and hides deep in the world, looks at the fans and makes his plans. The Abolots’ plans are to conquer worlds, and the Great Abolot uses his noble Abolots, scientists, to find ways to reach other worlds, steal their resources and capture slaves.

Dungeon Magazine No. 12, 1988 TSR Inc.

The last note on Aboleth, a few months afterDragon Magazine #131,Dungeon #12published the ocean adventure in which Aboleth was involved. This indicates that there are salty fans, although no other source mentions that ordinary fans can only live in fresh water. The only new information is that there are rumours that underwriters from another foreign dimension have entered this dimension in order to gain full dominance.

2nd – Decision to terminate Article

Climate/training: Tropical and moderate/underground
Frequency: Very rare organization
: Ford
Duty cycle: Night
Power supply: Omivory
Information: High (13-14)
Treasury: F
Alignment: Legal no.
No Appears: 1d4
Shielding class: 4
Proposal: 3, Sw 18
Impact load: 8
THAC0 : 12
Attack number: 4
Damage/attack: 1-6 (x4)
Special attacks: See
Special protective equipment as follows: Mucilage
Magical resistance: Zero
Size: H (20′ long)
Moral: Elite (13)
XP value: 2,000

Monumental Collection, Volume Two, 1989 TSR Inc.

Abollet went back to 2. Edition back, appeared first in the 2. Volume (1989)Monstrous Compendiumand was later reprinted inMonstrous Handbook (1993)and is their publication of Sadness. A year after we took care of the fascinating subscription company, it was confused and we became a pure breed of subscribers. A parent and his children Abolot is all that remains of the great Abolot Society, and frankly that leads us to ignore the whole publication. At least we’ll get more descriptions of their physical characteristics… …which does little to balance the sadness in our hearts… even for something as terrible as this creature.

Sample guide, 1993 TSR Inc.

The capable man looks like a big fish, his body is blue-green with grey spots and a tanned pancreas covering his toothless, rubbery mouth. The three eyes are purple and are protected by the surrounding bony ridges, and each eye is superimposed. He has four pulsating black holes along his belly that secrete a gray mucus that smells like the rancid fat with which he covers his treasure. He has four tentacles that grow next to his head and look like skin. He uses them to move forward on the ground, while his tail is used to move through the water.

An edition of Aboleths consists of a single parent with one or three offspring of the same size as the parent. These children submit themselves unconditionally to their parents and only become independent after the death of their parents. All abolitionists pass on their knowledge to their offspring at birth, and all adult abolitionists can learn all the knowledge their wise diet has acquired in life. This means that if they eat a wizard, they know all about magic and much more. Abolot now likes to eat intelligent creatures, even though they still hunt slaves. The original material hardly suggests that it could be a hidden city, but no one can prove anything.

The only saving grace for Aboleth is the publication of the adventure Night Below – An Underdark Campaign (1995) andMonstrous Annual Compendium Two (1995), in which the scholar Aboleth was born. Savant Aboleth is a powerful user of magic who can enchant a priest and a sorcerer… and it’s rather disappointing. With this, the idea that they hate magic is completely gone, and now the Ablet Scientist is one of the greatest users of magic in existence, because the best of them can be up to 12 levels of priest and 14 levels of wizard, all in one, slimy, rough and fishy body. Sigh.

Great Shaboat / Night Down – The Campaign in the Dark, 1995 TSR Inc.

In Night Below – An Underdark Campaign heroes must attack the city of Abolet, known as the Grand Saboat, and this requires careful planning, because the head that must be stormed will simply not hit it. Everywhere in the city are the armies of the Quo Tau, the Spirit and even a regiment of devils who are interested in the powers of the Great Savannah, the enormous Savannah Obelet who rules the city and tries to create a more powerful magical reign to enslave all the inhabitants of the surface.

Monstrous Two yearly, 1995 TSR Inc.

Savantian abortions are very similar to ordinary abortions, except that they have unusually visible bony ridges around the cracks in the eyes and that their tentacles have lime stains, making them even more dangerous… and, frankly, who sees so many deletions that we could use the unusual word to describe something as insignificant as large bone combs? It seems very dangerous to suggest Abolet spend the day with her and measure her bone combs.

The Abolot of the Savannah also restores the idea of the cities of Abolot below the surface, although he drops only the Abolot type on the ordinary and boring Abolot and the Abolot of the Savannah, all the others are removed, and it is the Savannah that makes the city work, and Abolot must go and slave, food and whatever the savannah wants to get. Well, just because Savant can cast a few spells doesn’t mean you’d think subscribers would get tired of doingeveryfor those lazy Savant subscriptions at some point, but Savant has something extra for them. They can create glyphs in all their domains that expand the possibilities of the Apollo and completely banish all adventurers who come too close to them. The weakest glyphus will simply explode or do some damage, while the strongest will make the adventure much more difficult to escape the mental control of the subscribers or more likely to turn into a creature with transparent membranes that only water can breathe.

Grand Savant / Night Down – La campagne dans l’obscurité, 1995 TSR Inc.

So we think that the savannas are a bit interesting for society, and it is good that the savannas are all sterile. This brings us to the last fact you have left before we move on to the next issue. Cows now lay eggs on average every five years. Stop waiting 500 years for the perfect romantic night to turn a child into a fan, and now they’re pumping offspring like clockwork… which, frankly, is scary. We have absolutely no further need for these Abolets who fill the water with their strange mucus clouds and enslave all creatures on the surface with their psionic powers.

3rd/3.5e – Decision to terminate action

Giant error (water)
Success Dice: 8d8+40 (76 HP)
Initiative: +1 (Dex)
Velocity: 10 ft, swimming 60 ft.
AC: 16 (-2 Dimensions, +1 Dex, +7 of course)
Attack: 4 tentacles +12 melee
Damage: 1d6+9 tentacles and
Facial/Reset conversion: 10 ft x 20 ft/10 ft
Special attacks: Transformer, psyonic, servo
Remarks: Mucus cloud
Shops: Strong +7, Ref +3, Will +11
Skills: 26 Dex Street 12, Con 20, Int 15, Delete 17, Cha 17
Skills: Focus +16, Knowledge (if applicable) +7, Listening +16, Vapidity +16
Characteristics: Alertness, fight against melting, iron becomes
Climate/training: Each clandestine organisation
: Single, offspring (2-4) or slave brood (1d3+1 plus 7-12 bags)
Call qualification: 7
Treasury: Dual standard
Orientation: Ordinary legal proceedings
Transport: 9-16 HD (Large); 17-24 HD (Gargantua)

Aboleth is in 3. and you don’t even have to go to the second edition as before. Monster Manual is waiting, now it’s in theMonster Manual (2000/2003)in each version of the 3rd edition. and very little information is provided. Not only are they considered despicable, but they are also classified as cruel and highly intelligent, making them extremely dangerous predators. Their physical attacks and their terrifying effect remain the same, and it seems that the 3. It’s an edition of the legends… 2005 with the publication ofLords of Madness… Book of Variations (2005).

Sample guide, WotC 2004

Finally, our search for more information on Aboleths and other really cool aberrations such as Mind Flayer and Beholders is spread in bulk. We have received three new types of subscriptions in which we immerse our rubber mouths, and there is a wealth of information. The first thing we learn is that their mouth is not really made of rubber, but is triangular with thousands of small teeth, and the teeth in the mouth and in the esophagus are constantly following each other, so that everything eaten in ribbons is torn, and when it touches the stomach, it is a suspension of flesh and bone.

For a complete overview of the biology of the climax as a whole, it’s worth reading, but we don’t have hundreds of thousands of words to go into here, so let’s stick to the basics. Babies can’t stay in the water for long because every hour that they come out of the water, they start to lose their mobility until there is only one left in the water and they get stuck and can’t move forward. The outer layer of their skin becomes so dry that it gets hard, and they can’t move, this doesn’t kill Abolot, on the contrary, they are in a state known as the Long Dream, and this is a fate that many people think is worse than death. In this state they can live forever, they are motionless and wait for the water to reach their skin and free them from this state.

Lords of Madness: Aberration book, WotC 2005

It is also reported that the subscribers have been alive for thousands of years and may even be immortal. Despite the fact that the oldest fans are giant creatures and rarely come to the surface, little is known about them. Another important aspect of the Aboleths is that they have an incredibly long memory and learn all their knowledge from their parents at birth. And yes, the only parent. The reproductive cycle of Aboleth consists of the parents consuming it every 5 years with the desire to conceive a child, so that they find a safe or hidden cave or den and lay 1 to 3 eggs in a mucus-like cement, then push the enzymes out of the tail, soaked in mucus, which tempers it, and the enzymes then fertilize the eggs and after 5 years the offspring is born. Children are born fully grown, but are too weak to protect themselves and stay with their parents for 10 years until they leave on their own.

Until now the Abolets had no deity to follow, and we got a reason for that. The abolition, because they have such beautiful memories and they have all the memories of their parents, everyone knows when their breed was born. They honor their creation Piskefam, the queen of blood, who is the oldest evil that travels through the dimensions and spreads its seed throughout the world. The Abolets do not see it as a deity to be worshipped, although they express their gratitude and respect in their architecture. On the contrary, they see their creation as something that has happened, and since it does not play an active role in their lives, it is not something to be worshipped. Another reason why the Abolets do not worship a god or other deity is that they were born and created or found peace long before the gods. When the material world they claimed was created as their own, they ruled the world with their vast empire and enslaved all the races that were useful to build their cities.

Unfortunately for the Abolets, something happened to those races where they learned the faith and the gods came. It is said that the gods have almost completely extinguished the deity, and some stories claim that only one deity has escaped the wrath of the gods. That’s probably a good reason why they don’t worship the gods. They were the first in the world, they were almost pushed to extinction by the gods, and they have all the memories of this event of their parents that they can see perfectly. It must be hard to forget him.

Besides studying the history and religion of the goddesses, we also received information about three new goddesses: Amphibian, Bull and Willette. The amphibians got stuck in areas where there was little water and adapted. In places like swamps, these fans can breathe air and water, have some mobility on land and surrender more tenaciously to the long dream. In nature monkeys are also called air monkeys, and these creatures are found miles above the surface in the massive clouds that hold them together with their psionic powers. They seldom or never dare to get within a kilometer of the surface and instead get stuck on their clouds with other people like them.

Lords of Madness: Aberration book, WotC 2005

The youngest new fans are the Stygia fans, who many years ago were able to transport their huge fan city and slaves to the Nine Hells, or rather to the Stygia, a layer of the Nine Hells, which is a huge frozen ocean. Subscriptions blossomed and started to change shape to become more devilish. They control large numbers of slaves and deadly water devils from different water worlds, and they are slowly becoming more powerful in their frozen oceans. Many believe that Stigian fans are on the verge of becoming a new breed of devils, although at the moment they only show a few devilish qualities.

Sample guide, WotC 2004

Finally, our subscriptions now also include lackeys called Skum. These creatures are a mixture of humans and fish with scales, fins and other grotesque creatures. They are slaves that are used to protect, transport or for whatever Abolot needs. Heaven terrorizes the beings who look at them and have lost all their humanity and are full of aberrations in the service of their dark masters. This is what happens when the Abolets use this mud to transform themselves and change their slaves, even if they select only the strongest and most reliable slaves to turn them into scum.

4th – Decision to terminate action

Viscous Mage – 17 Artillery Level (Leader)
Large Aberrant Magic Beast (Water) / XP 1600
Initiative +11 / Emotions Emotions +15; Dark Vision
Viscous Fog Aura 5; enemies consider the area within the aura as difficult to reach.
PK 128; Sangée 64 AC 31; Fortitude 28, Reflex 28, Willpower 29, Speed 5, Swim 10 tentacles (Standard; Wille) ✦ Range 2; +19 vs. AC; + 6 injuries (3d8 + 6 injuries against an anesthetized target), and the target is anesthetized (except at the ends).
Slim Orb (standard; optional) ✦ Mental range 10; +22 counter-reflex; 2d8 + 7 mental injury, and target decelerates (except at ends).
Domine (standard; optional) ✦ Scope of the spell 10; target confuses humanoid; +20 against will; target dominates (except extremities). The Wizard Slime can only control one creature at a time.
Mucus spray(standard; collision) ✦ Mental spray zone 4 within 10; target versus enemy; +17 counter-reflex; 2d8 + 7 mental injury, and target is immobilised (no limbs). Adverse reactions: Target slows down (end saved).
Alignment Mal / Languages Deep Language, Telepathy 20
Skills Arcana +19, Dungeon +20, View +20
Str 23 (+14) | Dex 16 (+11) | Delete 25 (+15) | Con 20 (+13) | Int 23 (+14) | Cha 20 (+13)

Incorporated in Sample Manual(2008), at 4. The edition of Aboleth has undergone many changes, and most of them do not really fall into the category. Our subscriptions are still terrifying… somehow. An updated photo for edition 4 shows her with her mouth right under her eyes, which is less strange than a ruby red mouth or a triangular mouth with rows of sharp teeth. His tentacles are physically much deeper, and in fact… they just look sad and a little sad, probably because they have to find friends, because no one will voluntarily be their friend.

Sample guide, WotC 2008

In fact, the way Aboleth makes friends is very different in this matter, and it is a little more restrictive. There are three types of subscriptions: Lasher Aboletov, Slimy Abolet Wizard and Abolet Guardian, and each of them has his own role. Lasher focuses on the simple act of killing creatures, and has no way to enslave other creatures. Instead, it spreads its tentacles and the target is stunned because it is covered with mucus. Then he repeats and beats the creature to death. Nothing about the fact that the skin of the creature turns into mucus, which is a disgrace. Aboleth was founded to cause terrible consequences for a party that Aboleth has never met, and he just suppresses it.

Next, the slime wizard, who now has the ability… except that they still haven’t been enslaved. They can only dominate one target and then throw glue balls at their opponents. This mud may immobilize or slow down the creature, but it has none of the effects of the previous edition. Eventually, the Supreme Master is given the ability to enslave the creatures, causing the spirit of the dominant creature to explode until it drops to 0 HP. At that moment the creature is slave and ready to become a servant of the subscriptions.

We’ll be right back with those servants. Let’s talk about another possibility that all these subscriptions have, and that’s different from them through Mukus Hayes. All enemies within 25 feet of Abolot treat the area as… that’s it. Do not lose the ability to breathe precious air, do not acquire the ability to breathe water. It’s just hard to get through, and besides, it’s not even alone in the water… it’s everywhere… By the way, Aboleta’s walking speed is now 25 feet. Of course it’s not as good as their speed of 15 meters, but in earlier songs these Aboleths literally crawled to the ground at 3 meters. They are fast and deadly dangerous on land and in the water, which means that their main weakness is not very useful for the group of adventurers.

The return to the servants is perhaps one of the strangest things for subscribers. In all the previous songs, the Abolutes wanted the slaves to create their cities, and if the Abolutes ever dared to go more than a kilometer away, the slaves had a chance to break through their slavery… which is a little annoying because it means the Abolutes always had to stay within a mile of their slaves, but it’s possible. Today, our servants cannot escape submission, but as soon as Abolot is more than 50 feet away, the servants stop moving and stay there, sadly, until their master returns. Which is ridiculous. I wonder how limited the number of kilometres is, because these Abolets cannot go to the next room of their house in Aboleta for dinner without all their slaves standing there unnecessarily. Moreover, they simply look like humanoids, which are irradiated through the skin, and not like strange fish.

If we talk about the cities of Abolot, they are not mentioned at all in the Monster Handbook, although there is a chapter about the Citadel of Abolot in Xxiphu in the Campaign HandbookForgotten Realms (2008), we will not talk about it because we avoid the specific legends of the countryside in these scuba diving. Aboleth will be in the 4th week. In the 4th edition he describes his life as if he came from a far kingdom and then settled in the ancient ruins and far below in the Underdark. Moreover, there is little mention of subscriptions, which is rather shocking given the wealth of experience they have gained in previous issues.

5th – Decision to terminate action

The Aboleth statistical unit is very long; a shorter version is given below. A complete statistical unit can be found in the online Annex Princes of Revelation by the Magi of the Coast.

High aberration, legitimate evil
Armour 17 (natural armour)
Health Points 135 (18d10 + 36)
Speed 10 ft .swim 40 feet
Str 21 (+5) | Dex 9 (-1) | Con 15 (+2) | Int 18 (+4) | Delete 15 (+2) | Cha 18 (+4)
Save Throws Con +6, Int +8, Wisdom +6
Skills History +12, Perception +10
Emotions Dark Vision 120 ft., passive perception 20
languages deep speech, telepathy 120 feet
call 10 (5 900 XP)
amphibians. A mackerel can breathe air and water.
Drain cloud. Underwater, the heel contains mucus that transforms… The affected creature can only breathe under water.
Exploratory telepathy. When the creature communicates telepathically with the Wound, the Wound recognizes the creature’s greatest desires if the Wound can see the creature.
Multiple attack. The mackerel makes three attacks on the tentacles.
tentacles. Close Weapons Attack: +9 to hit, 10 feet, one target. Impact: 12 (2d6 + 5) damage with the stick. If the creature is the target, it must succeed in saving the constitution DC 14 or it must get sick… The skin of the sick creature becomes transparent and sticky… If the animal is not in the water, it will suffer 6 (1d12) acid damage every 10 minutes unless the skin is moistened before the 10 minutes have passed.
Tail. Attack on a melee weapon: +9 until it is hit, hitting a target 3 meters away. Shock: 15 (3d6 + 5) blockage damage.
Work (3/day). The wound is aimed at a creature within 30 feet of him… The enchanted target is controlled by the ulcer and cannot react, while the ulcer and the target can communicate telepathically at any distance.

Sample guide, 2014 WotC

Aboleth appeared in 5. Edition of Monster Handbook(2014), and with it the powerful block of statistics that will deter the unsuspecting adventurer. Aboles restore the ability to transform creatures so that they are always in the water, to make creatures that come too close to the simple breathing of water, and to enslave any foolish mortal who tries to assume that he has free will. Aboleth has regained his full potential, and we even have a number of updated legends that… usually make sense?

The Abolots were in the primeval oceans long before the gods appeared and enslaved the intelligent races until the gods came and destroyed their Abolot empire. The abbots have never forgotten this event, for they have a perfect memory and have sworn to resurrect and destroy the gods. Abolets never forget, and the memory of this event is still very clear to them, because they do not really die if they are destroyed … they just reform themselves in the water plane and… Yes, of course. It makes perfect sense… We’re lying. That’s not true. There is no mention of why they are reforming at the water level, only what they are doing. There is no context or history to support this claim, and it’s just new information that strangely enough seems to have been thrown into it.

In addition to their perfect memory and rebirth at water level, they can devour other creatures and retrieve memories. If anyone was interested in researching the ancient past, the Bolaschki would also be the perfect interlocutors… without the slavery of all the deadly creatures with which the scalpers train regularly.

Manualof Monster does not indicate that there is no specific city for Aboleta, and it seems that they are just lonely creatures with no brood to take care of. The only information about the cities of Abolete is that the extraordinary Abolete will be hidden in the ruins of the ancient city of Abolete, and that is it. In the adventure bookBarley in the salt marsh (2019)of the adventureBarley, which is actually a 3rd generation adventure. …but it is on the 5th edition. In this adventure, Abolot from the town of Abolot found Nadir the Endless Kraken and is possessed by a creature known as Tarizdun. He tries to take care of the Kraken miner until he is fully grown, because Aboleth thinks Tharizdun wants it. Endless Nadir sent two Abolites to pursue Tarizdun, who worships Abolite, and destroy him… which is a little ruse, since they’ve just been reborn in the seaplane.

Salt marsh spirits, 2019 WotC

In general, the 5th Aboleths possess many ancient skills, including using illusions to deceive mortals, although some of us still miss the days when they hated all the magic and had complex societies with different kinds of research technology to bring the world to its knees. At least 5th removes the server and sends Skums back toSaltmarsh Ghostswith a pretty cool facelift. They look more like monstrous squids than peeled people or murdering cheese fishermen from the 1980s of the 3rd millennium BC.

Our masters of the deep have undergone many changes over the years, although they have all been transformed into terrifying creatures that will completely ruin an unprepared party. These Abolets have great and powerful corporations, and nothing can stop their final ascent, for their empire must conquer the mortal world and destroy the gods who were stupid enough to interfere!

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Main art loan: Saltwater marsh ghosts from WotC

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