Warframes Release List The Date

Every year we see Warframe drastically improve and bring new features and content that we can exploit through the efforts of Digital Extremes. One of the most long-awaited things in this game is the new Warframes game, which they have creatively designed. Here is a list of all war frames that have been added in … Read more

Warframe: Index Guide for 2019

Bets on target To win a game, investors must be able to reach their goal before time runs out, otherwise the mission may end in a win with payback (the game ends with investors having more points but not reaching the goal) or a defeat (the opponent has more points and time runs out). To … Read more

Titania Build 2020 Warframe Guide

Titan is a fairy tale character who uses his evil power to throw his enemies into chaos and manipulate the outcome of the battle with his intelligence and trickery. It is a very versatile war machine that has a good command of the crowd and causes damage to multiple enemies, while its many capabilities can … Read more

Warframe solo or ghost clan layout and cost of form

Many good battle frames, many weapons and some basic items are part of the clan research in Warframe. This means that if you don’t join the clan, these things will stay hidden from you. Fortunately, Warframe allows you to build a clan of lonely players. This guide also includes a very popular YouTube video that … Read more

Warframe Radiation Hazard Output Beginner Guide

Many actors are confronted with risks or damage as a result of radiation. Once the emission of sample is directed at you, you can order to kill the with your weapon and the capability within 12 seconds of the. To make matters worse, active irradiation also stops the radiation from your comrades or agents for … Read more

Warframe Polymer Bundle Farming Guide for 2020

Thermoplastic hard case. Plastic kit The production of the weapons of destruction and survival we use is not cheap. We need a lot of resources to prepare the equipment before we embark on these dangerous and difficult missions, but not all materials are immediately available. The polymer package is one of those hard to come … Read more

Octavia Build 2020 Warframe Guide

Octavia is a war music company that uses the sounds of his mandachord to bring his music to the battlefield. It’s a very funny war picture that you can use, and it’s also creative when you use music that you can compose yourself in the war picture to hurt the enemies and you and your … Read more

Guide to the Warframe Oberon Build 2020

Oberon is a paladin-like dwarf armature that uses his abilities to heal and protect his allies while using them to damage and confuse his enemies. His skills, which give him a head start in various situations, make him well suited to take on the support and leadership tasks, focusing primarily on keeping everyone alive and … Read more

Warframe New Build 2020 Guide

Basically, the Nova is a pillar of the fixture, capable of manipulating enemies using its electromagnetic capabilities and molecular control. She controls antimatter and uses it to manipulate both enemies and the results of missions, not only to support her allies and eliminate her enemies, but also to inflict damage on many enemies around her. … Read more

Guide to Warframe Nezha Build 2020

Nezha is an offensive and mobile armor that excels and moves so that it defies friction and damages its enemies through fire. It is one of the most difficult warframes to use at the beginning, because the movements are a bit slippery for most players. Because he has a tendency to move, he also has … Read more