Remnant: The Ashes Bell Puzzle Solutions

The new Remante: Published DLC from the Axis, which includes a number of new features you can read about here One of the most exciting new features is the all-new Survival Mode. In this tutorial we will see how to play the survival mode in the swamps of the body. How to play the survival … Read more

Remnant From Ash Patch Notes 1.12 – New Update

Game manuals > Game news – all platforms > 1.12 – New update. Until the 12th. February 2020 on News of the Games – News from all platforms, Patch, Remnant : Refresh yourself from the ashes. The developers responsible for Remnant From The Ashes have released a new update. We have full patch information for … Read more

Remnant From Ashes Patch Notes 1.11 – New Released Update

Today, the 14th. A new update for remnants of axis was published in November. We have a full patch of 1.11 notes for this update. Remnant From the Ashes Update 1.11 is now available as download for PS4, Xbox One and PC. The update does not contain any new content, but only fixes bugs in … Read more

Remnant From The Ashes Glowing Rod Location & How To Find It

In Xbox games on PC PS4 19/08/2019 Remnant From The Ashes is the newest action shooter in which the world is full of chaos and torn apart by creatures of different dimensions, the so-called roots. You will be taken to an unknown island and rescued by a group of strangers from station 13 who will … Read more

Remnant: The Ashes Traits List

Survivors: These are passive capacities that can be aligned out of the shaft up to 20 times. Each of them will give your character a unique bonus that will help you navigate through more complex dungeons. Once you’ve unlocked an attribute, it’s permanently available for that character through the in-game attribute menu (T). Property level … Read more