How to Play Offline Mode Escape From Tarkov

If you look at Escape from Tarkov, you might feel a little overwhelmed by the game’s complexity. These tips will help you get started and familiarise yourself with the game before taking on the vets. The first thing we recommend for new players is an offline start. How to play offline during Tarkov’s flight To … Read more

How to Get Kappa Container Escape From Tarkov

This guide explains what the Kappa container is and how to get it. You may be familiar with the Alpha, Beta, and Gamma containers you receive when purchasing Tarkov’s Escape Special Editions. There is a container that surpasses them, a 4×3 slotted box called a Kappa container. How do I get a Kappa container from … Read more

Escape from Tarkov Woods Map Guide for 2020

The forests are medium to large on the Tarkov Flight map with a large central hotspot. Most activities occur in the middle of the plan, surrounded by woods, but many extraction points are located at the map’s edge. Escaping the Tarkovsky Forest Map Guide 2020 The forests lie around a medium to a large map, … Read more

Escape from the Tarkov Shoreline Key Guide

Shoreline has been added as the fourth map to escape Tarkov, a popular first-person shooter at Battlestate Games. This map is located near the port, on the outskirts of Tarkov, and includes a long beach, an abandoned village, a petrol station, and a health resort on the French Riviera. The coast, which is one of … Read more

Escape from Tarkov Reserve Map Guide for 2020

If you’re new to the Tarkovsky Nature Reserve, this guide will help you understand the extractions, looting, and areas to look out for, as well as general tips to help you navigate the map and carry out your raids. Escape from the Tarkovsky reserve The map above shows a 3D map of the reserve, which … Read more

Escape from Tarkov Recommended Keys for each map

There are many different keys you can find when playing Escape from Tharks. Each ticket has a specific purpose and usually rewards you with a quality theft, which you can sell for many rubles. This diagram will help you find the right keys for each card. Tarkov Escape keys recommended for each card The above … Read more

Escape from Tarkov Lab Map Guide 2020

The lab is a unique card with tons of different extraction points that can confuse new players. Everywhere in the region, looting and valuables of high quality can be found. The security features don’t work on this card, so don’t waste time trying. Scavengers spawn around the map when specific circumstances arise. They can be … Read more

Escape the Tarkov Factory Map Guide

The factory is a small, fleeting, often chaotic map to escape Tarkov. There are several levels on the map, including the underground tunnel system, the ground floor, the second and third floors. The chart below should help you understand where you are on the map and familiarise you with the fundamental diagram. Map Guide to … Read more

Escape from Tarkov’s Ammo Chart (0.12.2)

Escaping the Tark can be a challenging game to play when you’re just starting to play. Maybe you received the game as a holiday gift or want to know more about the game. The following guide will help you understand the cartridge system in the game. The user has compiled what he calls the noob-friendly … Read more

Escape from Tarkov 2020 Shoreline Maps Guide

The coastline is the main map of this Escape from the Tarkov 2020 guide. It is a large card with 8 to 13 players, located along the coast. There is a small town, a gas station, a village, a marina, a billiard room, a radio station, and a sizeable three-story resort. Tarkov 2020 Coastal map … Read more