Division 2: RFID Key Card Location – Headquarters of the Bank

Secret key card – Bank headquarters – Save the President In the primary mission Division 2, the bank’s center, you have to go to the vault and rescue the president. This is one of the most challenging missions, at least if you’re on level 16. In this mission, you will find a secret RFIDkey card … Read more

Division 2: Maintenance, 24 April server, Patch Change Log

Division 2 Xbox One and the PC are now on PS4; unplanned maintenance is possible. TU9’s most controversial nerd is about to have a debate. The servers are also disabled. Why the operation of the set of 2. League? After a significant update of the title, nine appeared last Tuesday; there was a lot of … Read more

Division 2: All Side Missions-Locations and Solutions

There are many secondary emissions. Division 2, not all of which start with the NVC. Some missions only appear when you are in a particular area, reach a certain level, or liberate individual colonies. In this guide, we want to show you all available sub-missions, starting points, and how they can be carried out. We … Read more

Division 2 High-End Gear Talent – Title Update 8

Below is a complete list of all talent contests that can be held on expensive backpacks and suitcases. You can also see them in the recalibration library. Department 2 High-End Backpack Talents Combination Weapons – When firing at an opponent, the skill’s total damage is increased by 25% in 3 seconds. Power Up – The … Read more

Division 2 – List of Armor Talents and How They Work

Chapter 2 will bring a lot of new content, new missions, and a whole new story. It brings with it old, unique, and improved features. Armour skills will be one of the old features that have been slightly modified by a slightly lower setting. For more information, see below. List of all armored talents and … Read more

Division 2 – How to Get All Plans for Crafting

Section 2 has undergone several changes that enable new weapons, equipment, and many other items. But to make new items, you need plans. However, these are not hard to get. In some cases, you will find that you want to get more. How to obtain all manufacturing drawings in 2 That’s why you’ll find a … Read more