Deep Dive-The Aboleth

Saltmarsh Ghosts, WotC 2019.

These terrifying creatures hide in underground caves and ancient ruins of the material world. They frighten monsters, especially adventurers they’ve … Read more

Deep Dive-The Flumph

The Sample Manual, WotC 2014

These cute little flying jellyfish are one of the few legally good creatures now living in the dungeon. I know … Read more

Deep Dive-The Kuo-Toa

The Sample Manual, WotC 2014

Ah, Kuo-Toah. Monstrous humanoid fish that live underwater and worship the mad god… Blibbulb poolpu. And no, I didn’t invent … Read more

Deep Dive-The Nothic

So the last deep dive on the spectator almost broke us. It was a huge task, and frankly, we didn’t … Read more

Deep Dive-The Rakshasa

The Sample Manual, WotC 2014

Rakshasa is an interesting creature. They are included in every issue ofDungeons and Dragonsthat has evolved over the years. We … Read more