Deep Dive-The Fireball Spell

10. December December 10 December – fireball spell We’ve launched Pateron! This helps the blog and can help you dive even deeper! Do you know what an explosion is? It’s the first time you’ve fired that angry fireball at a horde of goblins and frantically laughed at your GM’s face when he tells you they’re … Read more

Deep Dive-The Aboleth

These terrifying creatures hide in underground caves and ancient ruins of the material world. They frighten monsters, especially adventurers they’ve never met. You can turn your flawless skin into a strange transparent membrane that must always be kept moist, otherwise it will begin to dry out and you will die. Or maybe you got too … Read more

Deep Dive-The Displacer Beast

The Scatter Monster is another one of those originalmonsters from Dungeons and Dragonsthat may not be super special, but they are loved. Our not very nice cat – a six-legged cougar with tentacles – has a large capacity and has always had a great art. Not all creatures can have the power of a fox, … Read more

Deep Dive-The Flumph

These cute little flying jellyfish are one of the few legally good creatures now living in the dungeon. I know we’re used to complaining about the ugliness of the creature we’re investigating, but Flumfa isn’t as ugly as it looks, you might even say it’s cute. Visually, Flumph hasn’t changed much in all publications. It … Read more

Deep Dive-The Hobgoblin

We had a request for a deep dive on the Hobgoblin and Stephen was very much in favour of it. Chris is not aware that the goblin is a creature that Stephen really loves, and he thought it would be great to dive deep into a creature. So they agreed, and the search for the … Read more

Deep Dive-The Kuo-Toa

Ah, Kuo-Toah. Monstrous humanoid fish that live underwater and worship the mad god… Blibbulb poolpu. And no, I didn’t invent this, although in some editions they change their cult from a crab-head goddess to Dagon, a cthulhu-like monster that will bring about the end of the world. These strange creatures are known to be a … Read more

Deep Dive-The Nothic

So the last deep dive on the spectator almost broke us. It was a huge task, and frankly, we didn’t understand what we were getting into. We would therefore like to thank everyone who voted for our Patreon and who decided to make our choice for Deep Dive, The Nothic, easier. These cheerful and undervalued … Read more

Deep Dive-The Rakshasa

Rakshasa is an interesting creature. They are included in every issue ofDungeons and Dragonsthat has evolved over the years. We don’t meet them very often, and that’s a pity, because they are among the creatures that have endless possibilities to play with them. The Rakshasa are mythical demons of the Hindu religion. Created by Brahma, … Read more

Deep Dive-The Sahuagin

Sa-Hogin? Her vagina? Sa-san-gin? Who knows how you pronounce it, all we know is that it hides in the dark depths and wants to eat your face. On the front page of the last adventure, The Spirits of the Salt Marshes, we hope that this symbolic monkfish will experience the long awaited revival. As we … Read more

Deep Dive-The Hulk of the Umber

Umber Hulk. That creature is so stupid and ugly, it makes Korsna beautiful. I know we laugh a lot about art in old books, but the first pictures are more than just words. Even if someone has to love him while he’s holding up his ugly face, it doesn’t matter what song you’re looking at. … Read more