Canyon of Fog

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Fog camera

The fog gorges are early, but it isn’t easy to navigate without Ishma’s cloak of shadows and tears. You can reach it from all sides. For this passage, I assume that you walk from the bottom of the mushroom field to the bottom of the map.

If you follow the button on the left, you will find Millibelle Banker. You can open an account with 100 geos and store your geo there for storage.

The passage in the middle on the left leads to the Royal Garden, which goes up to the high cave. Keep going upstairs and take the exit on the left. About halfway through the next shelter, there is a passage to Overgrown Mound on the left. Walk to Lifeblood Cocoon and print the Hallownest Seal.

In Overgrown Mound, walk past the squats and cast the Ghosts of Warring spell. The update for this spell, Missing Cry, can be found in the missing period.

Go back to the high cave and turn right. You’ll need the Shadow Gate to get through. Go up and search Conifer, where you will find a map of the area.

Go down the stairs and go to the left. Go upstairs and cross the secret passage to the left. It is a rather complex area with exploding jellyfish, exploding trees, and exploding eggs. If you survive, you’ll be rewarded with another night’s spell.

Now go downstairs and turn left to go back to the teacher’s archive before going down to the Teacher’s Super Dash Archive entrance to find the hidden Grub.

Teacher’s archives

Jump on two platforms. Now might be a good time to change your spell to prepare for the boss’s fight with Uumuu. It’s going to be a long fight, so I chose the heart of blood and the nature of blood as my charms.

Walk to the teacher’s archive in the arena. When you’re on the lowest platform, Uumuu rises from the acid pool.


Uumuu has only 300 health points but is invulnerable as long as it is surrounded by jellyfish pools. Grain goes with you in this fight, and everyone knows it. He’ll replenish Uumuu’s armor so you’ll have a chance to hurt him. Try to get as many hits or spells as possible while the armor is ready.

There are two significant attacks in Uumuu: Lightning and lightning hunt. For a flash, Uumuu will fill the arena at lightning speed. There will be safe places, but it is difficult to predict where they will be because the lightning seems to be random. Lightning Chase follows you into the arena for about six seconds. It would help if you kept driving. Otherwise, you will be damaged by lightning.

Once Uumuu is defeated, you are free to explore the Teacher’s remaining archives. Find a big hit with the Dreamer in it. Jump up and look at the button on the left side. After Quirrel has spoken to you, you use the dream nail to go into the tube with the dreamer. Turn right and kill the dreamer.

That’s it for this region. If you want to see true perfection, you have to go back and beat the dream patterns to get an extra essence.

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