Build TFT Yordle (9.14)

The TFT Yordle built is a solid team where the yordle escapes from a fan that makes you hard to kill. This construction is very strong against automated attacks based on compositions such as ninjas and killers.


  • Tristan
  • Lucian
  • Get to know
  • Poppy
  • Lulu
  • Weigar
  • Gnar

Start of the game

  • Tristan
  • Lulu
  • Lucian

If you have an early Tristana and see a lot of people collecting ninjas and killers, you’ll soon convince Lula to start building Jordle.

Average evacuation

  • Tristan
  • Lulu
  • Lucian
  • Get to know
  • Poppy

Collect all the shooters, pirates and yordles you can find, don’t hesitate to throw the pirates completely in the middle of the game and concentrate exclusively on the yordles.


  • accursed leaf
  • Guinsu leaf of wrath
  • The red buffalo
  • Silence
  • Swordfighter

Our cargo for this TFT yordle building will be the bridge to Tristan and Lucian.

  • Tristan – Cursed leaf, Angry leaf Ginsu, Red Buffalo
  • Lucian – Silence, swordsman, cursed leaf


Your shooters must be strong in that building, while you keep three yorks in your computer. Focus on aligning Tristan and Lucian. Lulu will keep your units alive so you can easily reach level 7.

| Published on the 22nd. August 2019 at 8:16 p.m.

The TFT Noble Draven is an incredibly strong team that uses Draven as a heavy load. You can jump in this building of 4 knights to keep you alive at the beginning of the game. Lucian and Gangplank could be your first playground.

Start of the game

Yarn, Fiora, Darius – Knight of Noble – a solid way to start the fight Lucian can play the role of carrier for the first game.

Average evacuation

Yarn, Darius, Lucian, Gangboard, Fiora – The goal of the game is to find a good block to place your stuff and create a proper synergy to prevent your health points from diminishing.

Center and end of Part

The most difficult part of this collection is waiting for the kale. The composition will only really come into its own in phase 8, and kale will probably only be found in this phase.

It is important not to undermine the vision of the final, to build up all the matches without having a viable team. You really want to win a few games on the way to the last meeting.

Noble designs building

Wood – Rapid Fire Volcano, Hurricane Runana, Bloodthirsty

Group Box – Safety Angle, Silence, Red Scarf


Wood, Wayne, Lucian and Fiora may be in the back row, but make sure they are divided in such a way that there is a hex between each of them to avoid hex compositions.

Yarn and Leona can hold the front line on both sides of the board. Kayle and Gangboard can be placed behind Yarn and Leona for extra support.

| Published on the 22nd. July 2019 at 6:53 p.m.

The switch integrated in Patch 9.14 is universal and easy to use. Since at least half of your shooters will be pirates, it’s a good idea to start with 3 pirates to boost your economy before using extra firepower. In order to make it feasible, several important issues need to be addressed at an early stage.

Masters of Early Play

  • Tristan – Primary transport
  • Lucian – Secondary Transportation
  • Group attack
  • Dig
  • Pike

It is the heart of your building at an early stage. You have to have some kind of tank in your team before you can get all your champions, and you’ll probably have to keep your tanks for a while until you can get your second team online and build your elements.

Essential elements

You’ll want to build the Red Buff and the Damned Blade and place them on Tristan. It has the longest range and should be the safest sign when the damage has been removed the longest. Since the Gun Buffet allows you to attack multiple enemies, these items can potentially shoot multiple enemies at once, making them very powerful. Lucian can take it.

Armor + straps

body + onion

If possible, insert an extra cursed knife, disarm the weapon, or fix yourself on a secondary arrow holder.

Phase 2

So you’ve got a couple of shooters and a couple of random champions taking some pictures for you. Now we need to add more firepower. The Blemasters are a good choice. Once you have your Blaster, you can remove the pike.

Supplement to Blemastermaster

  • Aartrox
  • Shen
  • Signed
  • Yasuo/Fiora

The gateway is already a Blemaster, so you’ll have to make a Destroyed King Blade and probably put Tristan on your main carrier. He’ll line up six Blemasters and make you the strongest.

Spatula + onions

If you find Miss Fortune and your graves are weak, you can trade them.

Phase 2 Alternative

If the rippers are not up to the task, it is a good option to get the SS masters.

Addition to CCChampion

  • Cho Gath
  • Szechuani

Load these champions with stuff from the tank.

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