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Hey, Hunter.

Fin, be careful.

I am doing this message that shows the support construction manual, because there is no text construction. Not everyone wants to watch the video, and if I do, I can provide links to the relevant items and just make life a lot easier for everyone.

I wanted to write a similar post about the release of Kulve Taroth & Behemoth, because it is ideal to work with 2 DPS, 1 tank and 1 support, but I’ve never been able to do it, of course this build is always super good in the normal yacht.

I will explain now and not later that you have to be in the lastof for this building. This building can’t be completed properly until you’ve finished the story and made it a point of honour to make the jewels grow. (I think this warning is necessary because many messages don’t mention it in advance and you lose 10 minutes of your life).

I will try to present the information I present in the clearest and most informative way possible so that it does not appear in the eyes. I will also give appropriate advice on any point if I deem it necessary.

The reason I use the Sword and Shield for this model is that this weapon is better suited for an auxiliary bearing because of the high mobility and the possibility to use certain objects/rails when the weapon is fired.

Okay, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go.

BuildingsSwordtail and Shield

Type Gearbox Jewellery
Gun Rand Styx Handmade jewelry 3, security jewelry 1
Chapter Guild of the Cross Beta Circle Pearl of friendship 1 (x3)
Safe Alpha-Dober-Post Attack Gem 1
Gun Waal-Hazak Beta bracelet Iron Jewelry 1 (x3)
Talia Beta Empress Role The rare pearl 2, the rare pearl 2
Feet Empress Grievez Alpha Satin gemstone 1, expert gemstone 1
Charm The magic of mushrooms II K.A.
Tools no. 1 Temporary jacket K.A.
Tools no. 2 Health promotion K.A.

NOTE: The hand jewel can be replaced by a support jewel, which ensures that you do not knock out your teammates during normal attacks.

All this together will allow you to take care of yourself:

Weapons statistics

It is without extension, you really have 1 extension lock, you can choose freely.

Weapons statistics Amount
Attack 279
Affinity 13%
Element Explosion
Elementary value 210
Sharpness White
Older edition K.A.

Shield condition

This assumes that you upgrade each part to the standard coverage, the protection can be much higher with the addition.

Shield condition Amount
Shooters 368
Water 6
Thunder 2
Ice cream -8
Dragon -3


NOTE: As mentioned above, a hand jewel can be replaced by a corset jewel, which prevents you from knocking out your teammates during a normal attack.


Qualification Amount Brief description
A wide range of products 5/5 A mandatory skill, it ensures that when you use food, drinks, powders and mushrooms, your teammates also benefit if they are close enough to each other. (5/5 It has a wide range)
God’s blessing 3/3 If you get hit, sometimes you get 50% less damage. (It’s good that you’re alive, even if you shouldn’t be).
Attack the punch 3/7 Increases the damage to the base attack, so you can participate in the fight instead of being a passive support.
Cheerleader with mushrooms 3/3 This beauty makes it possible to eat mushrooms for amateurs, works with a wide range of products. (See the illustrations in this table below).
Feeding speed 3/3 You can eat and drink 70% faster, it’s great fun to get back in the fight with your teammates.
Tool specialist 2/3 Shorten the cooling of your instruments by 10% so that you can wear the mantle and remove the healing accelerant more often.
Accelerated recovery 2/3 The title says it all, it just makes your pool a little healthier and allows you to summarize some results that you probably shouldn’t summarize.
A high level of performance 1/3 Increases the damage of the base attack a little when you have all your health points. (This often happens because you constantly heal your teammates, who in turn heal themselves).
Arts and Crafts 1/5 Increase the white blood cell count slightly, so no Mr. Deflexto.
Critical increase 1/3 Increases critical impact damage.
Avoid the expander 1/3 Allows you to scroll beyond the default setting, which helps you bypass and reposition.
Free meals 1/1 Compulsory skill, gives you a 25% chance not to consume your stuff. (In theory, if the RNG blesses you, you get more drink/fungi/food/healthy powder).
Critical eye 1/7 Increases your proximity to the weapon; a very small amount in turn allows you to do more damage in general.
Sharp razor blades / spare hoists 1/1 Reduces the loss of sharpness during the fight by half, so you don’t have to adjust the chyton signal for the whole phase or possibly 2.
Heavy hat up Betting Bonus 2 (Lunaster games) It only increases your stamina, spam makes more painful combinations possible for stamina.

Mushrooms Note

So the mushroom aspect of the meeting is really cool OMI.

The skill of the mushroom makes it possible to eat certain mushrooms, which gives you amateurs. I will list below the mushrooms that can be consumed and their respective amateurs.

Mushroom Polishing disc Duration Description
Blue mushroom Magic potion K.A. Gives a small temporary health measure
Mandragora Maximum magic potion K.A. Makes it possible to be healthy immediately and increases your health limit to the maximum. (NOTE: This does not work with a wide range because you know … OP).
Nitrous oxide Demonstration Until the hunt is over or until death. Increases the attack force by 5. Can be stacked with the Might Seed and dining buffet. (If you use the Mega Demon Drug, it will be removed)
Grill Armor Until the hunt is over or until death. Raise the defense by 15. Can be stacked with tough seeds and the dining room buffet. (If you use Mega Armorskin, it will be removed)
Toadstool Vaccine 5 minutes Increases the healing rate. (The red part on your health when you are hit turns yellow and comes back quicker).
Enslavement to evil Fruit Juice 4 minutes Any action that affects endurance is halved and the endurance recovers very quickly. (Double-page and Lowe-users will love you).

NOTE: I am used to running with the 6 mushrooms AND the powerful/intransigrating seeds because they are folded for you and the other party members.

You’ve reached the end of construction. If I missed anything, you can skip the comment.

As you can see, I tried to design the support to make you really competent in your role and two who are still able to do the damage and help your team to kill or capture pacifists … pacifists.. The building isn’t too crazy, my first idea was to use figures from the Arched Tempered Vaal, but I missed it and I didn’t have mushroom-shaped jewellery, so this is what came out.


I used Fextralife as a source for my wiki links. I know they get a lot of criticism, but their content is always at the top of the list, so they have to do something right.

  • Wiki fxtra-life
  • Fextralife Youtube channel

This is a reference to an earlier guide on the hunting horn, which I made some time ago. I don’t know if it is well outdated, but the main reason I linked it is that I have listed below a farm building that will help you collect materials, mushrooms and glass.

Well, yeah… you’ve… You’ve reached the end of your fast. I hope that helps somebody.

Happy hunting! -Agenda

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