Best SimCity Games (All Ranked)

Video games about designing and managing your space station, a prison, my amusement park, or even an amusement park are only a matter of time.

It’s fashionable, and we love it!

But this simulated fever hasn’t always been there, and I think it’s appropriate to give a little love to the honesty that started it all: Simplicity.

We were all there. We were pinned to our screens, dead bodies left in front of a floating camera connected to our mayor’s immortal brain.

Hours and hours were spent designing an ideal city, developing roads and planning areas, adopting policies for the benefit of the population, and preparing for the natural disasters on the horizon. SimCity, in most forms, is an incredible and diving experience that has given most of us irreplaceable memories.

But let’s face it: Most of us usually don’t have time to see the city turn from Colony 1 into a bustling metropolis. And when we do, we want the best possible time.

That’s why I’ve decided to create a ranking of all the great SimCity games so that you can best choose the games in which you want to spend your time.

11. SimCity Social

The truth is you don’t have to do anything to avoid SimCity Social.

On the contrary, to start this game on Facebook, you would have to use complicated tricks.

It was published in June 2012 but only existed for about a year until the expert consultant decided to close it to focus on other projects.

As you would expect from a Facebook game, it suffered from classic complaints such as micro-transactions and straightforward gameplay designed to entertain your half-dead grey cells while you were on the site.

For the Facebook game, on the other hand, it was a relatively exciting game in artistic style, which is, in any case, worth mentioning in this list.

10. SimCity DS

As for something more serious, we have a very ambitious SimCity DS.

It was developed by the Japanese branch of EA and published by the same company in 2007. The game assets and mechanisms have been taken from older publications such as SimCity 3000 and adapted to make them more suitable for portable devices.

In general, they almost managed to create a reasonably fair and complex game. But he lacked greatness because of a series of bad decisions.

Let’s start with the fact that the style of art, in which you choose everything that is not directly derived from the old games, was terrible.

This was especially noticeable with EA, who couldn’t even be turned off to prevent their horrible faces from smearing the screen. The game also starts to run a bit poorly and stays far behind when your city has reached a high level of development.

After all, SimCity DS is an ambitious game with mediocre performance. But I give him a few points for bringing the franchise to portable devices.

9. SimCity: Cities of tomorrow

Talk about ambition and failure: Let’s talk about one of the biggest disappointments EA has ever been responsible for (and that says a lot).

Developed by Maxis and published by EA for PC and Mac, SimCity 2013 Reboot is designed to take the simulator to the next level with the GlassBox engine. This machine has replaced the simulation of shared values and visualizations to compare them with real individual agents, citizens if you like, and then calculate the rest based on their actions.

But at startup, it only managed to disable the inadequate EA9 servers, which was the biggest problem because they always had to stay on the network if you wanted to play.

This, together with a bunch of bugs and a somewhat sloppy GlassBox engine, caused a terrible start.

It took months to get the game off to a good start.

But after they fixed everything (and added the offline game), the game wasn’t that bad anymore.

Without these launch issues, fans would probably be very divided on whether this is the best SimCity game so far.

The graphics are beautiful, the simulation is detailed, and the score is a masterpiece. It’s a pity the damage was done a long time ago. Such disrespectful behavior by publishers towards their customers is not easy to forget.

8. SimCityIt design

After such a failure, the consultant had to catch up and start earning money. So they decided to use the next big thing: Games for mobile phones.

They hired developer Tracktwenty to create the SimCity mobile experience and launched SimCity Buildit in 2014.

And, frankly, they did a good job.

This game quickly became one of the most popular applications on Android and iOS because of its colorful and attractive graphics (renamed SimCity) and its fascinating but straightforward gameplay.

However, there is still an entertaining game that will keep your attention moving for short periods.

7. SimCity

Before the two previous records were set, a SimCity Societies game tried to reinvent the franchise and steer it in a new direction that was more accessible to new players.

It was developed by Tilted Mill Entertainment and released by EA in 2007 with a wholly redesigned 3D image and a simplified game program that focuses more on the community in your city than the city itself.

Although the game is still a lot of fun, these changes have made SimCity Societies feel more like a byproduct than the main game in the series.

Issues such as zoning and individual building development have been set aside in favor of managing public values using different means, and these values, in turn, have determined the improvements proposed to you and the eventual appearance of your city.

There is still a solid and entertaining game if you are looking for something different. If it was just the Sim companies…

6. SimCity Creator (Wii)

Then we have a unique entry in the series.

SimCity Creator was developed by Hudson and released by EA for Wii in 2008.

Contrary to what one might think, the game didn’t show tricks with motion control, but with a few adjustments, it offered a somewhat nuanced and fun essential SimCity gaming experience.

In this game, you have to develop a civilization and bring it from the caveman era to modern times and further through your city-state’s administration.

The gameplay’s complexity has been reduced compared to previous versions, but only to the extent that it does not spoil what makes a good SimCity game, while it is a little more fun for casual gamers.

Even though the critics thought it was not very unusual to have a Wii console, it’s still funny.

5. Creator of SimCity DS

That same year SimCity Creator was released for DS, bringing the experience to portable devices.

Unlike other portable predecessors, this game had better visualization and worked perfectly on a two-screen device.

Critics praised him for putting so much content in his portable name, even though the controls were generally clumsy and lacked the finish.

I still think it’s an excellent option for city planning on the road.

4. City Sim 4: Peak time

One of the most impressive records in the franchise and a favorite of many.

Sim City 4, with the Rush Hour expansion, is probably the most detailed and complex SimCity game to date.

Designed by Maxis and released by EA for PC and Mac in 2003, it has surprised gamers with updated graphics, day/night cycles, and interconnected cities.

The amount of micromanagement you can do is insane.

Each small part can be checked to influence the overall picture. Whether it was too much micromanagement or just enough, there has since been a gap between parts of the community, but no one doubts the amount of work that has gone into the content.

The soundtrack is also one of the best in the series.

Unfortunately, the game suffers from serious optimization problems, so it must be run on a monstrous computer to avoid delays. The traffic system is also slightly disrupted so that traffic jams are inevitable even on the most efficient roads.

For these reasons, he can’t reach great heights on our list.

However, if I were in the classification of a modified game, it would be at the top of the list.

Years of love from the mud community have helped solve these problems and improve many game features.

3. SimCity Classic

The original game, with which the adventure began, could not be missing from this list.

It may not have the most complex systems or the best graphics, but in 1989 it was a revolutionary game that brought new experiences to the entire video game market. She won several awards and distinctions at that time.

The success was such that Maxis’ developer quickly started developing many other simulators such as SimTown and SimAnt, connecting users to the genre and paving the way for future games.

It was initially published on Commodore Amiga and Macintosh computers but is still being reissued on many other systems.

Somewhere there has to be a calculator that’s compatible with first-generation Pokémon games. The generation works, so there’s no reason not to try it if you haven’t already.

Please pay attention: I’m also recording a SNES SimCity version here because it’s very close to the original. Let’s say they’re both equal for third place!

2. SimCity 2000

In 1993, four years after the release of the original version of SimCity, Maxis came up with another masterpiece.

SimCity has laid the real foundation for what this series will be in the future.

The graphics have been updated, the isometric look and feel have improved, and the game has become much more complex, making the authentic popular a fully-fledged experience, with new mechanics and a wide variety of buildings that allow players to follow the growth of the city in different ways.

For many players, this game remains the best of the series.

This could be mainly due to the nostalgic value of his MIDI audio and his 90s personality.

But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve recognition.

SimCity 2000 has become the foundation of that will be built on in the future, not only in a technical sense but also in how it has enabled Maxis to become a larger company with more resources.

1. SimCity 3000

And what did Maxis do with these new drugs?

He put it in SimCity 3000, a continuation and complete revision of his predecessor from 1999.

Say what you like, but this game took SimCity 2000 and gave it extreme makeup with improved colors, CD-quality music by ingenious composer Jerry Martin, and an enhanced simulator with waste management, obsolete buildings, and areas diversified according to the income spectrum of residents and the value of the land.

Also, the cards have been enlarged four times so that you can broaden your city so that you never see the size before.

This is undoubtedly the quintessence of the SimCity experience and the reference for all the others.

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