Best Playable Races For Each Class in Skyrim (Ranked)

The continent of Tamriel is home to many different races, all of which are part of a long tradition of bloodshed that has shaped the kingdom over the years.

Although each region is very different, depending on the dominant breed of the local population, all Tamriel varieties can be found in every corner of the continent.

Diversity has always been one of the most critical factors in this game, and Skyrim is the proud home of all races in the country.

Some of them have different attributes, so it can be not easy to find the best breed (not to mention racial origin). This game offers different talents depending on who you play for; some are more skilled in magic than others, while others are physically better built to be warriors.

Choosing the best character depends entirely on what you want to do on Skyrim. That’s why I’ve made an overview of the best races in the game, so you can better understand which ones are best suited to your style of play. Let’s dive in!

10. Murderous whales

Orcs, from the Dragontail and Wrotgar Mountains, are giant physical creatures that are considered one of the strongest races in the game.

They have everything they need to thrive in battle, and their brutal nature also makes them formidable bandits and arsonists.

Orcs are undoubtedly one of the most frightening races in the game – not only because of their individuality but also because of their appearance.

According to the historians of Tamriel, orcs can somehow be associated with elves.

Orcs can therefore be considered a sub-breed of elves but with much more pronounced physical characteristics than their magical analogies.

Players who choose Orcs can quickly deter enemies in battle, but they also have unparalleled skills.

Some imperialists have skills that match the ability of the orcs to forge… but generally, the orcs are known to be one of the best gunsmiths and armors in Tamriel.

Some legendary Orc blacksmiths have lived for centuries, and the armor they make can be found in many dungeons as you play.

9. Breton

The Bretons are from High Rock, and they are known as one of the most enchanted in the world.

They are the perfect people to choose if you want to become a wizard without sacrificing your human appearance since most other races that are favorable to magic are (for the most part) elves.

The Bretons are also very good with sword and shield, so many fighters are among the Breton family. It is an exciting building strategy if you want that mix of magic and power.

You’re not only good at magic.

The Bretons can use their powers to strengthen their resistance to enemy spells, making them among the toughest winning magicians. Even though the Bretons are similar to humans, it is assumed that the elves’ blood flows in their veins.

Maybe that’s the main reason they’re so good at spelling.

But when it comes to Skyrim, Bretons are no ordinary.

In these countries, mainly Northern Europeans can be found, so a Skyrim Breton also brings a touch of uniqueness that cannot be compared to any other breed.

You will enjoy your visit to the Winterhold Hochschule because you will feel at home as soon as you walk through the university’s main door.

8. Argonier

Argonians are lizards that have their origins in the Black Swamp, one of Tamriel’s most inhospitable areas.

They are delicious in the fast movement, and they move very well on the water.

They can even breathe underwater, making them the best aquatic race in the game. The Argonne has many possibilities, and although they are not the strongest among the warriors, they are for the terrible murderers and thieves.

Undetected movement is one of the best characteristics of the Argonians.

Argonians born in the countries of the Black Swamp is also very good at defending themselves against diseases.

You rarely get sick, so you can move through the most dangerous parts of Skyrim without having to worry about your character’s health.

In terms of vitality, the Argonians are indeed not equal to other races.

They have the natural ability to quickly regain health, which compensates for the lack of resistance. It also makes the Argonians formidable warriors.

And although they have to train to reach a higher level, they can still be hard to beat opponents in battle.

7. High Tiers

Here we have inhabitants of the Summerset Islands, also known as Alter.

High Elves are generally considered magicians and seldom hold a sword during a fight. In any case, there are a handful of tall elves who act as combat virgins, but it is unlikely that learning the art of weaponry will happen among the elves.

High Elves are the best race you can play as a magician of all races in Skyrim. They have a more natural talent than allowing them to perform magical regeneration spells successfully.

Most High Elves are quite large and keep their traditional Aldmer tribe very close to their hearts.

Most of the higher elves are pale, but some have a skin similar to that of the northern humanoid races, such as the Bretons and the Northerners.

Many respected senior elves in Tamriel, many of whom also hold important positions in the courts. They are often associated with prestige, and if you see how they behave, you will understand why.

6. Wooden floors

Wood elves, also called Bosmer, are darker-skinned elves that have a closer bond with nature than others.

These guys have a natural accuracy, which makes them the best shooters in the world. And that’s why most Wood Elves spend most of their time improving their skills with a bow and arrow.

Wood elves are not as noble as their counterparts, the high elves, and are more often associated with dark arts.

Most Wood Elves who prefer a charming life tend to choose the magic of witchcraft, although most of them live as thieves or murderers under the two main underground guilds.

5. Hajjit

The Hajjites are probably the most diligent land merchants.

They have a natural talent for getting good deals and are the best resellers you can find in Skyrim.

If you want to live a merchant’s life, you can start your next game with habits. These feline creatures are naturally adorable and often refer to themselves in the third person.

Most of them come from the dry land of the Elsweir, a vast desert reminiscent of Arabia.

Thanks to their claws, they are excellent close-combat fighters, making these creatures a personal favorite that wins the most unarmed battles.

Of course, they acquired a bad reputation because women, like the Argonians, wanted to consider them.

4. Dark Elves

Dark elves are creatures that live in the shadows of Morrowind.

As their name suggests, they are very good at stealth, making them great killers and thieves (very similar to wood elves).

They have a darker appearance, both in terms of skin color and eyes and general appearance.

Skyrim has many dark elves due to the Red Mountain eruption in Morrowind, which forced a thousand elves to flee to the northernmost part of Tamriel.

In Skyrim, dark elves are not known to most people as killers. However, you will find one or two in the ranks of the Brotherhood and Thieves Guild.

In this game, they have mainly built a reputation as wizards, which means that many Skyrim wizards come from Morrowind – even some of the most influential Winterhold College members.

They are great wizards of destructive magic, who face their devastating enemies when you fall on the wrong side of one of these magical miracles.

3. Northern values

The Nords are the principal inhabitants of Skyrim.

They can withstand the cold, unlike any other breed, because they were born in Tamriel’s most frigid province.

This allows them to drive the most potent freezing spells, and they are very resistant to any blizzard.

You may find one or two Nords with incredible magical abilities, but most of the time, you’ll see these people as strong men who choose to fight wherever they go.

I think the Nords are mostly old Viking scrolls. They even have a fighting spell that allows them to deter their enemies, so naturally, everyone has to run for their lives.

We often see them with axes or two-handed weapons, and they work well, mainly because of the strength of these soldiers.

The Nordfrauen also follows because they are one of the best tokens in the game. The word has no limits here!

The Nords are also the second-best blacksmiths in Tamriel, just after the Orcs.

Playing in the North is the right choice if you want to mingle with Skyrim’s people because most of the inhabitants of the area come from the North.

2. Red Guards

Most Red Guards emigrated from their home in Hammerfell to Skyrim. Many believe that the Red Guard is Tamriel’s most powerful warriors, mainly because they can master the swords quickly and learn how to use them.

Today, their breed has been bred after years of bloody fighting, making them resistant to damage as they can withstand.

The Renegades aren’t just stupid.

They have also managed to use shields and other protective equipment.

I’d say they tend to control them with great ease, so players looking for an aggressive Warrior can try a Red Guard character.

And as their name suggests, they tend to be red, making them usually the second darkest of all breeds, just behind the dark elves.

They are great warriors, and many can be found in the ranks of the warrior guilds, such as the Compagnons.

Most members of the Red Guard also have a natural talent for archery, making them universal fighters in almost every area of the game.

1. Emperor

Emperors were born and divorced in Kirodiale.

Imperials can be found almost everywhere, mostly because they have not passed a particular skill, so they are as versatile as can be.

They do most things pretty well in to and allow you to reach your goal by playing all the roles at once, depending on each quest you pursue.

In general, I think Imperials are the best breed if you’re not sure where you want to go in your adventures.

Emperors are the oldest and best-educated citizens of the empire, making them the dominant race in Tamriel.

According to the history of ancient manuscripts, they ruled the region for just over two millennia.

The emperors make up a large part of Tamriel’s imperial army, and you can see them fighting the Northern Revolution all over Skyrim.

In any case, the imperialists can also be regarded as traders, and many of them work as hoteliers and in other trade-related professions.

They also have good negotiating skills, making them almost as good in the trade as the less respected Hajit. Moreover, the emperors also possess the magic of destruction and unilaterally fighting with weapons, so that they can do anything.

If you want a well-thought-out game that can go in any direction, I recommend starting the game with a character from the realm.

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