Best Mesa Prime Build in Warframe

Mesa is one of the most popular military moves you can play in this game. Their aesthetics are attractive, and the way they play the shooter can be insanely fun. Thanks to its high performance and DPS potential, Mesa masters team battles and individual tasks perfectly.

If you are interested in the best mesa meetings in 2019, we have collected some suggestions here that may help you. But first, let’s talk about how to get to the fair.

How to get a Mesa and Mesa Prime

If you don’t have Mesa yet, you can unlock it by buying spare parts on the market or by filling in the Patient Zero search. This unlocks Alade V’s murder mission, allowing you to find the parts of Mesa. You can start as much as you want to find the parts.

Mesa chassis plan – Total (38.72%)
Mesa system plan – Unusual (22.56%)

Mesa Prime is the primitive version of Mesa. You should try to unlock it as soon as possible if you like the style of play, because the tree-stats are important. The downloaded mods also offer significant DPS gains, with a critical probability and critical damage well combined with 25% critical probability and 3.0x critical damage for the controllers.

Up to 30. Make a comparison between Mesa Prime and Mesa :

  • Health – 405 versus 375
  • Armoured – 85 vs 65
  • Energy – 188 versus 150

You can get Mesa Prime by buying parts or by growing it yourself. The details can be found in various relics, as shown below:

  • Mesa Prime building plan: Neo Z2 relics (unusual)
  • Main frame drawing: Relics of the Axi H4 (general)
  • Project for neuroscientists: M3 Luminous Relics (rare)
  • Primary Systems Programme: Neo-M2 relics (rare)

You can take care of any relic here:

  • Neo Z2 relay: Seduna – Hydron 8.83% Odds of rotation A | Empty – Ukko 5.56% Odds | Empty – Oxomoko 5.56% Odds
  • Axi H4 Relics: Pluto – Jeracon 12.5% probability of C-rotation | Sedna – Hydron 19.13% probability of C-rotation
  • M3 relay on: Empty – Hepit 14.29% Chance | Empty – Teshab 14.29% Chance
  • Neo M2 relay: Seduna – Hydron 8.83% Odds of rotation A | Empty – Ukko 5.56% Odds | Empty – Oxomoko 5.56% Odds

What is the best way to build a Mesa?

In general, the best way to build a mesa is to set priorities:

  1. Duration
  2. Efficiency
  3. Power
  4. Domain

The duration of is essential for Mesa Peacemaker (4), Shatter Shield (3) and Rifle Gallery (2) to stay in operation for as long as possible. These are his bread and butter skills, and they should be used as much as possible to express Mesa’s gratitude and the DPS we all know.

Like length, efficiency is needed to optimize Mesa’s capabilities, because it helps with energy consumption. This is crucial to achieve a maximum energy consumption of 3.75/s for peacemakers.

This ceiling of 3.75/s can be reached with different combinations of efficiency modes and duration. For example:

  • 130% efficiency + rationalization mode + 280% duration
  • 160% efficiency + fleet expert + 160% duration + narrow profile mode + any other duration mode + fleet expert
  • Efficiency of 190 % + modernisation of the fleet + Modernisation + Any length over 40

The resistance of can eventually be covered because only 120% resistance is needed to reduce shrapnel by 95%. Increasing the force of the past increases the damage multiplier, but is always recommended. But when you consider that Mesa, with a power of about 150%, destroys everything anyway, you shouldn’t get carried away by these statistics.

Range must have the lowest priority, because it is only used for Range (2), which must be used in close combat anyway. Another reason for the range of the tanks is that the main weapon of the Mesa are the Regulators. In any case, they are up to 50 m apart, and you will also modulate the controls.

Best primary buildings in mesa

The best thing about Mesa is that it has a lot of viable body movements based on your favorite game. Let’s look at some suggestions.

Construction 1:

This design minimizes the span, maintains strength at just over 120% and maximizes durability and efficiency. The modes also maximize the duration of the capacity due to narrow-mindedness, fleet knowledge, ground flow, etc.

Building 2:

This design maximises the power if you really want to transform your enemies and make sure you survive. It reduces the range while maintaining duration and efficiency at a reasonable level.

Building 3:

This building is similar to Building 2 in the sense that it tries to maximize the power compared to other possibilities. Here we also have the Mesa waltz, which is one of the best improvements in the quality of life. This ability gives it immediate appeal, making it possible to hunt and roll enemies, increasing the target net.

Building 4:

This construction is rather an all-in-one that allows you to do a bit of everything decent while maximizing the duration of your abilities.

Best control modules for Mesa

Based on an in-depth analysis by a reddish user, the four modules that are undoubtedly best for the controller are thePrimed Target Cracker, the Primed Pistol Gambit, the Barrel Diffusion and the Lethal Torrent.

If you are trying to maximize the DPS, you must select these mods. Once you have selected these four elements, you can use any combination of 90% elements, 60/60 double stat elements, anemic maneuverability and hornetslag.

Avoid Gunslinger and Hollow Point because they contributed the least to the DPS.


Try these drawings and see how you like them. But keep in mind that ultimately the way you build a Mesa or other frame depends on you and your favorite style of play.

If you have suggested other constructions for Mesa, feel free to include them in the comments below.

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