Best Gloves for Gaming when you have Sweaty Hands

Playing games on a console or PC with sweaty hands can be uncomfortable. Gaming gloves can help you get out of this agony and give you unlimited time of playing.

Each gaming glove is made to meet gamers’ requirements, and in most cases, the different gloves are meant for various games.

For instance, if you play PC games, your gloves will provide wrist backing, adaptability, and better finger prowess. Console gamers’ gloves are usually fingerless, with dampness absorbent.

Regardless of the game you are playing, your sweaty hands’ gaming gloves should be well-fitting, provide excellent ventilation, and give you full control of your hands.

Types of anti-sweating gaming gloves

Depending on the modest and the amount of money you are willing to spend, there are various gaming gloves to choose from. However, to make a better choice, we have compiled a list of three best gaming gloves.

  1. Foamy Lizard gaming gloves with Grip Hexotech
  2. Glider Gloves Copper-infused touch screen gloves
  3. Hugger men’s breathable full-finger touchscreen durable leather gloves

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Why you should buy these gloves

Some of the reasons you need to have gaming gloves are;


If your hands sweat a lot, this can be a disadvantage because sweat makes the console wet and slippery, causing discomfort to the gamer. This can result in losing a game against their opponent. Gloves will help to prevent extreme sweating because of the material used to make them.

The better grip of the controller

The rubber grips found on many gloves help players to have better control of the controller. When your hands sweat, your hands may lack the power of the controller because it gets slippery.

Provide wrist support

Most games require the players to keep their hands elevated, and this might develop some problems like carpal tunnel syndrome or aching wrists. With gloves, you will get the support so that you don’t put your hands at risk.

Protect hand from cramps

Cramps are caused by gripping a console for long hours. These gloves have a compression material that protects you from serious conditions like carpal syndrome, which might occur with time. The fabric allows free movement of hands, and it also keeps them warm.

Protect fingers from blisters

The right gaming glove has padding on your hands that will provide adequate cushioning to protect your fingers from blisters. The padding also protects you from sweat, and to get the best, ensure you try them on before buying. With the best gloves, you will get your best gaming experience and be comfortable as you play.

Best Gaming Gloves for Sweaty Hands Buying Guide

Before buying a gaming glove, it is crucial to identify a game you are going to play. Different gloves are made to serve different purposes. You will find that the gloves you use for playing PC games cannot be suitable for console controller or mobile games. Some of the essential factors to consider are;


The material used to make the glove will contribute to its durability and quality. The best gloves for sweaty hands are made of a second-skin fabric that is breathable and protects your hands from sweating for a long time.

It should also be a long-lasting material so that you do not keep buying other gloves, and it should offer protection.

Insulation and padding

5 Best Gaming Gloves for Sweaty Hands Reviews and Buying Guide

Some medical conditions like arthritis and Raynaud’s syndrome can be a big reason you buy the gloves, meaning you need them insulated and with adequate padding.

For padding, it is advisable to go for brands or gloves that have ethylene-vinyl material. As they enhance mastery, they will also be protecting your hands and wrists and reduce the amount of pressure you insert while playing.


The grip will provide comfort while playing. An uncomfortable hand will always lose. The best gloves for sweaty hands have an isometric rubber grip that is usually around the palm area. This protects your hands and fingers from slipping and gives you better control of the game.


Friction is uncomfortable during a competition. Make sure the type of lining used to make the gloves has very little friction. It should also not be slippery. A lycra lining reduces friction on gloves, so you should consider ones made of it.

Size of hand

This also plays a significant role when it comes to comfort. You should know the size of your hand so that you get well-fitting gloves. Too big will be loose, and too small will be tight. They will only make your hands sweat, and you will not enjoy the game.

Types of games you play

This plays a crucial role in the types of gaming gloves for sweaty hands to get. You cannot play console games with the gloves you play games on your tablet with. You know a tablet or phone needs to have gloves with open fingers because of the touchscreen, or gloves with a touchscreen compatible material.

Ensure you consider elevation too. With proper elevation, your fingers function well because there is enough blood circulation.

Best Gaming Gloves for Sweaty Hands Review

Foamy Lizard Gaming Gloves with Grip Hexotech Pro Gamer Anti-Sweat Gloves

If you are a severe gamer and play for hours, these gloves will help you grip your controller better and prevent your hands from slipping. They are best for the console controller but can also work well for PC gamers with sweaty hands.

These gloves will help keep your hands dry and cool and give you ample time when playing.


The soft, stretchy material is made to provide all the comfort and good fitting. You need to ensure you try them on before purchasing to get the correct size. The fabric is also breathable to keep your fingers and hands dry.

It is made for console gamers because the fingertips are exposed to be comfortable pressing console buttons as you play.

For maximum grip, the palm region has and hexagonal traction coating that enables you to hold your console for extra hours while playing. If you lose a game in these gloves, you will only have your skills to blame.

Although some users claimed that these gloves only increase sweating, there might be a fitting problem. If you get the ones that are too tight, there will be no room for breathing, and that’s why it is always advisable to go for a perfect size.


  • Fingers are exposed for excellent control of console buttons
  • Has a stretchy material for best fitting
  • Has anti-sweaty material to prevent hands from sweating
  • Can wear for long sessions


  • Material is not grippy around the thumb and index finger area
  • They come in two sizes only

GliderGloves Copper Infused Touch Screen Gloves

Some gloves, like those that protect you from sunlight and snow, might not allow you to operate on your phone. Unlike those, these glider gloves will give you enough grip and will enable you to use your phone because they are touchscreen sensitive.


Made by glider gloves company, which is rated as the best company for men and women texting gloves since 2010, there is no doubt they too are good ones. The company values quality and its customers’ well-being, and these gloves will give you the best service.

Unlike the ordinary gloves, these have a full hand response that allows you to type on your phone. They also play the role of keeping your hands warm.

Your hands will get full protection because the gloves are hard to be pricked by sharp objects. The soft brushed inner lining will keep your hands and fingers comfortable for the whole day.

The anti-slip material used to make the gloves provides enough grip to protect your phone from falling due to sweat.


  • The gloves are touchscreen sensitive
  • They work well
  • Provide warmth


  • Not long-lasting
  • Lose sensitivity within a short time

Hugger Men’s Breathable Full-Finger Touchscreen Durable Leather Gloves

For bike lovers, it becomes difficult and risky when you cannot control your bike due to sweaty hands. Your palm and fingers lose grip, and this can lead to an accident. The same happens for drivers.

To solve this problem, you need Hugger Men’s breathable gloves that are also touchscreen sensitive.


Whether in the rain or the winter, these gloves will protect you from water. They are made of durable leather, and this is what makes them water-resistant. Your hands will not suffer from odor.

They give an excellent fit to your hands because the area around the palm is elasticized. However, it would be best if you pulled them to your wrist after putting them on to fit well. They do not shrink, and when washed, they dry very fast. They are soft after drying.


  • Good grip
  • They fit perfect
  • Touch sensitivity on touch screens
  • Keep hands warm


  • The length of the fingers is small

Parting Shot

Only experienced gamers can relate to sweaty hands and consoles becoming slippery. You might not have sweaty hands, but you need comfort and protection to your fingers. Get the best gaming gloves for sweaty hands and enjoy the unlimited time of playing.