What are the Most affordable Gaming Chairs?

What is the best gaming chair under 300? Whether you are a professional gamer or just an armature, comfort is crucial to achieving the best gaming experience. If you make the right choice, a gaming chair can make a big difference in improving your gaming experience.

A good gaming chair should be comfortable, affordable, adjustable, and it should be durable. After researching through dozens of reviews, we have managed to dig out the four best gaming chairs under $300.

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Best Gaming Chair under 300 Buying Guide

What to Consider When Choosing a Gaming Chair

When choosing the right gaming chair for you, there are a few features you that must consider. This will ensure that you get the best chair for your personal needs and a specific size that fits you.

Backrest Height

The backrest height is the most crucial feature because it is the one that supports your head, neck, and back. Backrest height also provides support to your shoulders and makes you feel comfortable.

The backrest in a gaming chair has an ergonomic design to support your back and ensure you are seated upright all the time. This prevents your back from curving awkwardly and causing you a lot of pain.

Seat Dimensions

Seat dimension is also another essential feature you should consider when choosing an affordable gaming chair. Your bottom and thighs should fit perfectly to the width of the chair for you to be comfortable.

If the width is too small, you will be squished between the wings or the arms of the chair. When using such a seat, you cannot relax when gaming, and you will always leave the chair tired.

The length of the seat is another critical dimension that you should consider. Most short people fit in any length, and they are still able to bend their knees at the edge. Tall people need more room, or they end up feeling like they are on the edge of the seat.

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Massage Function

Not all affordable chairs have this feature. A massage function can come in handy when you need to relieve and relax those painful back muscles.

This massage feature can be included in gaming chairs in different ways. Some models put the massager in a lumbar pillow, which you can use when required and remove it when not in need. Other models have the massager built inside the back of the chair.

Another handy observation of the massage function is that there are no switches to control it. They have a USB port that you can plug into a computer, power bank, and you can also use an adapter to connect to a nearby wall socket.


Gamers are not equal in size. Their weight varies. You need a chair designed for your specific size.

There are affordable gaming chairs designed to support 200 pounds for average-sized gamers and 240 to 300 pounds for people with extra weight. These chairs are designed with strong frames and material to support the weight.

There are heavy-duty chairs that can support up to 450 pounds. They have the strongest steel frames and bases.

Tips to Maintain a Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair under 300 Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

Even though a gaming chair will not cost you a fortune, you still want it to work and look perfect for the longest time possible. This tips will help you achieve that:

  1. Avoid spilling drinks and food on the chair to prevent soiling it.
  2. Dust the chair on a regular basis on all parts using a soft brush or cloth.
  3. Use cleaning products that are recommended in the user manual.
  4. Once in a while, flip the chair over, remove any clumps, and clean the casters using a vacuum cleaner.
  5. Do not exceed the recommended weight.
  6. Add a chair cover to protect the fabric from wear and tear.


Are all gaming chairs the same size?

Gaming chairs vary in size. They have different height, width, and a specific weight they can support. Some are built for smaller gamers and others for heavy gamers.

Do they require special tools to assemble?

The assembly process varies depending on the type of chair you choose. Some chairs are very simple to assemble and only require you to attach the arms, while others can be a bit complicated.

Can I remove the armrest?

The armrests are usually bolted to the chair. The armrest can be removed, but they will affect your comfort, but that does not mean that you can’t use the chair without them if you are used to it.

Final Word

The X Rocker SE 2.1 Black Leather Video Gaming Chair for Adult is by far our top recommended pick for the best gaming chair. It may not be the best in the market, but we recommend it based on the features, modest price, and great customer reviews (4.7-5) on amazon.

A serious gamer wants the right equipment, including the right chair, to help keep them comfortable so they can concentrate on the gaming experience fully. The chair has all the important features that a gamer requires.

There are different affordable gaming chairs under $300 in the market today. You have to take your requirements into consideration to help you choose the proper chair.

SO, what is the Best Gaming Chair under 300?

X Rocker SE 2.1 Black Leather Video Gaming Chair for Adults

One of the best gaming chairs we have in the market today is the X Rocker SE 2.1 black leather gaming chair. This gaming chair is all about comfort. Its peripheral design will adjust to the shape of your body and does not force your body to adjust.

The X Rocker SE 2.1 black leather gaming chair has two speakers positioned near the headrest. They ensure you enjoy the immersive surround audio experience.

Another cool feature is the wireless audio system and a powerful subwoofer at the back to intensify your gaming or music experience.

With its wireless audio connection, you can quickly connect devices and enjoy mobile games, movies, TV, and music. It comes with optical RCA cables included in the package.

One thing we found impressive about this gaming chair is that it enables you to connect with other X-Rocker chairs in multiple game modes. It has separate bass and volume controls and output and input jacks so you can connect with others when needed.


  • It has wireless audio connections
  • Comfortable proprietary design
  • Wireless audio transmission
  • It is an all-purpose gaming chair
  • Multi-game mode enabled
  • Immersive audio experience


  • Comes in only black color

Other Gaming Chairs under 300 to Consider

Hbada Gaming Chair Racing Style Ergonomic High Back Computer Chair

Hbada Gaming Chair is yet another affordable gaming chair under 300. It is dedicated to ensuring you get the best gaming experience. 

The chair is designed with a large sitting area, so pro gamers can enjoy the comfort and gaming experience. It has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds and a sitting area of 21.5”(L)x27.5”(W)x47.5”(H)

Hbada Swivel Office chair is made with durable leather, removable headrest, and lumbar support. Some users find that the lumbar support too firm for their comfort, which can be a disadvantage.

The backrest is high enough to ensure you get support at the back and the proper alignment. The chair comes with a clear and easy to understand user manual and the important installation tools. This makes it very quick and easy to install the chair.

The company offers a one-year warranty, and you can replace it or refund it if you don’t like it.


  • It has a large seat to ensure you get the perfect gaming experience
  • Adjustable functions
  • Quick and easy to install
  • One-year warranty
  • Lumbar support
  • A high backrest


  • Lumbar support might be a bit firm

Dowinx Gaming Chair Ergonomic Racing Style Recliner with Massage Lumbar Support

The Dowinx gaming chair is a budget gaming chair that performs all the functions that you might need. First up, it has smooth swivel racing wheels, a 90 to a 180-degree reclining angle where you can adjust to read, take a nap, and work.

Another amazing feature we noticed is the adjustable seat height and a maximum capacity of 350 pounds. It has a head pillow and a lumbar pillow to increase your comfort and experience.

The Dowinx gaming chair can be used by both gamers and office workers. The ergonomic back and massage support ensure you don’t strain your spine. The bucket seat design lets you lean your legs comfortably.

The seat is made with strong alloy frames covered in hand sewed leather and a 5” foam for comfort. The gaming chair has a detailed manual, 24/7 customer service, and a one-year warranty as a guarantee.


  • It can be used by both office workers and gamers
  • Retractable footrest
  • It provides back and lumbar support
  • Easy installation and one-year warranty
  • Built with eco-friendly materials
  • 350 lbs. capacity
  • It has a head pillow and lumbar pillow


  • The back only leans back with the leaver because there is no spring.

GT OMEGA PRO Racing Gaming Chair with Ergonomic Lumbar Support

The GT Omega Pro Racing Games Chair is a great looking chair which has a number of important features.

It is an affordable gaming chair designed for all body types. The cool green stripes on the black background make it look very stylish.

This gaming chair will provide you with supreme comfort, whether at the office or home. The GT Omega meets all the requirements of any gamer. The chair mimics the look of a real car seat to boost your mood and gaming experience to the fullest.

Durability is a very important feature in this gaming chair. The framework is made of steel tubing and an aluminum base. It is durable enough to withstand even the most exciting gamers weighing 120KG.

This affordable gaming chair cover material is reinforced with PVC to ensure it serves you for a long time. The armrest is designed in such a way that it can be adjusted in 4D to the position you want.


  • 4D adjustable armrest
  • Strong aluminum star base
  • Weight capacity of 120KG
  • Includes a headrest pillow and a lumbar cushion
  • Adjustable mechanisms
  • Stylish


  • No other color available