What are the Best Gaming Chairs for Big Guys?

What is the best gaming chair for heavy person? Are you a gaming enthusiast who is considered heavy (300lb or above) trying to find the right gaming chair?

Well, then this is the right place for you to get all the information you need to make the right decision. There is an endless array of good gaming chairs for big and tall gamers.

A good plus size gaming chair should be able to support your heavyweight. The backrest and the seat should be large enough so you don’t feel squashed to the center.

Gaming Chair for Heavy Person Buying Guide

Here are the factors you should consider when choosing the best heavy duty gaming chair

Check different factors like build quality, adjustability, comfort, height, and weight capacity.

  • Adjustability and height of the seat are two essential factors that provide you with support. It should be high enough to support your back and head.
  • Another vital factor for support is the build quality. Ensure the gaming chair is strong enough to hold 300 pounds.
  • The chair’s base should be wide to provide enough space and support for tall and big gamers.
  • Check if the seat is comfortable by assessing the quality of the cushions and other materials used. Plus-size gamers need more padding to feel satisfied than average size and weight gamers.
  • Finally, go through the web to see what other gamers have to say about the seat and investigate all complaints about them.

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Calculating the Best Gaming Chair Size for You

For long term comfort, there is nothing more crucial to heavy gamers than choosing the right seat size. When you select a smaller seat, you might feel too constricted, and if it’s too big, you will also feel like a kid sitting in an adult chair.

4 Best Gaming Chair for Heavy Person Reviews and Buying Guide

Here is the best way to determine the right dimensions for your gaming chair:

  1. Sit down on your normal office chair or just a kitchen chair with your back against the backrest and relax.
  2. Use a measuring tape to measure the vertical distance from the tail bone to your inner thighs. Subtract two inches for you to get the ideal depth of your seat. There should be a small gap left at the edge of your seat to promote blood circulation.
  3. When still seated upright with your legs slightly apart, take measurements for the horizontal distance across the thighs. Add two inches to the value you get. This will help you derive the best seat width for your body.

There should be a one-inch free space left on both sides of the seat when seated upright and your legs slightly apart.

  • With these dimensions in hand, you can look up for your desired heavy-duty gaming chair to see if it fits you. It is very important for you to ensure the chair’s width refers to width without the wings or side bolsters common in most gaming chairs.

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Final Word

Many hours of gaming seated and hunched over your game console has very severe health risks. Uncomfortable chairs and bad posture cause shoulder pain, stiff neck, and backache, which can be destructive.

Choosing a comfortable heavy-duty gaming chair makes a huge difference in many factors, including comfort and improving your gaming experience.

With these factors in our minds, we handpicked the best gaming chairs for big guys.

So, what is the Best Gaming Chair for Heavy Person?

GTRACING Gaming Chair Racing Office Computer Game Chair Ergonomic Backrest (300lb capacity)

GTRacing is one of the reputable brands that make the best gaming seats. This model is the authentic proof of GT Racing’s culture of excellence.

With many ingenious features, including adjustable armrest and seat height, the GT Racing Gaming chair delivers comfort to the fullest. It has a maximum capacity of 300 pounds, which is ideal for above-average size gamers.

Firstly, it has a strong metal frame designed to help you sit in a comfortable position and maintain the right body posture. This seat is guaranteed to keep you feeling comfy even in long hours of non-stop gaming.

The Gtracing gaming chair is built with high quality and robust materials to support heavyweight. It has a smooth PU leather cover, smooth-rolling casters for mobility, and good stability.

This chair takes you to the next level of comfort with its thick padded seat and back. The Gtracing gaming chair has a 90 to 170-degree reclining angle to ensure you work, play games, or take a nap comfortably.

The aesthetic value of the Gtracing chair will make your space look more elegant and stylish. The chair has a five-point broad base, which makes it ideal for plus-size gamers.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Multiple applications
  • High-quality frame and material
  • Wide five pivot base
  • It can perform multi-functions
  • Weight capacity of 300 pounds
  • Thick cushions on the back and seat


  • The arms are not removable

Other Gaming Chairs for Heavy Guys to Consider

OFM Essentials Collection High-Back Racing Style Bonded Leather Gaming Chair (275lb capacity)

Next, let’s look at the OFM essential collection high-back racing style bonded leather gaming chair. It is a beast gaming chair for big guys, especially the seat’s wide width design, which is 23” without bolsters to get in your way.

The chair is a race car style design that makes you feel comfortable even when used during intense and lengthy gaming sessions. This feature provides you with luxury and makes it a good choice for heavy gamers.

The OFM essential collection gaming chair is designed to support a weight capacity of 275lbs. The materials used are durable and heavy-duty, and it can serve you for a long time.

Premium leather is used to make the seat cover, and it is upholstered in soft thread leather for an aggressive style and contrasting colors to give you a cool feeling.

The OFM essential collection gaming chair features adjustable height, flip-up arms, center-tilt control, padded headrest, padded arms, and a cool 360 degrees of swivel. This plus size gaming chair gives you quality support and comfort.


  • Made with premium leather
  • Flip-up arms
  • Padded headrest, seat, and arms
  • Recline function
  • Chair genomics


  • Small casters which may be hard to roll over a carpet
  • The drop or lift is not very low or high enough

Homall Gaming Chair Office Chair High Back Computer Chair (300lb capacity)

This is one of the best looking gaming chairs for big guys. You have a choice of 9 colors, a lovely looking fabric to match the decor of your living space and make a statement.

 The fabric design on the Homall gaming chair is not just for the show. PU leather is wear-resistant and friendly to your skin. This feature becomes apparent during the summer season when the weather is hot. 

The chair has high-density foam, which is elastic and takes the shape of your body. The frame is made of 1.8mm steel. This makes it more stable and sturdy.

The Homall gaming chair has an advanced and upgraded configuration.  It is reliable, durable, and can support up to 300 pounds. The casters are made of rubber, which makes them roll quietly on any surface, and it has been tested by rolling 1000 miles.

This Homall gaming chair is best for you to use when working, watching movies, playing games, and resting. The chair allows you to rock it back and forth by adjusting the knob under the seat.


  • Strong caster wheels for easy movement
  • Orthopedically designed
  • High-quality PU leather material
  • Lumbar cushions and headrest materials included
  • Tilt locking enabled
  • Sturdy and strong five-star base
  • It can support up to 300 pounds


  • The armrests are fixed and screwed and cannot be adjusted
  • Not ideal for gamers over 6 feet tall

Hbada Gaming Chair Racing Style Ergonomic High-Back Computer Chair with Height Adjustment (300lb capacity)

The Hbada gaming chair is dedicated to ensuring pro gamers get the best gaming experience when using it. It has a large comfy seat area measuring 21.6”(L) by 20.8”(W), and its maximum weight support is 300 pounds.

The Hbada gaming chair is an ergonomic design made of high quality and durable PU leather. The lumbar support and headrest are removable, and you can fix it only when you need it.

The backrest is high enough to ensure you are fully supported in the proper alignment. The backrest supports your back, neck, and head so you won’t feel tired even after long sitting hours.

The chair has adjustable functions, including a reclining backrest, 7cm adjustable armrest, to help you adjust to various sitting positions and desk height. This feature makes the chair ideal for tall gamers.

It is a perfect choice for taller gamers from 5′ to 6′ height. The only downside of this chair is that the armrests cannot be removed entirely from the chair, but you can adjust them.

The chair comes with a well-detailed user manual and necessary installation tools to help make the installation process easy and fast for you. All accessories are packed in ladled blisters to make the whole process a lot easier.

If you encounter any problems after purchase, the manufacturer offers you a one-year warranty. You can exchange damaged parts or missing parts, and it’s possible to get a refund within one month if you are not satisfied.


  • Adjustable functions
  • Ergonomic design
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Made with high-quality PU leather
  • Reclining backrest
  • One-year warranty


  • The edges of the seat may be too high for some users, and you may not be able to cross your legs
  • The height adjustment is too small