Atlas Build 2020 Warframe Guide

An Atlas is a fighter plane considered a Titan, with capabilities related to the earth’s resources and powerful military equipment.

Because of its strength and ability to attack and control crowds, it is very suitable for close combat.

Where did you get the atlas?


The atlas’ drawing is a reward for carrying out Yorda’s mission, which also opens the mission to kill Yorda Golem (Brewing), who rewards its parts when they are completed.

The Atlas is also available on the market for 275 platinum units, accessible via the orbital table.

Atlas premium

Atlas Prime is a variant of Atlas Prime that has increased armor, energy, shielding, and sprint speed.

Relics with the Atlas Prime :

  • Drawing:  Lights D1
  • Neuropathy:  Axi A6
  • Chassis:  Meso E3
  • Systems: Neo A3

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(Atlas capabilities)

The Atlas can activate devastating combos, invoke earthly matter to block and crush enemies, turn enemies into stone, and summon lay followers to fight.

The Atlas has the unique ability to pick up debris that falls from petrified enemies and vagrants when they die.

The broken stone restores 50 health points in the atlas or gives it extra armor that decreases over time.

Thanks to its powerful condition, the Atlas is insensitive to shocks when placed on the ground.

1) Landslide

Atlas strikes a mighty blow that moves feverishly towards the enemy, injuring the enemy and nearby enemies.

Each attack results in the combination of the next one in which the last one can bring down the opponent.

Fossilized enemies give more health and armor and drop debris.

The atlas is protected against damage during loading.

This is a powerful and funny possibility because it can make it very easy to close enemies or even kill them with just a few throws.

(landslide of the atlas foundry)

Change Mod. The path of the statues allows a landslide to leave a trail that petrifies its enemies and turns them to stone for a while.

2) Tectonics

The Atlas conjures up a stone wall to block the enemies and deflect their fire so that he and his allies can stay safe and enjoy the benefits.

By restoring this ability, the cliff turns into a rock and rolls towards the enemies, damaging them in a particular area.

Petrifaction can be thrown on a shore, making it roll faster and further and cause more damage when it turns into a rock.

Tectonica can be used to block paths and cut off enemies while you wait for them to move together to turn them into rocks that you can destroy.

(tectonics of the Atlas molds for the wall construction)

(The Atlas renews tectonics to turn a wall into a rock)

Change Mod. The tectonic crack allows Atlas to create up to 3 walls and prevents them from turning into rocks.

3) Profanation

The atlas sends out an explosion in front of it that turns the enemies into stone and can’t do anything to them for a while.

The enemies killed by Petrifi throw away the debris Atlas can take with him.

This method can be used in crowd fighting because it makes the enemies very vulnerable and offers an easy chance to kill them.

Petrifaction can be used to throw to Ramblers to restore health and Ramparts to increase speed, distance, and damage.

The easiest way to pick up debris is to throw it at certain enemies and kill them if they are petrified.

(Atlas-Petrifi castings)

Change Mod. Ore Gauze forces Petrifaction to scan enemies in code and has a 25% chance to reset the extra flight.

4) Walkers

The Atlas mentions 2 Rambler, stony elements that fight and help at his side by throwing projectiles at enemies or crushing them up close.

The Ramblers will fight until they die or until they are calm, and they will get rid of the debris when that happens.

When the Rumblers work, the nearby enemies are turned into stone and exposed to the same effects as stone’s ability.

This ability gives the Atlas 2 powerful walkers who can fight well and distract the Atlas and its allies’ attention, which is a great help in many situations.

(Atlas with its vagrants destroying enemies)

Change Mod. The Rambler Titanic changes the ability of the Ramblers to produce only one Rambler, which has improved the statistics.

Proposed buildings

Strength of construction

This construction aims to increase the strength of Atlas’ capabilities and benefits Atlas with good efficiency and only a shorter duration.

The damage caused by landslides will increase, and the cost of energy will decrease with the shortening of the combined time.

The tectonics will be in better shape when it turns into a block and causes more damage after an explosion.

Petrified will cost less energy, while the duration of capacity will be reduced.

The damage, health, and armor of the walkers will increase with the reduction of energy consumption through time savings.

This design works well if you plan to do as much damage as possible with your abilities, and it works well if you can improve the casting time of your skills and your game strategy.

(Atlas earth-shift capability)

Building in balance

Thanks to the balance sheet design, the Atlas can increase the statistics for all its capabilities by focusing not on one particular statistic, but the figures as a whole.

This construction makes it easy for the atlas to use all its possibilities without having negative statistics, but with a balanced number of them.

All features have greater power, duration, range, and efficiency, making it well suited for those who are both new and old to Atlas.

(Atlas side-by-side combat with Rambler)

Energy-efficient buildings

The efficiency of buildings has increased slightly in all statistics, but it is limited to a certain extent in exchange for high efficiency.

This construction allows the atlas to repeat its capabilities several times and use them with strategies that require continuous repetition or reuse of its capabilities.

This design works well with multiple playlists and can enable Atlas to play more efficiently than is ordinarily possible.

(Multi-capacity Atlas)


Atlas is very lovely to use Warframe, not to mention the performance.

His unique combos make it possible to kill enemies and are almost unstoppable during the process to land blow after blow after the collision.

The ability to conjure up a rampart and turn it into a rock becomes very useful for both defense and attack, and depends on the situation.

Petrifaction is a great way to fight the crowd, which can help Atlas and his team when there are many enemies.

Rumblers is a handy skill because it gives you the ability to control the crowd in a draw and have two powerful fighters on your side, which can provide you and your team an advantage.

Atlas is primarily a melee combat armature because it is a kind of combat armature. With the addition of its capabilities, it can be used in many types of strategic games.

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