Announcement guide for noobs from a Warframe veteran

After erasing the star map and receiving a dozen war photos, the next logical step is to leave. As a reward they offer a broken fashion, lots of Endo’s and Cuva. To succeed in the flight you need to understand most warframes, you must be able to fight all the bosses, you must have the maximum number of weapons and the right warframes and most mods in the game environment.

There’s a Youtube version of the Beginner’s Trips Guide – not as deep as this one, but the start version.

Search for symbols and take-off flights in navigation

The climb symbol is located in the top right corner of the navigation.

If you click on it, the 3 daily tasks of the excursion to be carried out will be displayed. You will also see the duration of the current trip. Every 24 hours the attack is reset with new missions and a modifier.

1 – Understand all managers to use and be useful to your team.

Rarely, if you’re gonna play them, you’re gonna join the robberies. You’ll probably depend on the other three teammates until you get used to them. The worst thing you can do during the outing is resist or slow down what other tennis players do.

Always check which jumpers are playing against your teammates. Just press ESC at the beginning of the mission and watch the mission. If you haven’t played or experienced a certain combat setting yet, try to search for that setting and its movements after the mission. Just get used to it until you understand all the skills.

Try to learn when someone is in control of the crowd without killing enemies, or when someone has a way of cutting hordes. Once you understand the capabilities of the other frames, you will be able to use your battle frame correctly by making proctus, buffer or maybe nothing at all.

2 – A combat system for each typeattack mission

You must have more than one soldier for each type of excursion. Each of these boxes must be correctly adjusted to its forces, have nominal values , 30 and be equipped with an Orokin reactor.

Where can you find the rightmodule modules?

There are three ways to get ideas for a good and correct construction if you can’t find the first place. It is best to visit or to see many different assemblies for all military frameworks. On both sides you can also play with mods if you don’t have them.

Youtube and the Warframe forum are also good sources, but they lack a variety of constructions. Usually the constructions are simply presented as a very limited divine construction.

War frames for defensive attacks

The classification of defence missions is not just about the nature of the defence mission. These are mobile defense, kidnapping, exhumation, desertion, interception and normal defense. The usual defense has a setback in action because its target is constantly in motion. It affects the choice of your military personnel.

Be a solid choice for defense : Whist, Chorus, Octavia, Gar, Frost and Limbo. Depending on the type of mission, you’ll need a healer: Oberon, Trinity or defensive halo. An honourable mention of Saryn or Mesa, because also very fast hordes of reapers can be the right defence strategy.

War frameworks for survival and destruction missions

For destruction, you need to bring frames that can be secured, are fast and survive. You don’t need crowd control or a healer. If you can take almost anything you want to destroy current missions, battle racks like Rhinoceros, Inaros, Vukong, Bolt or Equinox are the most popular.

Survival may be more difficult depending on the type of modifier, but a brown colour or a high survival rate is required. Good images for survival: Rhino, Valkyrie, Inaros, Necros, Chroma, Wukong, Nidus and Garuda. They are not the only survival fighting frames, but they are the most accessible for beginners. Never forget to have designs that promote survival.

War frames for espionage and rescue operations

A spy attack is a special occasion because it has to be carried out on its own. If you cannot train on a regular star chart until you are able to perform spy missions without disabling the alarm. There are very good tutorials on youtube for all spyware stores. The best fighting frames for spies – Ivara, Loki and Limbo.

For the escape mission you have to examine the side entrances of all the prisons. Every prison has a hidden and unprotected side or a lower or higher entrance. Recognize them, and the rescue mission will last 90 seconds without a scratch. The right film material for a rescue operation is invisible again, such as the Ivara or the Loki. But it’s just as well.

3 – One maximum weapon and one modified weapon per weapon category

There are attack modifiers that allow only one type of weapon per mission. They shall have installed at least one properly modified -weapon of grade 30 with -Orokin- catalytic converter for each category. Let’s look at each category, because some options offer alternatives.

For close combat, bring everything you use to clean up large crowds: Butterflies, whips, hammers, swords of all kinds. Make sure you also have the knife of your rifle at hand, because you may only have to shoot at objects for a close combat.

You shouldn’t use a bullet hose for guns, because there’ll only be a few bullets. Bring a semi-automatic pistol or machine gun of your choice.

We also need to think about saving ammunition when it comes to shotguns, because some shotguns have a very low capacity or fire like smg.

Then prepare a good rifle and a good sniper rifle. There are many excellent weapons to choose from.

Finally, the arch category allows the use of crossbows and explosive Lentzes, which makes destruction or defense much faster.

Where to find suitable weapon parts for warfare

As in the previous section on building frames correctly, you can find weapon buildings on or Youtube or the Warframe forum are also good places, but keep in mind that many buildings will be obsolete in 2 years time.

Do I need ribs to get out?

No, you don’t have to be jealous to fly. Riwne modes help with less powerful and less popular weapons, but are not mandatory. In the next chapter I have a long list of mods you’ll need to make your weapons and combat equipment strong enough to defeat any attack.

4 – Receive all mandatory interaction modalities

There were many clues about the right buildings. To create the right constructions, you need a fashion base. I call it Mid-Game-Mod, because after you remove the starting table, you’ve left the starting game. Most mods come to you during the game. But some mods are harder to find, and I would recommend buying them from other players with platinum or, if available from Baro Ki’Tar, from other players.

Shooting mode: knurled, split camera, vigilante weapons, reflection on life, point of impact, hunting ammunition, 4x 90% elementary ammunition, 4x 60/60 elementary ammunition, large calibre, acceleration of the ruse, calm.

Rifle mode: Hornetstock, Augury’s Pact, tube scattering, death flux, gambit with cannon primer, target primer, 4x 90% elementary, 4x 60/60 elementary, suppression

Mode for shotguns: Spotless ignition, Hellcamera, Gunshot, Dielectric ignition, 4x 90% Elementary, 4x 60/60 Elementary, Flame, Cooling charge, Wrath looking, Quiet battery

Scrum Mods: Pressure point primer, range primer, blood flow, 4x 90% element, 4x 60/60 element, number of bodies, drift contact, berserker, state overload, organ splinters, pathetic injuries, destructive effects.

Warframe mode: Vitality, Call Forward, Steel Fiber, Flow Initiation, Continuity Initiation, Flux, Intensification, Stretching, Adrenaline Drive, Rapid Thinking, Constitution, Natural Talent, Adaptation, Rapid Resistance, Dead Eye, Steel Charge, Rejuvenation, Ordinary Standard, Corrosion Control, Energy Extraction, Hand Suspension, Toropets, Delicate Drift, Energy Drift, Intrusion, Transient Mind, Blinding Anger Attack, Float Test, Narrow, Too Long,

5 – Really understand all boss fights

As you make your way through the corps, you are surrounded by all the warlords you have to offer. You can fight a little, but most boss fights can be won by sending spam without thinking too much about your weapon.

All the bosses are coming to their hundredth. Enscending the stakes. That means they have a lot of armor, a lot of health and a lot more damage. They need to understand their mechanics; if they fire, if they are invulnerable, what are their weaknesses and what are the elements that cause the most damage?

I strongly advise you to look at every boss in the warframe wiki to see which combination of items you should use to do damage. The then beats each cartridge five times with alone or until it understands how it works. Concentrate on these bosses, because they have a special mechanism: Kila De Time (Sedna), Raptors (Europa), Lepantis (Derelite), Teal Regor (Uranus), Mutalist Alad V (Eris).

Some bosses are very difficult to get out and I often see teammates fall very quickly. In case of doubt, bring the production tank as Inaros.

Out is one of the few places where dozens of people are not polite. Restoring teammates, especially in battles with the bosses, will not be their priority and should not be yours. Especially when it comes to the weather, like Kyla De Time or the Raptors, it’s normal not to let your teammates resurrect. The same goes for cabaret or kawat.

6 – Understanding all types of missions

In general, most of us play a few missions we like. But there are all kinds of missions involved. If you increase the complexity and perhaps add a modifier, you need to understand less popular types of missions such as kidnapping, evasion, attack, rescue and espionage.

To intercept the Hijack , which has a combat frame with high shields, one vehicle has to be moved. You should also remember to stay very close to the vehicle in order to move fast enough. That’s why you never take Inarus or Nidus on a prison mission.

‘s high level flaw and potentially horrible attack modifiers require either a healer or a crowd monitor. They also need to understand how to move deserters and where they are on the map.

Storm is a kind of mission for Vesting Queen that combines mobile defense with some burglary and back and forth movement. This is one of the modes in which it is sufficient to understand the progress of the mission. Try this mission alone five times and you’re ready to go out.

Rescue can be easy, but you need to know where all side entrances are when you’re on the move. Sometimes you have to hide, sometimes you have to get out of the way. In my experience, the players hit the queen’s fortress and the rescue of the squeaky galleon particularly hard. Do each rescue 5 times and only through the side entrances and you will be fine.

Espionage missions are only difficult if you bring the wrong military equipment. Bring at least Loki to be invisible to guards and scanners. You’ll have to walk around the laser rods anyway. If you really want the cheese mode, you can guide the Ivar laser with its infiltration mode. Or use Limbo with Huras (rod) cube to be invisible and go through the lasers. It doesn’t matter if you have to train a spy.

7 – Healers of health, ammunition, energy and ancient spirits

Sometimes things go wrong on missions. Especially if you are surrounded by enemy Excimus units or if you have an extremely bulletproof 100 Lephantis sponge, the boss is fighting in your hands. We must prepare for this time. That’s why you always need restorers and the spirit of the Old Healer and Sprute Shield in your equipment.

You must have 50 major health restoration integrated and equipped in your equipment. Better yet, give him a shortcut. I got mine on the 7th. When I see my teammates fighting, I press 7 in the middle of the fight and the healing begins. The drug also affects your satellites.

The large energy recuperators are also very important, and I always carry 50+ with me. They have a Hotkey 8, and I use it a lot for me and my teammates.

Large ammunition reductions are very rarely used, but people are free to throw renactments in long boss fights where only bows or pistols are allowed. Equip them at any time 50 and you will be the savior of your team.

You must also build and equip the Ancient Healer and/or the Ghost Protection Spray . They are extremely useful for defense, mobile defense or in battles with bosses. You can keep the old healer in the same place by going to him and communicating with him. It sends out good healing waves for the whole team and provides damage control. You either get him for leaving New Loki or defeating the New Loki death squads. Shield supports provide protection and accelerate the regeneration of the shield.

8 – Adaptation to a landing change or conditions

The climb modifier or the climbing conditions change some elements of the mission at the top of the highest difficulty level. This modifier can be environment, weapon choice as well as enemy type limitation.

The Warframe-Wiki offers a very good list of modifiers of all kinds. Weapon restrictions, such as only onions or only melee, are obvious and easy to prepare.

Enemy Body Reinforcement and Enemy Elemental Reinforcement make an enemy extremely bullet resistant unless you have the right weapon modification. You should bring weapons with a high damage value and, if possible, amateur weapons such as the Rhinoceros Lion or Chroma’s Vex armor.

Electromagnetic anomalies in zone can also be very annoying because they reduce energy and obstruct vision when jumping through these bubbles. It is best to equip your column with electrical damage, because it will hit these bubbles.

TheGarzard radiation is my favorite because it turns most missions into a party of team murders. Once he’s in the radiation balance, he can also harm other teammates. Sarina or Mesas like to tear teams apart.

Last tips before departure

Be patient when you leave. You will also have trouble with this guide. Give it time and fly daily if you can. Soon you will discover the models, you will find the best combinations and convenience.

50 hours

Last update: 2 months ago



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