3 of Syberia

Syberia 3 Walkthrough Syberia 3 is a steampunk adventure game that continues the story of the first two games. Kate Walker has left the island and is sailing on a bulk carrier. She is saved by the Yukolas and decides to help them revive the old traditions.

With Syberia 3 you get an exciting story, an enchanting world and real-time 3D puzzles. She was born on the 20th. April 2017 published by Microids.

Siberia 3 begins with the death of Kate Walker ashore. She was rescued by the Yukoles, a tribe of nomadic nomads, and taken to a rather dilapidated hospital.

Walsembor Hospital – You wake up in a hospital bed and next to you lies a strange yukul. After an interview with one of the doctors, you will notice that patients never leave this hospital. Find an escape route and go to the village of Yukol.

Yukol-Village – Water from Yukol-Village was mixed with oil. Find a way to filter the water and then get a pass to Walsembor.

The city of Walsembor – Here you will meet strange creatures, including Captain Obo and Simon Steiner. Their main goal is to find Steiner and see if he has completed the prosthesis of the Cork Chief of Yukol.

Crystal – The only hope for the dolls to start their journey is on a ship called the Crystal. It has not been used for 20 years and needs to be reviewed before it can be used again.

Rescue – Yukul wants to leave, and Captain Obo gets more and more excited as night approaches. You have to find a way to get to the hospital and save Cork, Chief Yukol.

Baranur Park – If you are sure this area is safe for Yukoles, you can explore this amusement park. You’ll have to figure out how to get Crystal closer to shore and clear the way for the ostrich migration.

Clearance of the tunnel – Ostriches start wandering through the tunnel, but are chased away by a horde of vampire bats. Kate and Oscar have to find a way to clear the tunnel so the migration can continue.

Temple of Yukol – A rare event has occurred and the Yukolas must perform the ritual at the lost Temple of Yukol. You have to find a way to open the entrance of the temple so that the Yukules can complete their ritual before the end of the red moon. Including the arrangement of Youkol’s lenses, the puzzle of the glyph chair and the puzzle of the mirror.


Syberia 3 is an action/adventure game that will be released with some delay on September 20. April 2017 has been published. It is available for PlayStation 4, Android, PC, Nintendo Switch, Mac and Xbox One. Siberia 3 was developed and published by Microoids and Anuman.

Siberia 3 should have been released in June 2010. This is a waiting time of almost 7 years for the fans of the first two games. Surprisingly, Syberia 3 still seems to be in a bit of a hurry, and hopefully Micro-ids will release a patch to fix the bugs.

The first two games in the series are a classic adventure game. The complete overview for Siberia and Siberia 2 can be found here.

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