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Melancholy Republic



A JRPG inspired, cinematic story driven adventure. At its core Melancholy Republic is built upon the best and most poignant memories from JRPG stories, their cities and their music. Exploring classic JRPG cities such as Final Fantasy's Midgar and Lindblum or Chrono Trigger's Zeal are key inspirations for Melancholy Republic. The greatest JRPG moments are found in uncovering the hidden corners and small stories of the game's populations.

Melancholy Republic tells the tale of the ambitious and flawed Claire C. Lockridge. A female politician whose efforts to end the corruption at the heart of her country will forever change her life and the course of history. The story is told across four chapters, each with its own memorable characters and their personal stories. Using a mix of beautiful illustrations and art to tell the a deep, multi-layered tale, speak to hundreds of characters and get lost in the mature, story based adventure of Claire C. Lockridge. Set in the beautiful city state Lorna, uncover the conspiracies and broken souls within.

• Experience a deep and tragic story. A true political tragedy with heartbreaking consequences.
• Explore the beautiful and vast environments across the city of Lorna. From the rich halls of parliament to the vast 'slums sky rise'.
• Uncover the heartbreaking stories by meeting the people of Lorna. Each chapter has a self contained story introducing new memorable characters and their own personal stories.
• Savour a rich, varied and original soundtrack. In the spirit of classic JRPGs Melancholy Republic boasts a heavily melodic and deeply original collection of music.
• Make decisions that change aspects of the story. Claire will often have a choice to make which will affect aspects of her story.


JRPG classics and the Tragedy genre

The idea for Melancholy Republic actually came from an idea I had since I was young. I loved Final Fantasy VII and always wondered what would have happened if Cloud and his team never left the city of Midgar. Not literally what would happen but the concept of an epic game set within one city, exploring the story of that city and its people. The idea of a politicians tragic tale to save her city came from that idea. The actual sad and tragic narrative we have in mind came about from wanting more mature and non cliché stories in video games. The tragedy genre is a huge part of western culture and I wanted to explore creating a game that utilises charismatic and ambitious characters wrapped up in a heart-breaking journey. The game like many JRPGs that inspired it is full of humour, great characters, politics but ultimately tragedy, as that is our spin on an epic JRPG story.



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Awards & Recognition

    Selected Articles

    • "Expect some heartbreak."
      - Chris Priestman, Siliconera
    • "Melancholy Republic is a beautiful homage to 16-bit JRPGs"
      - Daniel Perez, Shacknews
    • "Melancholy Republic is an RPG that harkens back to the glory days of the genre."
      - Tom Tolios, OperationRainfall
    • "I am very excited about Melancholy Republic, an achievement in itself as I've never been a massive fan of JRPGs."
      - Robert Ward, Game Starter

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