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Happy New Year! (including bonus Claire Lockridge art!)


Claire Lockridge from Melancholy Republic
Claire Lockridge from Melancholy Republic

Happy Xmas and New Year to all our backers!

We hope you had a great holiday and want to wish you the best in 2016, we hope it is an awesome one!

Big thanks toΒ BlueMagenta on DeviantArt for this holiday themed picture of Claire Lockridge.




Update and new trailer in the works!


TL;DR SPOILER FREE UPDATE : Everything is going well! New trailer coming out soon! Music by a real orchestra! Super excited! Super busy! Ahhh!

Hey everyone!

Just a quick update on the progress of Melancholy Republic as it has been a while since the last one! I am happy to report that there have been no disasters in the development process so far (touch wood!) with the main asset, map, music and sprite creation complete (excluding a few animations and characters required due to story alterations).

In short everything has gone well so far and I am really happy with the quality of assets being used to make the game. We have had delays in the mapping process due to hired people not working out several times so I had to spend more time to cover them than I originally intended but at least myself and some of the others managed to get it done, so I have been able to focus on the development of the games chapters.

The concept art was completed and looks really terrific! They will look great in the art book and as high rez wallpapers too. Here are some more samples of some of the new art.

On the music front I am happy to let you know that we managed to arrange for the Budapest 71 Piece Orchestra to play and record some of the music in the game. They loved the tracks we sent them and the final product sounds amazing! This means that several tracks in the game will be beautifully orchestrated live recordings which I feel adds a great richness to some of the scenes and environments in game. Here is a sample of one recording.

The next step is a new trailer that will launch in (January/February) that will show a much more finished and final version of the game’s look than the Kickstarter trailer did. Almost everything has been updated and touched up so I really hope people will like that and some extra buzz will build up for the game. I should be able to lock down a more solid release window once I put out that trailer too.

I am arranging for another anime type animation that will be used in the trailer and also to be used in the opening of the game itself, the budget would not allow for more than one extra animation as of right now.

Here are a few samples of some areas that did not feature in the concept trailer. Just to note the top image is a slightly older picture of the map, missing some shadows that I have added but the bottom two are finish. Most of the original maps from the first trailer have all been tweaked and improved too, except a few such as Claire’s office, the sewers and pub.

Showing the maps in picture form doesn’t do them justice too often so the new trailer at the start of next year should show how Melancholy Republic is looking much more clearly, I can’t wait to finish and release that and see what people think!

So as of right now….

As most of the freelancer work is complete the team has scaled down to mostly myself working full time to complete the game, manage any issues, market/handle the media and communicate with any queries and such. So I am a busy guy right now so apologies if response time is slow to any comments or tweets etc! I hope you can be understanding and know that my first priority is development of the game until release. Just so you know this is a full time project for me with nothing else on the side, I have spent thousands of hours working on it so far and I have thousands of hours left to finish it.Β I hope you will all continue to support me and Melancholy Republic into the future.

P.S If anyone is interested in beta testing and looking for any glitches or game breaking stuff towards the end of the development just shoot me a message. I might not need your help in the end as I have several interested in doing it already but it’s always nice to know there are backups just in case! πŸ˜€

Next update will be a Xmas/New years special message! πŸ˜€

You all rock! <3 Nicholas Spargo



Post Kickstarter Update #2


Hey everyone!

Been a while so we thought we would give our backers a quick update and a sneak preview at our new artwork.

Since the funds came through we were able to really press on with our character, animation and asset creation and our artist is doing a great job so far with everything on schedule. The amount of unique NPC characters, sprite animations and main characters is much much larger than other story based games that are similar such as ‘To The Moon’ so the task of creating these characters and getting them structured into the game takes a lot of work but everything is looking on schedule so far!

The music and illustrated art for the game are nearly complete, our previous artist was unable to carry on due to new opportunities but we secured the talents of the awesome concept artist James Choe who has so far produced art of amazing quality. We cannot wait for everyone to witness the art pieces as wallpapers, postcards, and for the few in our physical art book. (If you are interested in upgrading to the limited edition physical copy with the physical art book just shoot me a message!)

So here is a small taste of some of the newer art for the game just for our backers.

We are also looking into getting several of the musical pieces from the game recorded by a real 50 piece orchestra to give a really beautiful quality to some of the most frequent songs in the game. I will let you all know how that goes!

Here is a preview of our main city theme which will play when running around most exterior/residential zones of Lorna. Let me know your thoughts too if you have time. (SPOILERif you would rather avoid any music from the game until you play it!)

Our mapping has been moving forward well albeit with some minor difficulties because two members of the team had to leave due to a lack of available time. We found another awesome mapper who has joined the team since who has proved exceptional. The loss of some members and searching for replacements did put us behind slightly with the mapping but so far no major problems outside of that.

Right now we are just swamped with mapping, scripting, artwork and getting the game’s first completed chapter, hence the lack of updates. The main focus is making the game and making sure you all get the game we promised.

Anyway! Back to work!

– Nicholas Spargo

<3 Cloud Runner Studios

Quick ‘Post Kickstarter’ Update


Hey everyone!

The funds made it through okay and we are done with most of our planning and getting the right people on board. Backers who chose a customized reward such as the custom NPC will also be contacted soon. We had nearly Β£1000 taken in Kickstarter fees and failed payments which kind of sucks but it could be way worse, so we will still try to squeeze in some anime type animations into the final game, though our main focus will be on completing Melancholy Republic before any fancy extras are thrown into it! We want to ensure that your belief in us is rewarded and that all our backers will receive the game they helped to fund, so we will work tirelessly towards this goal from now on.

We have just had a new addition to the team! Brian Huqueriza, a huge Chrono Trigger fan with experience working at a few different game studios, we are excited that he has joined us to serve as a lead level designer and general designer for the game.

I will not bombard you all with updates showing each and every thing we make and are doing, personally I love enjoying story based games with little spoilers so I don’t want to ruin much of the exploration and story by showing too much of the game before you get to play it. When I do post some of the stuff we have worked on I will make sure to add a spoiler tag to anyone who would rather not see anything until they play it.

Again, on behalf of the Cloud Runner Studio team, thank you all again, now we have more work to do! πŸ˜€