The State of Lorna: 1588CB: ‘The Mountain City State’

The collapse of the Lornase royal family came suddenly and violently. The tide of revolution led by the aristocrats swept throughout the city turning soldier on soldier and friend on friend. Those who were thought to be royalist were killed as the promises of the new republicans were echoing across the capital. The landowners and elite ensured a system of stability within the Republic but riddled it with schemes to benefit themselves. Although the Republic has been stable for nearly half a century, the scars left by the aristocratic coup and their forcible removal of the royal family still run deep. Pressures on the capital of Lorna are increasing as the political, economic and technological landscapes are shifting. With the addition of the bordering state’s civil war, Lorna is experiencing an influx of refugees gathering in slums at the edge of the city.


Claire C. Lockridge, a newly elected senator, is to hold office and seat within the Central Parliament of Lorna, taking her place as representative of the prosperous timber town of Dallena. With her two aides and the unlikely friendship she forms with the ‘Armoured Princess’ Marianne, Claire seeks to end the corruption and sadness that ravages the heart of her country. Little does she know the lives she affects and people she meets along the way will forever change the course of history.

Partial Skyline of Lorna

Partial Skyline of Lorna